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—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, September 29, 2006

Weekend Homework Assignment

Random ish for the weekend: (no hyperlinks - you gotta work for these today)

If the CSI and Law And Order franchises are America's most watched shows and the OJ trial was the most observed event in modern day history, why didn't 'we' wait for the investigation to take place regarding T.O. and his alleged suicide attempt seeing as we know the procedure?

As a person who has had a beloved released to my care after a suicide attempt, it would seem that a one hour wait and an hour of treatment wasn't sufficient for someone bringing harm to themselves to be released without follow up, huh?

Normally it takes a week or so to evaluate the mental state and be released by a shrink if it's determined that there was no intent to harm oneself. What happened in my case.

But I'm just saying though...

One year and one month since Katrina struck so I stayed up and watched "When The Levees Broke" back to back. I actually got a chance to drive thru N.O. when this program debuted. I read a few blogs about folks seeing the program.

Unless you've donated (time, money, effort), volunteered (in any capacity), lived thru it or actually witnessed the destruction firsthand, be critical but to a point.

I pulled my truck over to take pictures (don't even ask... That's a sign of disrespect) and ended up hurting my finger (cut a flap down to the bone) because my 5'11"-235lb ass wept like Mary the day her son was taken from her after seeing what I saw.

If you need fodder, motivation or an emotional sparkplug to vote in the upcoming elections and you live closeby (or within driving distance for that matter, make it a weekend thang), go and visit that city.

You'll know why I stopped taking pix, dropped to my knees and recognized my father. I thought I saw the gates of hell. I needed to be saved because they weren't

Do you really want Op.rah telling you who to vote for? Okay then. Here's an additional weekend homework assignment:

Look up Barak.Obama and find out your damn self.

I already know. I'm from here. You make your own decisions. Then tell me why the 2008 election is that damn important.

Why are there so many good looking women on these dateboards?
Why are they single?
Why do I think the crazy gene skips fair looking to ugly folk?
Why do I think KZ has the answer to that question?

What you know about the Urban Trust Bank?
Whatcho' folio' look like?

(a lot of mid caps for me. Just switched over to the conservative B joints. - Confused, you shouldn't be. That's why I didn't hyperlink it)

Gasoline went down to damn near $2 a gallon here.
Its still high as giraffe puss in the hood though. (Closed mouth doesn't get fed).
What got fuel prices (and as a tractor-trailer lessee, I have great concerns) down to this level? (I know, just checking your ass)
What does it have to do with the renewals of a few defense contracts?
Current persons in office?
2008? (damn, I gave that one away)

Why am I not excited about the 2006/7 NBA season?
Kicks off next week in preseason form and there is no buzz.

I really miss her.

Everybody can't bring sexy back. Some of y'all just got that shit.


Anonymous said...

So pretty folks are crazy, huh? I resemble that remark. LOL

NegroPino™ said...

IM so glad you are back. :-) I thin pretty people have it harder and alot of ppl dont take them seriously. Lets look at One of the worlds beautiful women i.e Halle berry she been married 2x, cheated on, dumped and she 40 now so her stock isnt as high. What about J-lo? Been married 3x? Christie Brinkley married 4x. I think i would rahter be CUTE.

WHo can't bring SExy back?

Aint that about a bitch how the government controls the gas prices? U can smell an election nearby cant u
have a good weekend..check your IM and fix your email.

DivineLavender said...

Interesting...I am broke...might look to bottle up and ship so of my sexy to pay a bill this month.

I need some new kicks, winter boots, winter coat, and some sweaters...its getting cold.

Just a thought!

Brotha Buck said...

That would be a tough thing to witness; I don't blame you for the show of emotion. At all.

LadyLee said...

Dang Hassan... I use to live in New Orleans east a few years back... My peeps tell me that my old place is gone! You're braver than me...I can't even bring myself to go back and visit.

Gallis said...

I remember talking to my Dad about the aftermath of Katrina and he said "You know what's scary about this? It's outright incompetence and how the hell do you even begin to deal with that?" The whole situation beggars belief.