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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Random Saturday Ish

Why is stuff more difficult to execute when it's all pre-planned?
Why have I written all new joints when I committed to working on all the old stuff?
Anyone seen DJ MorninMan?
I was checking sitemeter and saw that someone peeped an old post (November 13, 2005)... I seemed comfortable then.

Where is that now?

The orthopedic surgeon has said nothing about my condition.

You wonder when the mish-mash of emotion and common sense will all come together during morning conversation.

Right in the kitchen over a half-hearted breakfast.
You won't even have time to gel...
You gotta get an oil change or something, she's hanging out with her girls.
Something like hair, lunch and paying a few bills.

But it'll come out right.

My neck snapped the other day in the gym when the scale read 228.
I haven't been under 250 pounds since I got out of the Army...
That was the end of 1992.

I feel older than I look.
I think it has something to do with being repaired so much.

It takes an oxycotton and a lortab to get me to sleep these days.
I'm right back up in 2 hours. I'm averaging about 2 hours a day of sleep. Helps with writing for that deadline though.

I like Mr. T's new show.

So my road dog Troy and I have switched places...
He's no longer single and straight effin' up my plans.
He's on the clock... I gotta motivate him to go ring shopping soon.
Hell, I might even let 'Flan' out and plan the damn wedding.

'Flan'... well, he's my inner "interior designer".

He's 'Frank's" cousin (remember Martin Short in "Father of the Bride"? Yeah, him).
'Flan coordinates his ass off! I only usually confer with him at Ikea, Crate and Barrel and at Macy's.
I let him dress me.
That's as close as I can come to having 'her' dress me.


The city of Chicago offered me a job...
So did the State of IL...
Damn near the same position.
Whom do I choose to work for? I fingerprinted for TSA twice this week. I'll need my security clearance back for this one.
The questions have changed... All about my name change and affiliation with certain organizations.

So they're tracking frat charity monies. Like all of us collectively are funding Bin Laden...

We just need an interest bearing account that'll help pay for the liquor tab at the next function.
That, window tints, new Jordans and tickets to upcoming Bulls games.
Yay, got a few this morning... Right before they sold out.


The White Sox, Bears and Bulls have all sold out the house in the 2006 season. We gotta win at least one championship.

Congrats to Frank Thomas. I was rooting for you man. And the new contract too.

Over here doing the shoulder lean for real.

I was going to reply to the comments on that last post... I think I'll get on email duty this weekend. I have thanks and kudos to give individually.

Hurl time.
Since I've gotten back, I can't hold down much.
Weird as well.
My therapist almost reported me to the chief doc at the rehab spot. I almost got committed.
Blood sugars are a little abnormal...
Oh, and the weight loss. I think it's a seasonal thing.
And that writing deadline.

I'm out y'all. Going to chuck up breakfast and then get ready to get out and do Saturday.
Laptop shopping!!!

Peace and blessings fam. Have a good weekend.


aquababie said...

take care of yourself :) it might be the medication. that oxycotin is nothing nice. be careful with those.

good luck with the job. i have prints on file too. i tried to get a gig with the DEA years ago. i worked for the po-po, so i have prints there too.

get a mac man! i am loving mine :)

princessdominique said...

Sounds like you have thoughts roaming all over the place, it'll all work out. Flan sounds cool *lol* Congrats on the job offers.

Serenity3-0 said...

Hi! I would not be able to concentrate on 2 hrs sleep. My naps are 2 hrs.:) Hope all goes well for you healthwise and jobwise.

Gallis said...

Unless I've been misunderstanding things, it seems like all your creative peeps are in Chicago. I would stay there, get the "phone in" job, recover physically and give your art everything you have.

Kip said...

Hello Hassan

I hope you are doing weell and swell, I hope your therapy is going good too. Also, if you geta laptop (if you have not already gotten it) make sure it is a 15 inch screen minimum. I have been busy writing my behind off myself, choose the job that you feel more intuitivley drawn too and hopefully it is the one with less stress and will allow you more freedom.

Take care, Hassan

From Chance

Anonymous said...

I hope your weekend went well.

Luke Cage said...

Brah, the Chicago Bears are SCAARRYYY! Whew! Everyone was going to be scared of them if they ever got some scoring to back up that sick defense.. Well, they did it. Be afraid.. be very afraid..

Anonymous said...

aitn nuthin like that random shit u bring H!! U wild...u just be saying lol