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—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, November 17, 2006

30 Days... 30 Posts: Day Seventeen

And the results are in...

I will not have surgery on my rotator cuff.

That means after 3 months of therapy on my shoulder and working with a personal trainer for the past 6 weeks I have come to a point where I will forgo the surgical procedure and take other measures to rehab and heal, which means my time in Chicago is just about over.

I have no emotional attachment to the city, family or upcoming events, so I plan on catching on to something I've been quietly planning (employment wise, just to keep things secure) in the next day or so. If I have my way I can be free of Chicago and all of its wonderful trappings by Saturday night. Let's hope things go well with that, shall we?

I get weird questions sometimes and a few recently have to do with my diet. I hope folks overstand that diet is defined as something you put in your body and not something you hold off on or take out. I know folk don't stop by daily so in order to help out, I'll repeat some things I rant about on my blog from time to time:

I am vegetarian

I am also an unlicensed, unregistered but trained dietitian

I don't give advice, but I practice what I've learned

I was in a 5 year relationship with a personal trainer, vegetarian and successful triathlete before I decided to do my own thing so I am a witness to a lot of holistic success and abundant health not of my own. I had to step my game up if I wanted to hang sexually and otherwise, so I began my own practice

I hopped in a registered dietitian course recommended to me by the hospital staff after my initial diabetes episode and ended up staying for what turned out to be many more classes and meeting people and learning things that opened my other eye

The first eye was opened when I read 'How To Eat To Live' by Elijah Muhammad

Yes, I practiced Islam

Yes, I went to a seminary school

I was raised Catholic, left the church at 16 after speaking with a cardinal about the farce that is religion and joined a baptist church to chase after all the loose women. Note I said women. There were girls involved in my conquests too. After being a heathen I became a practicing Muslim at 18 and then I traveled overseas and lived there for 3 years which removed me from Islam. More farce, more bullshit and realized ignorance on how things were taught when I visited the Holy Land and the Motherland - no more questions

I knew from an early age that the systems of African descendants could not accept the Euro diet

All I need is what is given to me from the earth, if we ain't killt it yet

I've had my fair share of junk food and pleasure/comfort eating, and it almost killed me, from heart ailments, to diabetes to my current kidney thing, all from forcing myself to accept the Euro diet

I can't eat half that shit now. My innards are sooo delicate. And sensitive as all hell

I know that there are no cows, chickens or pigs where my people come from and that gene is strong, so how could I accept that for nourishment and expect to be healthy?

I also overstand that death only attracts more dead things. Dead flesh only makes live flesh more dead-er (if that's a word). One receives no nourishment from anything that no longer lives (including text, people and practice thus the religious references), so meat is out of the question

I ain't perfect, so there is fish... I consume lots of freshly caught fish. Call me contradicted. Chicago, next to Florissant, MO has the most farm raised seafood spots on the planet. And then I realize that most of us (in Chicago) are from the south... Or an island... Or some costal region

I am a juicer though

And a plant eater

And a fruit eater

I'm also fond of eating my STD tested partner (nice plug for World AIDS Day - Get tested y'all 12/1)

And a simple man

I know that I cannot have live enzymes all the damn time, so I purchase canned juices and things of the sort seeing as I'm always on the go

I no longer take medication for anything. Since my diet has changed, I have no adverse lab results (except the kidney thing, which seems to be normalizing these days), but I have broken many bones and suffered a ton of soft tissue and joint related injuries, so there is wear and tear

I'm approaching my 37th revolution around the sun and I am healthier and somewhat pain free since ridding myself of a lot of dead things, including dead thinking people and practices, so I'm motivated to continue on that route, seems to be working

If I sound strange, then check yourself, I'm sure there are things you do that one can deem out of place.

Oh, and after reading Ian Fleming's 'Casino Royale' and seeing the other interpolations of the book over the years I decided to treat myself to the newer version (number 3, I believe) of the introductory Bond story. I enjoyed it. True to the Bond character in every manner. All that other stuff was embellished by the Bond actors and it really had me going seeing as I've been fond of the series since I was a kid, but to see Ian's Bond makes me hate all the other movies because the character over the years was so far removed from what the author intended for purposes of selling tickets. As a writer, that sucks. So I reread the book a while ago and then went to the premier today... Excellent. This should have been done years ago. Daniel Craig even looked like how Mr. Fleming described him in his writings, but we know about how folk change up the look of certain folk to sell more tickets, don't we? Think not? Check out 'The Color Of The Cross', and not to steal anything from my homie Femigog, check out her blogpost on it from a while ago.

Well, that's Friday, day seventeen...


Mr.Slish said...

Thanks for the Mini Movie Review..Taking my mom to see Casino Royal today(Sat)

T. S. Snowden said...

Glad you are opting for an alternative to surgery and glad its working for you as well. My friends went left when I went vegaterian a few years ago but it was the best thing I ever did for my health and well being! Good on you for being proactive about health and lifestyle.

Thanks for checking me out too and giving a sistah a plug (no pun intended). If ya get the chance check out the second installment of my novella (and offer any feedback pro or con). Thanks again for reading.....

Anonymous said...

Another great post. It's interesting to see your rationale for being a vegetarian. Question - in all your different learning sources do you think that you use a little bit of everything you've picked up or do you lean more towards islam, or christianity?

aquababie said...

you have to make the right choices for you. keep you the good work :)

DivineLavender said...

And a simple man
-I will take your word for it.