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—Miguel de Unamuno


Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday - Back on the Block

Wassup fam!

It's Monday, and I got a few things planned. Nothing that special though. I'm getting over to the hospital this morning to put in a few volunteer hours, that's always a fun thing... Making a few calls to Salt Lake City and taking a meeting this afternoon with a prospective (fill in the blank).

I plan on treating myself to a good lunch (something light) and then I'm headed over to a good seafood spot this evening to get some crab legs and watch the Bears do a little damage in St Louis. A little Monday Night Football never hurt anyone, ya know? Especially over beer and crab legs.

Cold and flu season is among us, and I crafted this lil' ditty back in March for a friend. I wanted to make a get well card, and since I have some semblance of talent I wanted to bypass that cheesy Hallmark ish. This is what I came up with:

If you need me to run to the corner sto...
I'll do that and much, much mo.
Drive you 'round from to and fro...
Escort you to where you go.

Serve you things and not take no...
Tuck you in, fluff your pillo.
If soup is hot, then I will blo...
Crush your crackers in your bo.

Cook and clean and wash and fo...
Servitude, that's what I'm fo.
At least for today...

I'm your errand boy.
2006 Hassan Ntimbanjayo

Keep that snot and phlegm moving y'all. And use hand sanitizer please. I dedicate this one to yall... Congested bastids!


NegroPino™ said...

That was funny........SO next stop is Utah huh?

Anonymous said...

That was too cute!

The Brown Blogger said...

Nah, I'm just making calls to SLC. My employer is located there as well as a few friends and work associates. Atlanta is still the final destination on my list, but it might take a minute to get there.

Diva darling:
Thanks... meant to be in every aspect. What better words to read when one is all stuffy and thangs?

T. S. Snowden said... ya have to be sick to get one of them errand boys?

Gallis said...
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Gallis said...

Very cute. Oy my sinus infection. You can't tell me nuthin' bout phlegm I don't already know.

Ming Houser, Realtor said...

I feel just like the man in the game. Every time I try to pull this cold out of my chest, I get zapped with a cough!!!!

Bliss said...

Grace and Peace

I was an un-invited guest. I came into your space a snopped around, hope you don't mind. I was blessed.



prioritybooks said...

That's nice and so is the fact that you volunteer at the hospital.

Aly Cat 121 said...

Dayum, all I wanna know is were them crab legs good? Yummmm! LOL

The Brown Blogger said...

Damn skippy.

Sister Toldja said...

Oooh. Crab legs and Da Bears? I am sho' jealous.