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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The 'Lost' Finale... Finally, Somewhat

My body is speaking to me in a language that I'd rather it not do right now. In the past month or so, I've had an episode with my heart and was medicated for that so my balance is waaaaaaaay off. It's time for fasting and a lot more meditation (and water) and positive thought because I got away from that last quarter. My meditation has actually increased thanks to seeing this cat that helped get me back into cognative alignment. I learned some breathing techniques as preached by Dr. Andrew Weil and I actually reduced my stress levels and blood sugars by breathing with focused thought. Wow, something actually works other than meds to do that...

Finished writing for the album including drops, skits and notes and that pleases me. I now have to step up our recording schedule in order to get finished and keep it creative and timely as well. I also ran into a fine little philly that can carry a note and wants to work and no, there is no romance so cut that out. I don't work that way. I mentioned that she wants to work, and so do I so that's what we'll do. She has the look and sound that can be marketed The hustle has to generating returns. Other than the heart scare, this has been the most difficult thing I've encountered so far this year. Time for work, family and friends has been invaded for the need to record music and fam, friends and work ain't really appreciating that shit. We ain't the same cats we were back in the day by not having the time to do what we want with recording because we ain't getting paid to do so. The love of the drum is keeping this movement going. We will finish this project, I just don't know how and when...

Now that I quit jobs # 2 and 3, I'm bored out of my friggin' mind and I feel like I have nothing to do... Well that's a lie because all I've been doing since quitting is writing and making constructs, experimenting with new tracks and drum patterns. I know I gotta get sleep and I should be letting my body rejuvinate but I've been up for days on end now surfing the internet, looking in sound libraries, writing new pieces of poetry, re-writing song lyrics and just entertaining the fact that I am here with myself and loving that I'm in the middle of a damn good creative process. I'm flowing and I don't want that to stop, so a little sleep has to be sacrificed. I'm loving that I refound my focus. That's why I get lost in my creative process and then look at the clock to see that I just spent hours doing whatever, the only thing is, I gotta be at work in the morning. THEN I'll decide to lay it down because I can't lose out on job #1. It's all I got and it pays well...

I got a jones right now. It's bad too. All up in my bones One of the reasons I can't sleep is because of this, and I like it.

Shit. (just like Sampson said in Half Baked)

And it ain't what you think, so stop that. It's more powerful.
Withcha' nasty asses...

I am so humbled and in thanks that Mz Dee~Dee took the time out of her busy schedule and actually interviewed my stankin' ass. We spoke about love and all things related to it. I remember love and being all up in it and welcome when it next visits again. Whatever. It ain't here now, but the thought of being all up in it and doing all of the things one does when it's here calms me something terrible. Keeps me collective, keeps me calm... Damn, the world need a new GooDieMoB joint...

But for now... Gnarles is tearing up the world

Speaking of that, I just copped that new Ghostface joint 'Fishscale' and will have my opinion on here shortly. I also got a hold of J Dilla's 'Donuts' platter and am grooving on that right now. As we speak. Groovin. SheeeYit! I notice that I'm slipping on the reviews and I plan on adding that back soon.

Also reading 2 new gifts bestowed upon me from a very special friend. Eric Michael Dyson's "Is Bill Cosby Right?" and Chakra workbook by Anna Voigt. I'm really feeling these ae well as advice given by Aquababie on getting back in balance. Thank you both, I really am appreciative on your love and concern on me getting back to balance.
And streeeetch...

Also need Sista Stiltwalker to post new sh%t. Millz too. Yeah, that's right I said it.
LadyLee is a trip. I can wait for the book...
I'm, also counting the days til' Brotha Buck gets back on the job
Ay yo Verse... I'm reading you.
Nsane in the friggin membrane... You better show up this weekend. You.Be.Bullshitting. But I understand.

I have been summoned by the powers that be to come up with a tentative plan for a Chicago Brownbloggers forum. This excites me seeing as I've met bloggers from other cities and shared ideas and opinions and thangs but haven't even broken bread with my own blogfam in the Chi except for a few. I must admit this:

There is an ex (we dated for a couple of months, it got a deep and then it ended) in the mix that also blogs (not sure anymore, haven't been there in a while) and because of the nature and scope of something like this kind of event, to extend an invitation is a no-brainer. I feel that being who we are and where we are at this point in history that this is bigger than a dating relationship gone bad. I feel that since I know (or knew) who she is her presence is needed in such a forum. I respect her gangsta and I hope I'm not the enemy, I was just thinking that with me organizing the thang that she would probably not respond and wouldn't want to participate. I don't know how to get at her as far as extending an invitation her way, so I welcome any suggestions as to how to do so or if I should anyway.

Would you invite someone you dated to a forum where Ideas are exchanged, information is given and networking will be at optimum levels? What we're trying to do is organize first, set an agenda on how we can affect change with writing and interacting and then finding a way to branch outside the digital divide and act on it to make the hood good. That's worth sitting thru a meet and greet with others regardless of who they are to be a part of the movement, right?

You sure?

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