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—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, November 10, 2006

Brother Gerald

July 13 1966 - November 10 2006
Soulful, sensual, powerful baritone teddy bear balladeer of a black man. I emulated you many a day and was on my best romantic behavior many a night with you enhancing the mood and you always did. Whether it was performing with family or friends, your distinctive vocal stylings made the sisters shudder and the brothers wonder exactly where you and your daddy got that singing magic from. You created coultless anthems of love and was the big brother's spokesperson when Luther decided that he wanted to bless the mic in a smaller size. We never faulted you for being as large as you were, your voice and selection of material mesmerizing us each time you completed a recording. You were in effect a larger voice than the rest, we could always depend on you being consistent in cranking out yet another urban hit. I will surely miss just cooling with you, you know it's funny that you leave us so early only being a few years older than I. The private line is still open for your spirit to call us and set us ablaze with unmeasurable soul. I know heaven has just been dubbed the G-spot, a voice of my generation who spoke for the world has come home. I'll miss you G-Bear. Brother you served us with class and soul. Rest.


BK said...

*pourin out a lil for g bear*.. I got a text message, then an email, then a phone call.. I was in disbelief.. definitely a big loss.. but he will never be forgotten..

wonderful way with the words you used to display your love.. nice.. :) your best romantic behavior huh :)

RIP Gerald.

The Brown Blogger said...

I can truly say that Brother Gerald was a cat that added some ambiance to a ton of nights for a lot of fellas when we were doing our thing. I remember singing 'All Seasons' and wercking shop in this little contest overseas back in 1990. I listened to that record so much that I even had his vocal inflections down to a tee.

The Creator just took one of my favorites...

Aly Cat 121 said...

Dayum . . . another one? Okay you must be the one in the family everybody call to get info.

Ms_SoCal said...

He most definately will be missed! Rest.

Anonymous said...

RIP of the finest! Hassan I love the new pic!

Rose said...

This was so sad to hear especially right after Bradley. He had a reputation as being a great young man....

aquababie said...

i thought folk were playing with me until i saw the confirmation on the news. i really can't believe it. he was always one of my favorites. i generally got every one of his cds...including lsg ( i can't stand keith sweat!)

he will truly be missed :(