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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

30 Days... 30 Posts: Day Twenty Eight And A Half...

Peace, blessings, all that good stuff. I took a few days off from the blogging thing out of frustration. You see, I don't get down with the American holiday thing, and so many of y'all do, So I have to distance myself from that shit because I think it's .... Shit. Also, last year on sThanksgiving day or whatever you call it, I wanted so badly to end my life and I tried, but I am a punk. Well, I bitched out because my desire to live outweighed being in effed up situations, so as much as I like to be alone, I really wanted to be alone for sure because I knew I was going to get the happy-ass residual sThanksgiving boolshit from someone, and of course I did. Best to just leave me alone before I start on John Hawkins and end on so-called African Americans hoodwinked to go along with a Euro tradition and are still considered three fifths of a human being...
I digress.
So when I kept coming to blogger in it's new and improved Beta form, I thought that posting would be easier. All I wanted to do was post some very nice shots I took of a concert I enjoyed. Maybe some joy could be had by others by sharing the magic of flash photography.
That shit just didn't work out last week.
So I just got frustrated and stopped trying. Until today. I heard from a few and agree with you all. I cannot boycott my own ish, and I owe y'all a couple of days seeing as I logged in and did nothing Sunday and Monday, violating my own 30 Days/30 Posts thing. So I will give you 30. Shit, that's almost like having a multiple orgasm, and speaking of such, I tried this weekend, I really did, but some things just don't go as planned.
stimulate the pictures, click on them for greater detail and to make them bigger!
What began as an empty, cold evening a week ago became a hot night in the name of hip hop. Long time lyrical legend Big Daddy Kane was in Chicago, and although I've been to a few Kane concerts, I know Chicago isn't generous or forgiving to artists not on the mainstream map
The stage was set for Kane to amaze and dazzle us damn near a decade removed from releasing any new material in album format. Does he still have it? Will we be bored by old cliches?

Backed by Connie Price and the Keystones, Kane started what turned out to be a tight set of hits. And then... he stopped the music and gave us a freestyle.

Still got it.

Had the crowd wrapped around his finger... And the ladies. Hell, I was a young man when he debuted damn near 20 years ago... Some of them don't even know he had the mojo to pose nude to rave reviews friggin 15 years ago. The ladies were in awe. This brother had energy

And the crowd gave back

Best shot of the night

Lots of old heads in the house... We represented well.

He made it personal, chucked the glasses and jacked and threw the final 15 minutes of the set into overdrive
Thanked us when we should have thanked him

Graciously signed some stuff for a few folks and exited the building.
I didn't want to leave.


princessdominique said...

Awwww man. That dude Hassan is back. We missed you! Great photos too. Makes me feel like I was there--almost! It was definitely worth the wait. Thank you for thinking of us people when you were there enjoying yourself.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Big Daddy Kane is still smooth as all get out! I wish I was there.

aquababie said...

i am jealous! i love the pics.

Luke Cage said...

It's always great to know that the old school cats can still put their shit down. Great looking out on us who couldn't be there man. He probably didn't rock it, but Another Victory is one of my favorite Big Daddy Kane cuts. Peace lion!

Brotha Buck said...

Looks like a great concert. I haven't even tried upgrading to the new Blogger, yet. The old one is fine.

LadyLee said...

Dang Hassan!! Wish I coulda been there! That looked like a good concert! Thanks for the pics:)

NegroPino™ said...

i WANNA SEE pics of u :-)

Gallis said...


T. S. Snowden said...

Man! This post was worth the wait! That concert looked like it was out of control and I STILL have my Big Daddy Kane Albums....The pics made me feel like I was there! Great Job and welcome back sir!

Aly Cat 121 said...

Yeah I can feel you on the "holiday" things. It can be a tough time for lots of folks. My Hunny is "Anti" most things celebratory too, so much so that it's a wonder he every chose me to be his wife. LOL. Glad you felt the "postin" spirit again.

Anonymous said...

Glad BDK worked it out for the old heads. A good time was had by all from the looks of it. Oh and should I add that I'm glad you're a punk?

The Brown Blogger said...

Who else would have elbowed that many people in the front row to have proof that Kane could still rock it?