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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sunday December 12, 2004

What if everything changed in the blink of an eye? What if you
went from very comfortable in your life to an expert in
poverty? How many paychecks are you from being homeless?
What is your backup plan? Do you have one?
I spoke to a lot of fam over the past couple of days, and I
found out that a lot of us aren't really prepared for what I like
to call "the coming", you know, the day they come to your
specific spot in cubicle city and ask you to gather all of your
personal possessions... and your security badge.
How is it that out of all populations on the planet, black folk
can't seem to "just go away"? We lead the league in
influence, from fashion to linguistics, people seem to want to
be like us, but not be like us. Should there be some sort of
repayment system set in place? In my opinion, no. It is time
to claim and reclaim what belongs to us and administer it for
the longevity of the craft. We also must perform out duties
here in this existence like we want to be here, and for that to
happen, we must let go of this way of life and adopt the ways
set forth by the Creator and our ancestors to make sure we
will not grow weak in the future. This is happening now, and
it is very unacceptable.
I still don't understand the value we put in things that
depreciate as soon as we acquire it. I remember when BET
was watchable. Don't get it twisted, I like to peek at a nice
round ass like the next man, but what about my kid nephew?
There has to be more programming available... oh that's right,
Bob Johnson sold BET (thanks for reminding me Mos). Vote
money, ho's and clothes in 2005. Almost forget the rims.
In other words, our values are based in sex, high end fashions
and auto accessories instead of long term relationships,
respect for self, real estate and re-acquisition of advanced
knowledge that our people taught the world. Damn, I guess
we will never unplug from the matrix. We are drowning and
we are still in the ship's ballroom partying as it sinks into the
ocean. What a waste of melanin. I love you and hate you in
the same breath. Not all of y'all, but there are enough to
influence my feelings. Clarence was right. 85 percent, lost
and unrecoverable. I wish we all can go together when the
bus comes...
I wish I didn't feel that way, but I do. Our community is so
self destructive right now I feel like I have no faith in our
endeavors. It's like watching that drunk uncle at the family
reunion destroy whatever chances he had to re establish the
relationship that was oh so powerful back in the day. I do
have faith in some. There are brothers and sisters in the
struggle that are working hard to raise the God
consciousness and bring back the commitment that we once
had to the block. It's almost like that Matrix series... most of
us are asleep but are still able to control our destiny.
Don't ignore the signs...
It's right in front of you...
Red or blue pill...

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