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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Thursday, October 06, 2005

good to be back, thanks!

Edgewater - Redux

It's Thursday, and this is the first chance I had to actually sit, read my email and go thru my daily reads in the black blogosphere. I feel better now that I've had a chance to catch up.

I also ended the fast, well at least the food portion for now. I am as weak as I thought when it comes to abstaining from certain foods, and it was certain things that broke my will like:

cheese - What the hell is up with cheese and why did I have to actually go out and buy some damn cheese to put on sandwiches that I wasn't eating in the first place? Yes, I ate plain cheese singles for no apparent reason. I had to have them.

snickers bars- I just went to the machine in the lower bowels of my building and just bought one. And ate it. Damn, I am a chocolate ass punk.

cheese pizza - the grease, the crust, the... to hell with IT"S STILL PIZZA!!! Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

alcohol - I had a drink (beer) for the first time in damn near a month. It was like I didn't care.

As far as making time for prayer and meditation, that worked out amazingly well. I also make time in the morning to do my stretch thing and that makes some of the fake and repaired body parts feel good at 2 in the afternoon. I noticed that although I totally destroyed the food portion of my fast, I feel calm and relaxed and I feel some of my fears slowly slipping away.

I've been able to have conversations with those I haven't been able to speak with.

I've been financially blessed.

I feel like I’m coming out of certain fears to approach people/opportunities that will enhance my thang (I can hear that Heavy D song - diddly, diddly, diddly, diddly diddly dee!). I know that I'm talented; it's the end result of utilizing my talent that used to scare me. Knowing that I might have to move away/on/forward from people/places/things in order to get the exposure/contacts I need to further my thang makes me hesitant. I guess I've been afraid of change, but change is good, right?

I think other than me slipping on the food thing; my focus is right where it needs to be. I plan on mapping my food thing out IN WRITING and working towards both abstinence and elimination with steps. I'll get back on my horse in the next week or two, but right now, I'm prepping for DC.


I wish we all could go. I also wish more of us knew about all of the functions and fellowshipping that will be going on in DC next week. A couple of people asked me what was doing next week, and I was like (blank stare) "The Millions More March. Wha... you didn't know? Damn homie, I wish we could travel out there together cause' I'm rolling by myself."

Yes, I'm going to DC alone. If it weren't for me chronicling everything and blogging it for those that can't attend, I'd cancel my trip. Yes, I want to be in that number, but I really didn't want to go alone. Oh well, enjoy the pictures...

I'm tired, and I wanna go home....

Enjoy the freaked version of "Edgewater". I like this better than the original photo. I'm using this method to do other joints too... Whatcha think?


Anonymous said...

I likes. Can you do my picture like that?

toneec42 said...

I do like this version of "Edgewater." Great talent; I need to follow up on my artistic side.

The 'Riff said...

Thanks for stopping by and showing luv, Hassan :) You seem safely insane as well.

Stop by anytime :)

NameLiar said...

Geez man you got me wanting to go to DC. I'm trying to see if the "man" will let me go since it appears no one else from the store is going. I should know whether I can go or not Saturday.