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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chilling In Cali


This is indeed protected by the red, the black and the green...

With a key...

I am currently on mini hiatus, somewhere tucked away in Long Beach being taken care of by a special friend and being accommodated by their family. I got a chance to spend time, get to know and break bread with the fam over the last 3 days and I'm thankful for this opportunity, I needed a break. I guess I need to tell y'all how I got here by letting you know:

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
By Hassan Ntimbanjayo

I was tired of corporate America but y'all know that.
I've been working on my music and poetry thing, y'all knew that too.
Chicago started to bore me, so I got rid of all of my possessions and just left.
Told y'all that.

I decided to go to trucking school and learn how to drive the big rigs. I kind of told y'all that as well but I didn't get all in depth with it. I chose a school in Salt Lake City because I visited before and was familiar with the lay of the land. For 3 weeks in July I submerged myself in learning how to drive a big ass death machine. I never wanted to do this for a living until I had a breakthrough moment:

I can get paid (a lot of money) to travel.
I can create my own schedule (if I own or lease a truck instead of being a company driver)
I can book shows as I travel (seems to be working well for now)
I can also do ghetto distribution for my CD (consignment is working as well with certain retailers, everyone seems to be more open to purchasing for inventory when I deal with them face to face than over the phone, not shocking)
I would be no longer rocking a too small office with a bad view of the parking lot or a cubicle.

So since August began, I've been an apprentince driver as a part of a driving team. We've been able to rock from Cali to either Florida or New York in 2 days flat because the truck has always been moving. Since the beginning of the month, I've been able to get to Atlanta, Miami, Nashville, Las Vegas, Portland, Indianapolis, I think you get it... I've been a few places via I-40/70/80. For the most part it has been fun when it started, and then I realized that the cat's truck I was team driving for was HIS TRUCK, and all of these selfish ass rules started to fall out of the sky restricting me from doing my thang, I got off of HIS truck.

Right here in beautiful southern California.
I'm glad I did.

My training is somewhat over, I do have to get either to Dallas or Salt Lake in order to get the truck I ordered and get out on my own, so I have some administrative stuff to do to get there in a couple of weeks. I am blessed to have someone that's looking out for me here in Cali...

The CD is almost done...

I'll be posting regularly once I get my truck, I got a few things to do first. I'm safe, about 15 pounds lighter and 3 shades darker.

and chilling in Cali.

I hit the road again this weekend. Keep praying for me.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Oh Snap... A new post!!!

Peace and blessings folks...

Long time, no write.

I know it's been a minute since I've physically posted, I've been a little busy driving as an apprentice and have been frpn the west coast to the east twice now. Yes, I have some good trucker shit to share but give me time. I have not been back to the Chi to get my things because my so-called trainer gets paid double what he normally makes and will not let me get some home time.


It's cool though, I only have one more week riding and driving with his stank ass and have 3 more weeks riding partner with another trainer. here is so much money in this business that I am coveted by trainers and companies alike. At least that feels good.

I'm currently at a truck shop in Nashville getting dude's cheap ass truck repaired, It's the 2nd time it's broken down since I've been in the mix. Dude did everything for me not to stop in Atlanta to get the truck fixed, Haven't hd the chance to even pay my cell phone bill... couldn't call my peeps in the ATL for sanctuary.


It's all good though... One more week of driving with dude, then I's really be free.

Pray for my stank ass... More to come soon, and pics too.

Thank the creator for cybercafes...

Peace y'all...


Monday, August 07, 2006

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

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