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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

doo the Humpty Hump, doo the Humpty Hump


It's the middle of the week and I'm bored out of my mind. I signed on to roll out with a new transport company which means this little dance I do at my current, but short lived gig is just that. A dance. More like me getting 30 seconds on Soul Train as I boogie oogie oogie on down the line hamming it up doing that shoulder thing, thus maximizing my camera time. Trying to get thru the day knowing that I won't be there in a few short weeks makes a brother want to hit that snooze button.

Okay, wait. I have no snooze button.

I'm one of those cats that just gets up and it happens to be the right time to do so. Some nights I'm on the phone until... It's time to get up. Other times I'm watching this extensive collection of DVDs I've collected the last time I was roaming the US via its interstate system. I'm loving my Nigerian titles. African novellas are the ish!

How does one stay focused on working for the man when in mere days they'll be working for themselves? The new gig with the transportation people is a independent contractor job. I visualized, made my actions positive towards it and claimed it with my spirit, then I made a phone call... Oh snap, in March I start paying myself. It's just like what the big O said... Write your own checks, son! Pay yourself, kid!

Wait, that was Funkmaster Flex.

I'm slippin.

Hey, guess what? It's not hard anymore to just turn off the TV and get an hour or two of writing in for the book. It ain't hard (now that I have some new help) to put that chorus in my head onto an unfinished track. Lot's of emailing though fer sure, but I seem to have the concept down with this new cat that's beatmaking for me. He's downstate and we barely talk to each other offline. I tell him something, leave it on his voicemail or he'll email me a track and I find something stupid to jot down and we go from there. I wonder why that ish didn't work in the past.

I'm looking to get into a condo here in the Chicago area that I can sublet on short notice. Thank the lord for craigs.list (to find folks to sublet to) and thank the lord for redevelopment in my old neighborhood. Two bedrooms and a possible two baths wrapped up somewhere around 2500 square feet is a reality for my stank ass. It took all of this time, a few break-ups and me wandering away from Chicago to have finally found some semblance of home (upon lender preapproval).

I wanna teach, so there are classes that I gotta take right here in the Chi, so I can't leave just yet. There are also so many ends (I had to take away the loose moniker) that need tying here that I might as well base myself out of here. Plus that opportunity with the transport folks allows me to be here often (weekends) and have control of my schedule. And the pay is tight too. I just hope I don't get distracted away from what I gotta do now that I was able to put the clamps down on the job situation. A single man with no kids and his nights and weekends free with some loose change in his pocket can cause a lot of trouble.

I just wanna finish my book.
And take these classes that I can finally afford.
And get this CD on dem skreets.

Now, I gotta focus and get back to getting up early enough to get to work. For now. I totally blew Monday off and called in and was late both Tuesday and today. On purpose. I need two more paychecks from their asses, so I better hem it up.

Like a 0ne inch cuff on a pleated pant leg.

"Ain't nothing like a fresh pair of baggies"
- Morris Day


deepnthought said...

look like things are working out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hassan,
Just thought I'd leave you a note to let you know I like your blog. I found you through Sista Toldja. Keep up the good work and check my blog out when you get a chance.

"Ain't nothing like a fresh pair of baggies."


Anonymous said...

Indeed man....indeed

Gallis said...

Impressive my young Jedi, most impressive...

Anonymous said...

Daggone ... when you do it you REALLY do it.

Liz Dwyer said...

A man with a plan... good for you to be putting your dreams in action. You want to be a teacher? As in, public school teacher?

Ms_SoCal said...

U can't sit still if you wanted to!

However ... you go get 'em, put a hurtin' on 'em, and have fun doing it!

unsaid said...

niiiiiiiiice! i loved what you had to say about visualizing and claiming it! i just loved the tone of this whole post...definitely something to reference to stay inspired. i'm doing my own music thing now too so i feel you on staying motivated AND especially on keeping your mind on your own dreams and not on the job. I get sidetracked by my job ALL the time. It's always good to hear that someone is going through the same thing. You got a lot going for you right now though!

NegroPino™ said...

Im still waiting on my pic

DivineLavender said...

A teacher.....foreseeable.

Where? CPS?

Rose said...

Sounds like you got a plan...I can see you in class..for real..teaching that is..

The Brown Blogger said...

No, I don't plan on teaching in schools or anything like that.

I prefer to work with adults.

Nuff said

Anonymous said...

Its looking up. The hard work is paying off. Keep on moving up brah.

Gallis said...

Dude, where you at?

Foofa said...

A condo sounds so nice. I want one. Won't happen for some years. The Humpty Dance is my all time karaoke hit. I tear that up! I have taught some GED classes it's fun although they weren't quite adults. I am looking forward to getting off my butt and taking some calsses so I can take on CPS though.

unsaid said...

does anyone just yell "Hassan CHOP!" at you all the time? Do you know where that comes from? I want to yell "Hassan Chop!" at you lol.

I hope you get that lol.

Anonymous said...


visualization is the key to life. we create our own masterpieces. congratulations on grabbing your destiny by the horns.

enjoy every moment of your life, single black man with no kids (lol).