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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Is It Friday Yet?

I guess everything old is new again... For those that remember, the Fresh Fest is back on the road featuring most of the old skool cats that used to rock audiences with multiple talents and some new cats such as Chubb Rock and Guru from Gangstarr. There was even Dana Dane and Joeski Love sightings on stages across the States. Wow. I still mark out to the Pee Wee Dance whenever I hear it, which is not that often. Thank God for peer 2 peer...

I've been working with my original producer and business partner DJ MorningMan on those pieces I mentioned a few days ago right here. It feels good to be sent tracks and to brainstorm over how to freak the funk over dope ass beats again. I forgot what it felt like to be an emcee. The power of the spoken word definitely elevates a brother these days, can't wait to share. Looks like we got an album project on our hands. We were supposed to be just throwing together a lil sumthin' sumthin' for our enjoyment, looks like we'll be shopping some of the stuff, the rest will be put into mixtape rotation...

I've been working on relaunching my personal website. I want to share some of the artwork I've been working on and then I had a conversation with someone I feel is very special. This person is a consummate artist and I have an idea on how to get that work out. For those in the general Chicagoland area, look out, there will be a mixer/auction going on very soon. Location and dates to come soon.

I will be free of my constrictions after Labor Day weekend.

We'll talk about THAT soon...

Other than that, I still got the flu.


Echo said...

Awww sorry to hear about you having the flu, hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon homie. I feel you on your constrictions after Labor Day. I was just thinking of all the things I must let go that are holding me back, this morning.

The Brown Blogger said...

Thanks for the get well wishes...

There's a bug going around at work, it's my turn.

I am glad I was able to let go without incident. I gots peoples living with me... with all that I have to do, all I wanna do and all things that involve me it's hard to cater to folks, remain an individual and still go to work and not worry about the condition of your home. I gotta ride out the week and then I'll have my place to myself again. I look forward to quiet and peace of mind after the holiday. And plus, people I care about will be safe and sound at thier own spot and we can be friends again.

I never knew opening your doors to your loved ones could be so stressful and troublesome. I'm glad we came to agreements over money and space.

I would still open my doors to whomever needs to lay heads on my couch pillows. I would just do things a little different.

And draft a contract too.

Anonymous said...

I feel you Hassan, I didn't even tell you how I was opening my door and I got played by my sister. Thats another post, but I'm not even gonna put her on blast. I snapped on her enough over the phone, she knows where I stand, door is still open, however, I'm not stretching my neck out for her anymore.

NameLiar said...

Why are mixtapes still called mixtapes when they are now cds?...lmao

The Brown Blogger said...

Now see, I was at work, bored with nothing to do and you just had to ask a question that requires thought.


Just like I call CD's "records"
-I can't spin those joints on a turn table!

My GrannyGran calls the "icebox" the "Frigidaire"
-I don't think no one told her that Kenmore and Maytag make refrigerators as well as others too.

Why do we still call mobile phones "cellys"?
-I'll put my engineering degree and IT certifications on the fact that cellular technology went the way of the wringer-washing machine.

Isn't a "Big Mac" smaller than the "Enormous Omelet"?

If a CD is a "compact disc", then what should we call an MP3 player?
-The iPod mini is actually smaller than the CD and holds more data. What about the MiniDV and MiniDisc?
What about mini DVD's?

And speaking of DVDs, why call them "Digital Video Disks" when we created a new laser that stores "Enhanced High Definition and Audio on said disks? And why do we call that MP4? The data is smaller and more compressed than an MP3.
-Shouldn't we call them MP2 disks instead?

OK... I'll stop before I start waxing poetic on quantum physics and why over 200 years ago we pioneered heat transfer in a mobile locomotive machine and used steam to (push) transport tens of millions of pounds goods via rail across the country and why we don't have a smaller versions of THAT in 2005, thus causing dependence on fossil based fuels to be as extinct as the large massed creatures that once roamed this planet and became the source of the current cash crisis in America.

Told you I was bored...

The Brown Blogger said...

and that's why I love you too...