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The general, socio-political and very personal rantings and ravings of a hip hop head from the hood hustling for change... Of himself.

You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I get back to being regular.

And to think, I didn't need a whole tub of Metamucil.

See you in a minute folks!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Check The Adlib...

Dear T.I.P.

The last time I checked you were bragging on making double digit millions to various magazines and big upping your new flick with Denzel. I'm sorry, I didn't see you in Jena or have I heard anything about your support on this issue or others.

Little girls have been wronged by school security

Young men have been wronged by the justice system

Women have been raped, beaten and/or murdered

The world's most famous house nigger released a book and invited a bunch of folks 'down with the movement' to a few mixers in support of said literary rag

Leading republican candidates running for the highest office in this country showed their asses at a christian fundamentalist luncheon/dinner but could not make it over to Morgan State a few weeks ago

A brother in your own ATL was murdered in cold blood by a cop. The department released at least 4 false statements stating that the brother snapped and got himself deadded... They forgot there was a dashboard cam

And you ask for support and justice? What about your fanbase?


A few weeks ago, I had the most interesting conversation that I've ever had in my entire life. I was shocked and stunned by it and I was also prompted to search myself for the proper key to me being reborn.

I have to be.

Never in my life have I had this vote of confidence, and the lack of someone having that in me helped me in determining that I would never marry or have children, based off of the words that still ring in my head and the actions performed over the last couple of months has me preparing for two of the things I avoided like the plague in my adult life and what I now want now more than ever.

I found my wife

She will have my children

What I'll do from this point is chronicle the connection, the actions that lead to trust and actions performed that'll make us family.

See, there... That'll inspire me to write.

Monday, October 15, 2007


I still don't feel like coming here... Give me a little time, will ya?

About my uncle... I decided to give that lil' tidbit of info, other things in this investigation I'd rather not talk about and there are certain things I cannot say. You never know who links you to folks and when they lurk and give info about you and yours. Trust me when I say stuff like that can lead to you falling off your horse. I'm still brushing myself off right from falling some time ago.

Nuff Said


You ever wake up and realize exactly what you're supposed to do and where you're supposed to be?

I had that epiphany some time ago, I just had to get to the place to make it happen. I am happy in being in the exact place, moment and in the company of those that will observe with hope and will also participate in my overall happiness. It takes a spiritual overhaul to get to that place and be in that moment with those people. The process in not painless.

It took time for me to get here and I kept falling over and over. I am not surprised in the changes made for me to realize what I like to call 'my happy'. It's not weird like I thought it would be, ya know?

Writing for me has been a labor to say the least for me. I know that events circumstances in 2007 has led me to find out that I am not a writer, nor do I have the inspiration to continue writing. I lost the desire by influence and I wish I could explain further, I know that there are so many other important things than me working to meet a deadline... And for what?

I can safely say that 2007 up to late summer/this fall has been my worst time in my life. I ain't talking about losing family or not communicating with family or real friends. You look back at what your lowest points are and how you functioned and are amazed in how and what you did to fight back up to the surface. Pain, discomfort and deprivation leads you to either give up or live another day. Writing and the joys I once found in it are just one of the things I'm letting go because of what stymied and disillusioned me about writing.

There is no joy in it for me anymore. I actually hate it.

I'm also soured on making new music as well. I'm working on getting that mojo back. There are wonderful opportunities in my new place that will help me harvest material that has been trapped inside of me for quite some time. I embrace that because I could never give up the drum.

I know that some of you think of me as this focused, driven machine destined to be alone with countless pages of my writings, to the contrary, I knew what my purpose was but I had to get there spiritually in order for me to fulfill said destiny.

I want to be a father.
And a husband.
That's right I said it... I want to be a family man.
And I don't want to put my career or personal aspirations in front of that.

Career aspirations aside, I know that this is what I am supposed to do and where I'm supposed to be, so in totally throwing y'all a super slow curve ball I must say that I am working on being those two things before anything else right now at this moment. It ain't like I'm speed dating or having sex for conception right now, but you know what I mean.

After years and years of doing what I thought I wanted to do and in doing that knowing what I don't want, I am now in the place where I want to be the family man the Creator placed me here to be. Yeah, I probably will train some tiny Pan-African revolutionary activists hell bent on making the change I still want to make, but I ain't wasting time cooped up trying to write about the revolution.

Remember, it ain't supposed to be televised, right?

Unless you're watching a porno.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

How Much Value...

Get this...

A fourteen year old boy was arrested and charged with murdering my uncle.

Ha stated that he was paid $400 to do so.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Mini-Battle With My Inner-Nigger

It's been hard to come here to my own blog.

The past couple of weeks have been difficult to say the least:

A family member was murdered and buried in less than a week and we have no leads as to who took the life of our beloved.

I was involved in 2 separate 'trucking incidents' that resulted in lost time and mileage. I have to stand in front of an independent investigator this week to see if I pay for the combined $60,000 plus in damages. I claim innocence, nuff said.

I've been stolen from, harassed, betrayed, ridiculed and taken advantage of as well as being sold down the river by a handful of folks I called 'close'.

But know that the good still outweighs the bad immensely.

In times like this something happens to me. I try to maintain my sanity but my inner self doesn't want to hear that shit. My inner-nigger wants to take over and get busy rectifying things. Of course I can't let him because I'm too handsome to go to jail. And I got a round booty.

Not a good thing, trust me. I wouldn't know and I ain't trying to find out, trust me.

I went thru a thing the week I got into my little trucking mishap. I started hearing from folks I wouldn't dig out of a grave if I had the powers of regeneration as well as folks that were smiling in my face and selling me out in the same breath. Shit started getting thick. Vultures always swoop down when you start to wane from life's attempt to kick your ass and then...

Nigger - Let me get at em man

Me - I can't let you out, you do bad shit.

Nigger - I know! I swear, say the word son, I'll go to their house, ring the doorbell and get a nice firm grip on that neck kid!

Me - What about them breathing?

Nigger - They don't need to breathe... People like that aren't worthy of life, son!

I never got why cats get on rap records and used their talent to speak on killing folks they didn't know. I know that sex and violence rules the entertainment game but I didn't know that it's the niggers on this planet that regulated who lives or dies. My inner nigger really wanted to go out and rid the world of folks he felt weren't worthy of inhaling, and that ain't my bag baby.

In the past twenty years, the best way to end shit was to close the deal by applying the expiration date on folks and their operation. Ass whoopins and such became a thing of the past and pride in bruises went the way of the stagecoach. High school kids started bringing guns to schools and tiny little things in the hood went under the bed and got daddy's tech 9 and blasted the kid down the street because he or she was getting teased to the point of humiliation.

In the past couple of months I too was teased, ridiculed and humiliated by those that were close to me. Things were said behind my back that discounted my value and worth to those I endeared myself to. Things both tangible and intangible were stolen from me. I was emasculated and paraded about as the carnival freak and I had enough and attempted to walk away. In me walking away from those that took advantage of me there was frustration I guess and I was betrayed in a manner that I won't even share here in the place I usually tell all my business.

For the first time in my life, I wanted to lash out the way other kids in my environment do currently and in the past. I could not believe that I had an inner nigger. I never thought I would bring home the urge to want to take someone's life. I thought I left that in the military. My inner nigger damn near convinced me to take a hundred steps backward and risk my own life in retaliation over what? Other people's shortcomings and such?


You know me.

Even if you just started coming here to read stuff. I am a proud, intelligent black man with so much to live for. What on earth could put such thoughts in my head?

I am a product of my environment.

When I came back to Chicago months ago, I put myself back in the hood. Now I have volunteered at food pantries, registered folks to vote and gave many a free show on the hip hop and poetry tip. I love my people and I can't stand seeing us live foul for no apparent reason, but I see that in my travels there is still an element in the Black and Latino community that wants to live foul. And its influence is strong as hell. Some of that lives inside of me.

A couple of days ago I was driving thru the hood from the gig, looking for a spot to get some grub. The company car has tinted windows, so I'm in the cut. It was then, me rolling thru the weed spots, hustleman's haven and the infamous 'Carter' (ala new Jack City) that I realized that even though gentrification was at an all time high in spots that used to be straight gully, the hood still exists. Hood mentality still exists. That shit is marketed on BET on the freaking regular, and I don't watch BET (I gave up on TV recently... I'll buy Heroes on DVD in March 08') and again I say, the hood influence to regulate via violence is very, very heavy.

I don't want to leave the hood, but when you have only yourself to fend for and nothing to lose, you do incredible shit. I am a product of the ghetto and I love being right in the middle of it. Something about the projects and the mini-barrio that calls me to stay and be with my own kind.

I want to do incredible things, but I want to do them and live in the reciprocation of the actions and emotions I have and act upon, meaning I need more to live for in order for me to live.

And then, all of a sudden she pops up out of nowhere and offers one reason.

And in a whirlwind of conversation, hanging out and riding an incredible vibration of emotion and realizing the power of intent and purpose I find out that i have much more to live for. More than I have ever given thought to. Simple actions, complex conversation and time spent gives me hope that I won't be overcome with the hood mentality to act without thinking, knee deep in emotion caused by foolishness.

My inner nigger was built on shame and illicit behavior. It has been fed all things illegal and immoral and told that if I was wronged or shamed that I should snuff out said shame by taking that person's life with no remorse.

But what if you create or have created life?

How quick would you be to end someone else's? With the exception of killing to defend you and yours, what kind of influence would you want to have for your own seed? What experiences would you want them to have in growing up in this cold cruel world? What in the hell were all of them student loans for in the first damn place?

What have I learned and what do I want to contribute to this big blue marble other than rhyme or two? How will my legacy be remembered?

I learned that folks that come in peace and leave you in pieces aren't worth you giving them thought further than the time you cried for help and a spiritual bandage while you were in pain. When that subsides... The best revenge is living well.

And creating life beyond your own... And cultivating that. I am a man of distinction, positive influence and of the spirit of the Most High. I need to get back to the essence in order to live as such. I am not the man my thoughts and unprocessed emotions want me to be.

I am who I am. Son of the Great I Am.

As far as my inner thug?

Fuck that nigger.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

One Last Thing Before I Go...

I know it's been a while since I've put something of substance up here, and for that I apologize. I keep going thru these changes for the better...

I just got back from a place yesterday where I could be me. I found a place where I wasn't looked down upon, secretly despised or admonished for being myself and I do plan on moving there. Trucking industry be dammed, when you find a place where you know you're supposed to be you just go, and that I will.

I thought about where I am in life and what I've done to get here. I have no regrets in anything I've done in getting to where I am. It's sad because there a some that feel totally responsible for the direction of your soul and demand payment in you being miserable with them when that is not the case. Thing is, I had a full and complete life before them and will after them as well. One cannot claim to give a damn in one's face and condemn them with their other circle of friends because one never knows exactly who I know and in what capacity.

Funny how text message and voicemail intercepts as well as impromptu run-ins with degree separated friends thru friends happen that change the way you see certain people that know the friend of the friend...

Funny how you can exhaust the possibilities in the attempt to be brother to some and have them spit in your face and spite all efforts to keep them safe from harm when they go right back into the eye of the storm.

Funny how the ones that call you brother can also ride with you, robbing you of your spirit and giving the enemy a play by play of your most private thoughts, dreams and desires in an attempt to make you the fool. And for what? What have I ever done to any of these people but try to be a friend, brother or confidant?

Misery indeed loves company.

Even thought I try hard to remain positive and continue to be me, there are some will call you friend and even gain the closeness of a friendship and my trust who will hock the biggest loogie right in my eye in the midst of casual conversation.

Normally I would have some sort of 'fuck you' rant at the ready, but the best action in these cases with the 3 to 5 folks that had my trust is inaction.

I vowed a long time ago to not be violent or vindictive in my approach to folks that cross me because I was a violent teenager and then had a violent first real job in the Army. I know of my ability to destroy physically, and I've grown in my ability to launch a verbal assault in expression of what sits in my soul so harsh and evil that one would be ready to burn off their own skin due to my narratives about such an untrusted bag of flesh.

But I won't go there.

I found a place... Found a person... Found and re-found family... Rediscovered true friends that have made me fall in love with myself and fall in love with the possibilities of what life can truly bring when you can appreciate all things free of distress and be appreciated.

So I pack my bags and change direction to this new place.

And do nothing to recall those that never wanted to see me live in the midst of love.

I'll get back on my blogging horse now that I got that off. Peace y'all. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Small ass plane...