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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, July 31, 2009


I had no intention of posting anything until next week.

The past two weeks were supposed to be some sort of a blogcation for me, but it has been a learning experience for those outside of the circle. Me? Not much. I can't say that I'm surprised about anything that has happened in our recent past.

I've sat back, held my tongue politically by not writing about this kind of stuff here on the blog and watched us as Americans feed off of the festering nectar of entitlement and arrogance for damn near a year. At this point I can no longer just sit and watch.

I heard Larry Elder say on Larry King Live the other night that Massachusetts has a black governor, Cambridge has a black mayor and America has a black president. And this is the reason racial profiling just doesn't exist in 2009, especially anywhere near Harvard University.

I also heard and read a lot from Americans that either Dr. Skip Gates was wrong in the way he handled how officer Crowley unlawfully entered his home, baited him to come outside of said home and then arrested him.

I also see a bunch of folks on the regular from the campaign to election, to inauguration to present totally disrespect the office of the President of the United States based on their dissatisfaction on who is currently sitting in office.

The disrespect of certain leaders, political figures and even comedians is at an all time high and what I do not see or hear from the disenfranchised affected is, well... Anything.

I'm also watching how a bunch of people that look a lot like me have the money, opportunity, ability and skill to know and then apply said knowledge do absolutely nothing to move ahead. Must be the standard American diet. Just like all of the backs some of our successful folk have climbed on and over to get where they are, no one currently is laying down to let more of our folk climb on them so wan can get more folk 'up there'.

It seems to me that we just keep looking up. Staring into the sun will make that ass go blind, ya know?

It seems to me that the entitlement, arrogance and good ol' boy networking that happened in 1959 is going on stronger than ever in 2009, and that the lessons from the entitled have really set into the children and grandchildren very well. There are young folk working within society that actually want what certain folk had in that opportunity, networking and (there's that word again) entitlement within the same rule and law structure that prevailed fifty years ago.

That means racism, classism and entitlement are very much alive and well here in America. The problem is that my people are so pacified and distracted that we care not to speak on it. Like the dollar menu is just fine while others still get surf and turf, and it ain't even Thursday.

Now we're the racists. We're the arrogant ones. We now cannot appreciate the post-racial society we live in. We're the anti-Americans. Our leaders fight for absolutely the wrong thing. You may not like the Rev. Al Sharpton for whatever reason or another, but how could you even part your lips to disrespect the man that will jump in front of the bullet for his people, agitate a situation (whatever it may be, opportunistic or otherwise) when all you are willing do is sit and criticize because it might mess up your divvy of the table scraps.

And you ain't jumping in front of that bullet for your people because... You don't know them. And did you know that all you entitled to get are table scraps?

You can have more. But a bunch of folk are scared, and you know what I say:

A scared negro will get you killed.


Big Mark 243 said...

You know, I want to be able to link this entry on my journal ... you were much more erudite in your take on this point than I could ever be.

Look forward to your answer.

Bananas said...

If a Black Man had said what Rush Limbaugh and many of the other right wing sounding boxes say now about the President Obama, he'd be in jail.

The "White Right" just keep getting "whiter" and as you said, no one says a word.

Anonymous said...

Fear is overated...for real.
the good nurse

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

There you go lighting them fires again!!!!

The Brown Blogger said...

Flame on!!!