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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Me at the Millions More Movement

I really wish that I could put this experience into words.

I am still knee deep in emotion and have been assigned a newer sense of purpose.

I knew that the Creator blessed us that attended with the ability to fellowship, but at this level... Wow.

I am saddened that I went alone, but I am glad that I experienced so much in a small frame of time by myself. I had something to learn. Mission accomplished.

At the beginning of last week, I had plans to roll out to DC. I was renting a van or truck and had confirmation that at least 3-5 of the fam was rolling, complete with child. I was pumped up. I'm like ROAD TRIP!!!

Tuesday came and it looked like I was still rolling with 2 others. By the time Thursday night rolled around, I haven't heard from my last traveling buddy, so I booked a flight that Friday morning, dreading how much more I was gonna pay.

I hot one of those discount sites and booyah! I got a fare. I got to DC for less than $150 round trip, and had the hotel option that would put me right at $200. Sweet.

I lived in the area back in my Military days, and when I got off the plane, everything came back to me. I was home again, but something was wrong. I was alone and I felt it. I noticed that it wasn't as crowded as I remember or what I expected it to be. The airport bus let me off at 7th and D Street, and I couldn't even hear anything. I was pissed.

I whip out the camcorder and started talking to this sister who went to the University of Maryland but had a little trouble navigating. We had convo... It was cool. I gave her some directions after we broke ice about her father's art. Cute too... wait, not my mission, but all of a sudden I started to feel better about being alone.

I came with a backpack and one of those lawn chairs that folds and fits in a shoulder strap bag. I outfitted myself with 2 days of energy bars and ready to drink protein shakes. I had 2 changes of clothes and my gear for the club as well as all of my necessary supplies. All of this stuff fit in there with ease and wasn't heavy. I was ready to roll. I had my digital cam and a camcorder and I had damn near 300 exposures to use and 3 available hours of video. I was ready. Or was I?

So I get to the mall on 7th and it felt like getting out of a freezer into 100 degree heat.




And we just kept coming and coming. I was immersed in all this blackness and love. That's the first real thing I noticed was the love. Brothers and their tightly wound cornrows and flowing fros. Sisters and their locks, braids, beads and oils. Headwraps and bandanas, wristbands and sandals. All kinds of cloth, from silk, to chenille to mudcloth. Cowry shells to barrettes. All of these people had love in thier hearts and I was overwhelmed by it all.

Never in my life have I shook so many hands, gave that much dap, gave and received so many hugs to and from people that I did not know. Never have I engaged in conversation with children, peers and elders that went on and on about the struggle and triumphs of being brown. I held and played with babies that just came out of nowhere. I was struck by the love. I secretly wished that it would never end. Or at least happen every weekend.

The Black Panther Party for Self Defense represented. Hard. In large numbers. I was impressed with their discipline and focus, and to know that they congregated from all over the country and assembled in DC as a show of unity and force is dammed impressive. I was frozen in fear and awe just seeing that many of my Native brothers and sisters, and when their Chief Speaker laid the smackdown on the crowd promoting unity with the Blackman and telling us in the same breath that he respects our faith in Allah and God, but it was time to put all the praying in the background and put actions we pray to have the strength about into action, I knew we have the O Dog to out Caine. To see our Native cousins celebrate with us was amazing. I felt the spirit mend whatever differences we had and re-marry us in a ceremony that had a lot of cool ass guests.

I must have walked from the Capitol lawn to the Washington Monument at least 5 times in an effort to snap as many photos as possible. I was stopping people on their way and asking them their name and where they were from so I could get my own video roll call. I must've stopped at least 100 folks and asked them all kinds of questions, everyone was wide open for fellowship and convo, like trying to get to know cousins at the family reunion. You know what I noticed? Even the kids were cool. I didn't see one instance of a parent correcting his/her child. Must've been the vibe.

I was amazed on how the crowd latched onto Tavis, took in Cornel West's short verse. We cheered Marion Berry and his wife. Susan Taylor looked radiant and got an oooh from the guys when they put her on the jumbotrons. She was rocking that pink! Russell Simmons got a rousing ovation when he spoke of financial preparedness, but the party got started when Wyclef came out. Dude rocked the freestyle in French and En Espanola and hit us with a little carnival. I'm dancing with strangers.

Erykah came out and chastised us.

We needed that.

From her.

Minister Farrakhan's daughter intro'ed him with the same fire he has.

The crowds kept coming. The later it got, the more people came. Some of us seemed to have learned our lesson in past years. Everybody knew that the Minister would speak at a certain time, even though he was scheduled a little late. Guess what, they bumped India.Arie and his wife to get him onstage before sunset. I've been to many o sporting event in my day, but I never heard a crown roar when the jumbotrons showed Minister Farrakhan approaching the podium with his security detail.

I know that this is standard for the Minister, but the way his entrance happened was badass.

I got sooooo much more to let go...

Haven't even started on politics and bullshit...

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Me said...

*sigh* You're right it can't be put into words... I tried and tried, thought and thought but there just are no words for how amazing the day made me feel. I am still on a high and I hope it lasts forever.

The performances were great, majority of the speakers were righteous, every one seems to have a purpose. It'll be interesting to see where we are in 6 months, a year... what people are doing. Are they carrying out their words spoken? Time will tell.

Yes, Clef rocked it. *reminisces* Yeah, still there. Thanks for the memories. Waiting for "politics and bullshit."