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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, September 23, 2005

Seven Things

I seem to be lacking in my writing ^here^ these days. I am prepping a column for my blackisms site about Simon Wiesenthal and his affect on me as a kid, and I'm also preparing to fast for the month of October, something that Layla suggested, but I already made a decision on a few weeks ago. I am also prepping to take on a second job at night, forgoing the upcoming NBA primetime joints. That's why I just bought a TiVo thingee. I also plan to pick up an MP4 machine, so I added this to my wishlist.

I also noticed that my photography has crapped out to next to nothing, so this weekend I will snap some of the last remnants of summer, because out here, it's over. I hear the big city I'm from still has summer on lock... Whatever.

You noticed the incompetence once again from our government? This time, we supposedly are prepared for then impending hurricane and told everyone on the gulf coast to evacuate. How many of y'all remember the big-ass riverboat barge picked up by Katrina and deposited 1 mile inland in Mississippi? Well, there are over 200,000 folks trapped on highways exiting Houston and them folks are running out of gas and most will run out because of the logjam to get out. Think about this... a lot of those people stand a great chance to die. If the 145 (and this might become greater) mph winds can throw a riverboat barge 1 mile inward, think about what it will do to those lil' ass cars (PACKED WITH PEOPLE!!!) stranded on the highway. With the current evacuation plans, our State and Federal government may have put tens of thousands of folks in the path of a category 4 hurricane to die.

Some lesson learned from Katrina. First, don't get em', now, get em and leave em' stranded to die. Great. I pray they make it out of the path of the storm despite the "efforts" of government officials.

To take my mind away from this unnatural disaster, I copied and edited this from Layla's blog...
copy and edit amongst yourselves like she said.

Seven Things I...

Plan to Do Before I Die:

1. Have my works published and have best seller (or three, I have that much material) on my hands
2. Finish school the way I want (doctorate, baby!!!)
3. Get married and have kids (this is the hardest part, I'm not ready!)
4. Live in Africa (I visited back in the day, but not on my own terms)
5. Travel North America with my RV and trike
6. Be financially sound so my kids can have whatever
7. Get that much closer to God (might even get ordained)

Things I Can Do:

1. Write
2. Distance run/walk (it's the Army, can't rid myself of the training)
3. Shut people out (for good)
4. Make something out of nothing (food, money, blank canvas/sheet of paper/word processing page, etc)
5. Love hard (I still love you even if I hate you, even if YOU hate me)
6. Ignore pain (back, both knees, left foot, diabetes - that Army training again...)
7. Exist alone (thought I never could - never planned on it either)

Things I Can't Do:

1. Let someone else control my emotions
2. Stop being stubborn and brutally honest (it hurts people sometimes)
3. Tell people what I really want (mostly when I'm in a relationship)

4. Stick with a workout plan
5. Say no (I hate that!)
6. Lie to myself
7. Shut up (I talk too much like Data from Star Trek, so it's very analytical and from logic's standpoint... please stop me!!!)

Things I say most:

1. What?
2. allrighty then
3. mmmmmmkayyyy?
4. hee hee hee (when I laugh, which is everydamnday)
5. I have no clue (mostly at work)
6. You gotta be kidding me!
7. Umm....

Things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. Honesty
2. Fear of the Creator
3. Hypnotictic eyes
4. Mature/sense of perspective
5. Ambition and drive and vision
6. Tall, with legs from hell (with a great set of... Never mind)
7. Grace

Celebrity crushes

1. Jill Scott (Lyzel is the man)
2. Kimberly Locke (Only one person knows why she's second on my list. Her twin)
3. Amel Larrieux (She is a gift, and yes I know. She's married)
4. Lisa Nicole Carson (Where'd she go?)
5. Tina Thompson (The lipstick thing during the games is a turn-on)
6. India.Arie (still mad that she shed her locs)
7. Margaretret Cho (That's right! Her current incarnation and the way she wears that leather has her on my list)

Notice a pattern about these ladies? Just wonderin' if you're paying attention

Have a drink or two over the weekend for me...


NameLiar said...

Who is Kimberly Locke's twin?

MsTee2u said...

Wow, another one. Im going to have to stop stealing stuff from your blog. LOL... but a few comments before I commense cutting and pasting...
I have friends who traveled 27 hours from Houston and finally made it here safely Thursday morning, they said they spent like 5 hours where they only moved 50 miles and there were a lot of folks who (in looking at the news with everyone stuck in gridlock) decided they would wait another day, and another, until it was too late and they just had to seek refuge wherever....sad. Sad indeed. Also, every since I worked for a hotel chain I said I would love to travel the US in an RV. I guess in talking to so many folks on a daily basis who were doing just that It became something I decided I wanted to do... that along with travelling across Europe seeing all of the art, museums and history.....Europe is so rich in history and culture....OOOO I cant wait.
Marriage...hmmm...i just spent a year with someone I planned to marry and he disappointed me greatly. Right now I am drifting between a place called hurt and confusion so ... I dunno...
Lying to myself...I cant lie to anybody...I quit trying to. I am brutally honest as well and I wish I could be fake sometimes and just exchange pleasantries for the sake of being social but I cant.
Talking too sooooo me...I will even talk to complete strangers.....sadly tho its mostly when i am sleepy, (cant u tell now?...)most other times I would rather not be bothered by anything remotely close to human.
Finally... I love Margaret Cho...she has a you read it??? I have it bookmarked along with Rosies blog. LOL...Im goin to post and go to bed with a good book.

The Brown Blogger said...

Keep stealing baby, I don't care if you do. I also care that you do in the same breath, gives me something to do in reading you.
I also have a few friends in Houston that I heard from. Not a good situation on the evacuation plans. If they would have either stayed put of got out sooner this wouldn't have put a dent in their work/life schedules, so the money will be reeeeal short in the upcoming weeks...

Yes, I read the Notorious C.H.O. Allthedamtime. She is someone that I admire in multiple ways. She has an incredible stregnth and sense of dealing with internal/external forms of pain inflicted on self and by others due to class, race, gender, sexual orientation and hollywood status, and for that she gets a framed pic on my mantle. That has a sexiness factor to me that I could never truly explain.

The Brown Blogger said...

I also put a link to her blog here.

Echo said...

Very interesting. I have people close to me in houston, luckily they made it alright.

LadyLee said...

hi Hassan...Thanks for visiting my blog... I'm digging yours too...

I think it's pretty jacked up that virtually no major U.S. city has a viable evacuation plan... That lack of planning is going to bite us in the ass one day soon, if not already...

And as for your "things to do"...go ahead and get that doctorate, dude. I got mine 7 years ago in Organic Chemistry..It's a ride from hell, and a bunch of hoop jumping, but hey, it's a hell of an accomplishment... Go for it!!