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Sunday, November 12, 2006

30 Days... 30 Posts: Day Twelve

I posted this one on purpose, very late. Read on and you'll know why.

I got to my block quicker than I expected, unwilling to park in my space in the back. I pretty much left the car a little crooked in front of the complex. She had no clue that I got there so fast, me still hearing her squeals of pleasure, and her knowing that I was at my highest point of horny.

I stayed on the phone, quietly closing the car door and climbed the stairs. I did my best James Bond and got into my apartment with the utmost of quiet, wanting badly to witness her in my bed pleasuring herself as I hid away somewhere behind a door or something. I raced down the hall as quiet as I could to the bedroom so I could get a peek in when I realized...

She wasn't in my bed.

At this point, I raced back in the other direction to the living room perplexed because I didn't see her there either. Walking through the living room and dining area I spotted her and I immediately grew angry. She was leaning with both elbows on the kitchen counter wearing a t-shirt and one of my workshirts covering her, sleeves rolled up. As I hung up the phone, she glanced up and saw me standing there, he face giving me a guiltily perplexed look.

"I didn't hear you come in"

"I see that you're not ready for me"

"I thought you were still in traffic"

"I thought you were getting it wet for me"

I walked past her and went to the refrigerator looking for something to clear the dry from my throat. I grabbed a bottle of water and turned it up and then I turned around to focus my angry attention at her. I really wanted to read her the riot act until I saw that...

She was bare from the waist down with my favorite 'fuck me' pumps on.

I lunged at her and grabbed the shirt, intent on smothering her with a kiss but she turned away. I tried to get to her neck, I could smell her now and it made my nose flare and my hard on snap back at attention. At that point I wanted to strip, pick her up and thrust wildly inside with her on the counter, but she pushed me away with enough force to slam me into the fridge.

"No. You can't have me like this. I want you the way I want to have you, remember?"

She grabbed me and turned my back towards the counter.

"Sit down right there and don't move"

She unbuttons and removes it my shirt, my bare top half matching her bare bottom. She then pushes me onto this little stepstool we use for getting to the high cabinets. It must've stood about 2 feet off the floor. I sit there, my back against the floor cabinets looking up at her, a little confused, but very turned on. I reached for my zipper, wanting her to mount me.

"Un uh mister, keep your hands down and away from there. You can't touch me or it unless I say so."

Now I'm angry because she's right there and I'm not allowed to touch.

"What kind of shit is this..."

"Who told you to speak? You know what... I know how to shut you the hell up."

She straddles herself onto me, her legs outside of mine as I sit on the stool. She shoves me to make sure my back is up against the cabinets. Her hands reach for my chin and her hips thrust forward to where her pearl touches my nose. She exposes herself with her left hand and then she strokes herself with her right. She then grabs the back of my head and buries my face into her.

"Grab my ass and don't let go"

I follow her command. She once again leans on the counter, knees bent and both elbows down. She winds at the hips rhythmically thrusting her mound towards my face, then taking it away. I try my best to keep up with her rhythm using my tongue and lips. As I lick, suck and flick, her flavor and aroma sends a most urgent message for me to move my hips and of course, I'm as hard as a frozen neckbone. I want to be inside of her, but tasting her at this moment is a damn good alternative, and she is getting off. Her thrusts get stronger and faster, her breathing is harder and without using my hands as a guide, I find her sweet spot and isolate it with my lips, sucking firmly and flicking wildly with my tongue. After what seemed like a lost moment in time, her thighs tighten around my face and she pulls back...

"I want you to see, remember" she gasps.

And then it happened.

I am inches from her when she grabs the sides of my head and contracts every muscle. Upon her release and a loud passionate cry, I witness her squirt a very gentle, tiny but firm stream unto my neck and chest. She damn near collapses onto me, but catches herself, unstraddles me and turns to walk out of the kitchen towards the bedroom.

"Leave that mess and get back here so you can come inside of me."

As I stood up a head rush came on, but I stumbled my wet, sex drunk ass back into the bedroom, where I gained control, scolding her for her naughtily new deed in the kitchen. The kitchen indeed got cleaned the next morning, and my suit went to the cleaners. I ended up taking an earlier schedule so I could get into traffic early and get home quicker so we could make more moments on the breakfast nook, getting a little breakfast nookie in the late afternoon.

That ain't brunch, is it?

2006 Hassan Nrimbanjayo


Anonymous said...

a frozen neckbone, huh?

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that it took me entirely too long to read this. I had to keep stopping and taking a cold drink of water.

Helluva writing style.

NegroPino™ said...

u LIKE getting whipped? what about tied up?

Gallis said...

I think you just cured my arthritis.

SomeOne said...

ummmmmmmmmmmm is this fact or fiction...either way nicely told

The Brown Blogger said...

Yes, a frozen neckbone. You know you've seen one in the freezer and wondered: "Can I have one this hard and this firm please lord?" and damn near bought it because you liked the curvature, thickness, shape and length. I must be on some other ish today...

Thank you? I mean, I don't know what to say. I'm glad you liked it, I hope you like all the other non-sexual ones and go back to re-read those

Um, we gotta talk...

Well laugh out loud and praise him, she is HEALED!!! I heard actually stroking the kitty helps keeps fingers and joints around the hand libricated and loose due to the actual stroking motion made with the hands and wrist. This was more of a public service announcement from the supporters of the Republican party, reminding you that sex is a very healthy thing. Especially if you're an elected official.

I was challenged to post on my blog every day in the month of November. I was also challenged to work on my fiction writing skills, seeing as I never wrote it. I must admit that it's a hard (as in a frozen neckbome - credit Sgt John H Clark, US Army with that phrase. Heard it while overseas during one of his many jokes) thing to do. That story actually happened in real life, so it is not fiction. I did add another situation in there to tie it into an interesting story, but the other shorts I've done this month are indeed fiction. I added a few friends' names for little shout outs though.

Aly Cat 121 said...

yes and all that wonderful sexy passion changes when you hear "mommy, daddy, what'chu doing?" And babies tell you to "stop huggin" LOL

The Brown Blogger said...


Is this why I'm fatherless and still single?

aquababie said...

you so nasty...and i love it! LOL i love this story. i swear you must have been peeking through my window...

The Brown Blogger said...

I wanna peek now...

Rose said...

I'm fanning myself and walking through the house looking for my husband. This is one for the books>>>hard as a frozen neckbone.

Anonymous said...

(((Clinching my clam muscules))))

That was, um...very descriptive. I don't think I'll need to watch a porno tonight. THANK YOU.

Hassan doing a sex post? It has definitely been a while.

Anonymous said...

I can't even spell right, you got me so worked up!!!

Sorry, couldn't resist.

The Brown Blogger said...

I hope you find him...

Yes, it's been a minute...

I'm glad I can help...

You are a nut.

DivineLavender said...