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—Miguel de Unamuno


Saturday, October 29, 2005

More food on my plate, but I ain't full...

I am really feeling the creative bug now. It definitely hit as my time and schedule opened up. I love the fact that the change of season is affecting me in a good way as well. As I never get sick or catch a cold, I welcome the cold weather months with open arms and the desire to really lay down some soulful ish during all this downtime at the crib.

I hollered at my guy Mornin Man and after careful consideration him and I have reassembled our old rap outfit the 'Underground Movement'. We recorded a bunch of soulful, militant material from 1993 to 2000, but I retired from the game feeling irrelevant and out of touch lyric wise. It's 2005 and the one thing I never stopped was work on phrasing and breath control. I'm a better lyricist, and after listening to some of the stuff we recorded back then it seems fitting that we drop some new joints as well as the old on these shorties lacking knowledge of self thinking Hip Hop's sole purpose is to inform them on new ways on getting illegal paper and turning that ish around and tricking it off on booty. We gotta do something.

Bambaata raised me better than that.

Kool Herc would not be proud.

As a purveyor of the mixtape, the Cold Crush Brothers would be ashamed.

Moe Dee taught me that God made me funky.

Lawrence Parker schooled me on edutainment.

It's go time...

We discussed releasing new material, so I'm writing it. We should be dropping a CD in the next few... whatever. There's even talk of going to a major to get the project released. I've always been against a record deal, but something tells me to go ahead and just do it and see what happens. As a writer, I'm not willing to give my stuff away like the neighborhood bustdown, unaware that independent labels and methods of self publishing exist. Maybe we need a label to push our stuff right now, and with me having so many other irons in the fire there seems to be a need for a major to assist with marketing and distribution. Plans this weekend include to pursuing my man Bari (Urfman to you) to contribute as a member of the group. We need balance and I think having a partner on the mic will give our endeavors some added hotness, a different aspect of thought materialwise and keep us both sharp. Dude is a dope ass emcee and I believe wordplay between the two of us would be on some next level ish.

Already started, and it's feeling good right now.

Man, I'm like 6 songs deep already. Who got hotter beats?

Oh, did I mention that my weekend so far is super nice?

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if u come out to LA blud- i got u on the photography tip!

Groove said...

Well I see some changes in you in my absence. Changes for the BETTA--I'm Glad

Pssttt--This is blksilk,

come on over and pay me a visit.