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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Where'd the week go?

I'm a little tired. Been having headaches as of late staying up all hours of the night stressing over the business plan. Can't sleep much and it's starting to take toll on me physically, but I'll survive. When I do snooze, it's right in the middle of my living room floor, with the draft.

It's her.

She motivates me to have more than the average cat. She inspires me to have a larger home so the babies can run and have space. And a garden. She makes me want the next vacation warmer and further than the last one. I want her passport to be full and very used. She makes me want Africa to be home and the States as a vacation spot. Her presence makes me want the children to never have to take out a student loan. I want to put in work so she won't have to. I am more aware of myself, my limitations and what I have to contribute to family both related and non.

Yeah, she's that powerful.

The week started out cool, looking at stuff I couldn't afford, checking cats on ebay that had lots of computer parts and thangs for the future office and getting support and virtual hugs from Nicole R. my lawyer. She never calls me back when I want her to, but she's sharp and always has a good word for me. We strategized my January court dates with creditors coming after me trying to claim shit I don't owe. Changing your name can have its pitfalls, so buyer beware.

But it's cool though. We gon' win.

Speaking of that, I never thought how quickly one could go from having a nice nest egg to damn near being broke. I put in a request last week to open the floodgates on my 401k and got hit hard. Uncle Sam will cop 30% if you don't roll it either into another 401k program or an IRA. Since losing my job I've been waiting and had to make a choice. I chose to pay personal bills, legal fees and incorporation fees (as well as other taxes) in order to stay alive. Although I knew what my bank statement would look like after that, I never accepted the fact that things indeed cost money and I would probably be near empty after taking care of thangs and still being unemployed. I'm so far from opening my doors and I thought the loot I saved would be enough to open and operate, I was so wrong. Minus taxes, personal utilities and the occasional 5 spot for toothpaste and toilet paper, I'm damn near back at square one savingswise. Even if I was getting a paycheck, I'd still be kinda broke. But it's all good though, I got all my big bills paid, so all I go to do now is relax, collect plates during my weekend Christmas runs and get an new years kiss and I'll be straight. And full too.

I can't wait for the weekend. I some serious plans to visit my ass off. I have no plans to be home kicking it with the cats and shit so I'm checking out the great ape movie, and not by myself. I also hope to sit and take in some good old fashioned family love, play some spades, bidwhidst and dominoes and make some new friends and contacts. Ain't been to a good family gathering for a minute. Just hoping I can eat the way I like.

I can really get into this Christmas thing... I just need to do one more thing before I break out my Santa outfit...


toneec42 said...

I am so happy you have claimed your Eve! *Sigh* Your words give me insight into my own situation, thank you. Be blessed and Merry Christmas!

Didi Roby said...

Well looks like you found your RIB huh?...That's wonderful:)

A Santa Outfit for you?!!!! Wow that's a switch!...Me likey:)

Groove said...

I love seeing Good things Happen to good people. You are definitely Good peeps, and one of my favorite bloggers!

My Momma always said, Put God first and surround yourself with Good People, because it's not what you have in your life, It's Who you have in your life. You maybe down but your not out...

Yes you know I am full of mommyisms, I don't know if my momma talked alot or I needed alot of talking to, but whatever it is, I now have a little knowledge to share with a friend.

Hope you have The Best Holiday Ever!

Rose said...

Bless you during this out the santa suit, will surely uplift you