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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, July 31, 2009


I had no intention of posting anything until next week.

The past two weeks were supposed to be some sort of a blogcation for me, but it has been a learning experience for those outside of the circle. Me? Not much. I can't say that I'm surprised about anything that has happened in our recent past.

I've sat back, held my tongue politically by not writing about this kind of stuff here on the blog and watched us as Americans feed off of the festering nectar of entitlement and arrogance for damn near a year. At this point I can no longer just sit and watch.

I heard Larry Elder say on Larry King Live the other night that Massachusetts has a black governor, Cambridge has a black mayor and America has a black president. And this is the reason racial profiling just doesn't exist in 2009, especially anywhere near Harvard University.

I also heard and read a lot from Americans that either Dr. Skip Gates was wrong in the way he handled how officer Crowley unlawfully entered his home, baited him to come outside of said home and then arrested him.

I also see a bunch of folks on the regular from the campaign to election, to inauguration to present totally disrespect the office of the President of the United States based on their dissatisfaction on who is currently sitting in office.

The disrespect of certain leaders, political figures and even comedians is at an all time high and what I do not see or hear from the disenfranchised affected is, well... Anything.

I'm also watching how a bunch of people that look a lot like me have the money, opportunity, ability and skill to know and then apply said knowledge do absolutely nothing to move ahead. Must be the standard American diet. Just like all of the backs some of our successful folk have climbed on and over to get where they are, no one currently is laying down to let more of our folk climb on them so wan can get more folk 'up there'.

It seems to me that we just keep looking up. Staring into the sun will make that ass go blind, ya know?

It seems to me that the entitlement, arrogance and good ol' boy networking that happened in 1959 is going on stronger than ever in 2009, and that the lessons from the entitled have really set into the children and grandchildren very well. There are young folk working within society that actually want what certain folk had in that opportunity, networking and (there's that word again) entitlement within the same rule and law structure that prevailed fifty years ago.

That means racism, classism and entitlement are very much alive and well here in America. The problem is that my people are so pacified and distracted that we care not to speak on it. Like the dollar menu is just fine while others still get surf and turf, and it ain't even Thursday.

Now we're the racists. We're the arrogant ones. We now cannot appreciate the post-racial society we live in. We're the anti-Americans. Our leaders fight for absolutely the wrong thing. You may not like the Rev. Al Sharpton for whatever reason or another, but how could you even part your lips to disrespect the man that will jump in front of the bullet for his people, agitate a situation (whatever it may be, opportunistic or otherwise) when all you are willing do is sit and criticize because it might mess up your divvy of the table scraps.

And you ain't jumping in front of that bullet for your people because... You don't know them. And did you know that all you entitled to get are table scraps?

You can have more. But a bunch of folk are scared, and you know what I say:

A scared negro will get you killed.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Have You Seen Me?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Is Now A Good Time? If Not, When?

I like the information and the visuals that Sprint gives us in advertising and explaining it's "now network"

  • Right now there are 14,500 people texting their significant others
  • Right now nearly half of them are breaking up with each other
  • And little do you know it, a third of them are sending text porn
If you're made to understand correctly then you know that most folk crave a fast mobile network that can get them the latest info not fast, but right now. Verizon also has a new series of commercials where potential customers are saddened and frustrated because the ability to access facebook and twitter on their current network is impossible due to not having the proper smart phone, network and support, so they get them up to speed by providing them with the new technological gear.

Sound cool, right?

The ability to access social networks and variations of blogs and news sites seems to put us in the know as far as being in the right places and knowing exactly what to do, how to act an what to buy but, what happens when there is all of the right information provided to you, all of the technology to have at our fingertips to utilize and we still fail to be responsible in our actions?

What am I talking about?

Scenario one:

A random celeb is spotted at a club or restaurant having a romantic evening with someone other than their spouse. Using the 'now network' a bevy of camera enabled cellphones send candid pics to friends, relatives and gossip/blog/social networking sites. The press picks up on this type of activity due to phone calls made and or email and texting. Paparazzi shows up either hidden to get the good money shot for magazine/online publishing or just confronts said celeb and shoots a scoop story to be ran to the highest bidding publisher. As a result, word has been spread, evidence provided and buzz (revenue) is generated by calls/text/email/bandwidth used/photos taken using all of the modern marvels of technology we have in our pockets, purses and desk/laptops today.

But the real question is this: Could something have been done to prevent certain celebs from getting caught up in adverse situations by someone in the network? So many have spotted folks in situations that compromised their celebrity, relationships, business and overall public perception. Is it our business to act upon so-called adverse actions performed by celebs and non-celebs alike in attempts to do the right thing when technology is involved?

Did Steve McNair have to die?

With all of the technology involved surrounding his actions in recent months, can we say with all certainty that what happened was a surprise? A lot of folks close to the situation are saying that they were out of the loop and of course some could be covering their own asses but...

Gossip sites, news agencies, private citizens and law enforcement knew aspects of McNair's actions meaning folks are willing to get in one's business and put it over the network but aren't willing to intervene when things go awry. Seeing how quickly the so-called back story got out over the network after his death, it seemed that a lot of people knew something. To bad they were not a part of the same network, they could have called or texted each other and...

Whatever, I guess.

What about Michael Jackson?

Now that so much valuable information has come out via the internet/media/social networks, couldn't that love that's being poured out in enormous amounts been the fodder for someone to jump in front of the King and pull an intervention? I love the king. Always have and was never ashamed to admit that he was the best of the best. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that his public memorial is tomorrow, but... It really seems that a lot of love for the King didn't manifest until the rumors had been confirmed of his demise. With the exception of his passionate fans, I just wish that the remaining global groundswell could have happened before what ever it was that caused his cardiac arrest well, caused it. It seems that from camera phone photos to email accounts and texts (as well as publicly available receipts) and phone calls from his inner circle, the world knew that Michael had a problem. We probably let that problem manifest into what it is now, a memorial service.

What about the ignorant?

I watch a Ustream channel with my favorite Hip Hop DJ and its a 24 hour thing. I observed a guest DJ last night perform in what was to be a 2 hour show preempt himself from spinning tunes to bad mouth Al Sharpton and his efforts to console and counsel the Jackson family. He also made it very clear that he was upset to the point of violence that Rev. Sharpton and Jay-Z made the decision in Chris Brown not performing at the BET Awards. I stopped watching after he got 30 words into his rant. A lot of people made claims to the point where the internet, social networks and mobile networks were abuzz with both info, misinformation and innuendo about this matter. Did anyone do any research? Where is the responsibility in what we put over the network?

Wait... Dude had the technology to broadcast a live show over the same medium he has access to but never researched anything in the seven days that passed since that award show?


It seems some folk only use the "now network" to get worked up now and again with gossip, bad intel and such, but when it comes to viable, proven information gained in real time that probably needs some adressing... Well we seem to drop the ball and fail to act. I know that there is a balancing act with folk trying to stay out of folks business, but as it is in my case as a blogger who puts some harsh (to you) stuff out there, sometimes the stuff that gets putout there warrants concern.

I know that and accept that. I just wish that more of us see other situations with the same concern.

Based on what we know now, would it have seemed right to have intervened in the above mentioned situations? What about the countless other situations that have not made the news wires?

What good is living in the "now network" when we only react out of sadness and despair... Later?

Why have all of this futuristic fodder made purposely on bringing the world closer and keeping us in touch if it's not used responsibly? Who's responsibility is it for proper research? Who fact checks this stuff? What good is information now and how does it affect us when more info will be available with better technology coming down the pipe?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Early Sunday Words

So I get texts first from my fam in Nashville...

And then the internet blows the hell up...

And then, the tele-news agencies.

Steve McNair?


I was just going to do a post about a very cool video game jawn that highlights the black college football experience, starring Doug Williams and having input from cats like Steve (who attended Alcorn State). If y'all really know me, then you know that my wife is an alum of an HBCU and about my love of the shawties attending HBCUs. Stuff like the only time I'll contribute to my frat and sorors is when there is something in conjunction with traditionally black colleges and universities... That I was set to contribute to something that brother McNair was going to be a part of later this summer...

Damn again.

I m not afraid of death. Dude is working overtime, that I know. I am not afraid of his ass either, and I welcome him at that because this shit right now on this plane... Is booty, so I understand why all of our artisans and do gooders are being taken, leaving us here to deal with the reality that the chosen few has created, costing the 'others' to pay such a hefty price just to live in mental and spiritual poverty.

Some of y'all need to meditate that last statement I just made. I'm like a Klingon up in this piece, I really, truly feel at this point that today is a good day to die. Sunday is cool, even though I'm looking forward to that cruise later on this week.

Some of y'all can't make that statement, and as I'll never pass judgement on another human being... I just know that my thang is solvent in the spirit. I'll never ask if yours is because I don't care. That ish in on you.

As far as my marriage is concerned (lean in and read this with scrutiny), things are what they are. We communicate sometimes, other times we don't. That's pretty human to me and I care not what is thought from her perspective if she ain't game to share with me. That just is what it is. I had a couple of friends come at me with concerns in the past couple of days asking if I was happy or if I even wanted in on this marriage thing. let me say this:

Marriage is a choice. You make the decision on what you want to live with, deal with and what you're willing to take. If your ish is tight and solvent, congratulations and good luck and many blessings to you and yours in the future. My shit ain't so... Deal with that how you must. I appreciate the concern but if you ain't in my house dealing with what I and she has to deal with then hey. I don't need help. We both know that this thing is a choice. This is what it is and we'll deal with each other accordingly, and even though there is hope from a lot for the success in our partnership, know that it may end tomorrow.

We both may choose to go in another direction. It matters not which way this thing goes because we will adjust and live accordingly.

I am emotionally attached to this woman but that can change based on choice. That's real. I will no longer spend my time looking at next week when I have to deal with what's going on today, and right now, my wife and I have different agendas that can end our union sooner than later, and I am happy with whatever happens from this point. Michael Jackson lived no more than 10 years or so from where I am now, and I'm not as healthy as he was before his passing... Steve McNair was younger than me and he lived an entire NFL career and had a marriage and family well more defined than where I am now which teaches me...

Live this thing for RIGHT NOW.

And if I feel that right now I'd rather be single and free and she does as well... Then don't judge me or my wife.

You only have so much time on this plane to accomplish ish and get things done. I know that. The two of us are doing all we can to do in what we want to do by just doing that, and it's fun doing that regardless of how we feel about either continuing our marriage or ending it. She is my best friend and from what I know about that... Sometimes friends are just that... Friends. Romance isn't always involved, but we try in our friendship to take things further than just friendship because there is intimacy there.

The work comes in wanting to achieve the same goals, and that ish might take time or we might bail if we never get on the same page. I don't need to have what other folks have for me to enjoy life. I live with the notion that life is too short to waste time, so I optimize and strategize with everything I do. I never had too much time to begin with, so... Whatever. Get out the friggin way! I got stuff to do.

I'm more callous than romantic
I'm more military than civilian
I'm more in tuned with death than with life in being endgame... Death has been so certain with me and mine, so I have a more defined value of time in life than others cause you cant beat death
I'm more experience driven than based in the physical or material
I'm not religious... At all. There are so many things I do NOT believe
I am more about trial and error... One learns in every experience

So this week, we drive to the Grand Canyon, and then off to Vegas for damn near a month, if we can agree on it... If not, then whatever man. I'm game for anything these days. The passing of young, vibrant people that actually contributed to a legacy of good should tap that as with the fact that your ass ain't promised tomorrow, so do something about it.

If I hear that your ass died on the friggin couch watching TV, then whatever. You can catch me climbing rocks later this week.