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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Do You Understand The Words Coming Out Of My Mouth?

I've noticed that my kinfolk are getting caught up in the age thing now more than ever. Even if one's issue has to do with something totally off the charts, it seems that age and position in life has a lot to do with it. Reason I bring that up is because it seems that for the most part we're all blogging, most of us are hitting the reply button as well but after all that reading and typing there still seems to be a bit of distance between us and no lesson learned at the end of the day.

I understand that we all wanna use this forum to vent our frustrations, share the new news and explain to the listening universe why we have the need to make it do what it do and not pay a therapist in doing so. In the years that this blogging thing has been moving for some, why haven't we moved a bit in making right what we vent about?

We need a blog order.

A couple of years ago there was a blogger that I had plenty of interest in. The sister used a portion of Nikki Giovanni's quote in the title of her blog. The entire quote is this:

"If you don't understand yourself you don't understand anybody else."

Can you smell me this morning? Do you underdig? Is you hyperblelating with me in your bowl of cheerios and/or bacon sammitch with cheese? I hope so. There is an order in all things. There is a reason we blurb our business to the world and there is a reason we scrape the underbelly of the galaxy to find folks much like ourselves and a reason we subscribe to the rss feed.

We want to understand ourselves.

I admit that it took a moment for me to get my ass in order with the universe. I am not perfect and I still don't have a smidgen of my shit together but I can testify to one thing: I am aware of my situation and all of my actions are geared towards making right what I can with the time I got. Stick with me as I lay this down, please.

There are certain bloggers on my blogroll that break down to me what it will be like to have grand master status. There are others that are my peers and we move in the same direction, we just do different ish. There are a handful that are much younger, but I admire how they do what they do because in some phrases and statements I can already see the greatness in who they are. There are a few sisters that need explanation where there are others that have all the answers but cannot see it as it laid right in front of them. There are daddies and husbands that lay the laws down even if they don't know they're writing new legislature. There is a family that blogs that totally gets it and it is amazing that more folk don't stop by and see what a strong, black family can be. There are rebels and revolutionaries, sisters doing it for themselves...

I respect the order of things by reading and understanding but I also notice that some of us stop by and see a lesson plan in action thru words and never apply the knowledge given. Based on their own blogposts as time goes by for some, there seems to be no lesson learned. We can no longer ignore life's lessons thru this medium. We all blog for a reason, we can no longer as a community and blogfam continue to ignore each other while typing at the same time. How much longer can we all be in the same room speaking with no one taking notes? How much longer can we not tell our co-workers, spouses, family and friends about some the phenomenal lessons we see on our screens in cubicle city? We read each other every day, some of this must stick and be applied for our own sake.

In saying this, I suggest that we have a blog order. Like a few bloggers have done, we must categorize and show respect for those that have old school status, acknowledge peers and lead the young ones out of the forest. We need to come together and have blogger think tanks, gatherings (like a few of my east coast homies) and blog mentors. This is not entertainment and it should be respected as such. What we have is a community, and I do know that we are all not geographically close, we still need to come together and learn from each other. Otherwise all that typing we do will go for nothing.

Y'all my cousins anyway. Can we get some virtual love and then gather together any way we can so we can understand each other? Then maybe we can understand ourselves.

You know what I'm asking. I'm also questioning if this can be done. If it can't, then we're all blogging for nothing. Please tell me that ain't true.


feels good b n FREE said...

i lost my fervor for blogging...i hope it comes back
you seem to still have it....
wow, you're an OG of blogging huh??
do that!

Sister Toldja said...

This sounds great! Who is the blogging family, by the way?

And thank you very, very much for the link yesterday. I truly appreciate it.This sounds great! Who is the blogging family, by the way?

And thank you very, very much for the link yesterday. I truly appreciate it.

deepnthought said...


Bballmom said...

you got me thinking early this morning.
Great Post.

aquababie said...

you know this is why i come here don't you?? i swear everytime i see posts like this they get me fired up. i gotta keep my fire going!

Tasha said...

Great Post. We not only need a blogging order, but we need a life order. It seems that we've lost that order in our outside lives as well.

Gallis said...

Name the time. Name the place.

And if I got the cash, Bob's your uncle!

DivineLavender said...

now what?

Aly Cat 121 said...

okay I'm IN cyber world but my azz don't speak code. Well some, maybe "some" but not cyber code. What is a "blog order"? Sometimes sh*t got to be made plain to me, cuz I let the thinkers do the thinkin, while I tend to the details. Ya dig? LOL (I'm soooo old)

NeenaLove said...

lets do a chat NIGHT... we all come together with different needs in our lives and we all VISUALIZE what the world should be.


i'm sooo down!!


Anonymous said...

I've been lurking on your blog for a while and I thought I'd take this opportunity to step into the spotlight for a sec just to say, I'm down.

So let's make it happen.

Anonymous said...

I would love to meet some more bloggers. I have only met one. I dont count Cnel because we were friends before blogging. But I guess we do need to take notice. I do see us repeateing the same mistakes even though we read each others blogs. We can be a lil blinded at times.

Luke Cage said...

Brotha Hassan, as always a pleasure to come here. When I began blogging over 4 1/2 years ago and across 3 blogs, I actually
mentally prepared myself for the possibility that I would, at first, feel like a completely awkward newbie in this unfamiliar virtual world.

I merely wanted to connect and converse and at best hope to make a new online buddy or 2.

I told myself, don’t be afraid to be a newbie. Embrace it graciously and with humor. Ask for help when I try to create things like cool templates or how to post comments and links or whatever.

And whatever I do, don’t be surprised or dismayed if people ignore you or make fun of you because you’re a newbie, which has happened from time to time. I never let it get me down though.

I tried to find people like me – professionals, spouses, folks who are into the support of their race and the upliftment of it. Some were listed in the directory, but I couldn’t find them. When I teleported to their location, a few other people were there, looking around, appearing disoriented like me, asking questions like, “What can I do here?”

I went all over the blogosphere hitting as many places as I could, hoping I might meet some writers, artists, creators, but that building too was mostly deserted.

But before long, in many of the places I visited, I chatted with people, those who were nice enough to talk for a bit with an obvious newbie.

I also met people who design, construct, and manage their own environment and it was great and it was off and popping. I've always wondered though, are people the same way in real life as they are in the virtual one?

I've met a few folks off line. They happen to be the real deal, but I'm always looking for more. And I understand the need for anonymity, but I've never been good closeting myself up and merely being a name and a virtual presence. I wanted people to connect with me the way I sought to connect with them.

The blogosphere is a fascinating, cutting edge virtual world with lots of features, places,
activities, people, and subcultures to explore. I tend to refer to this blogosphere as the fam.

And I love people who have something to say as opposed to simply just ranting to be ranting. I need stimulation and growth. And
coming here, to this spot brotha, you lay incredible food for thought not to mention
inspire great ideas.

I'm feeling this. As one emo-looking avatar said to me, "It’s addicting." Great blogs are lacking, but this isn't one of the blogs that are short in substance. You know how to bring it when ya do.

Now, you know how long-winded my ass can get man. I'll apologize for blogging in your comments spot, but not for saying what's on my mind. Keep doing ya thing man. We brothas NEED to stick together and the only way to do that is
for one to reach out to the other. What we do from there, is ultimately up to us. EZ

NegroPino™ said...

SO u think im GREAT!!!!!?????

Rose said...

Progressive.. As Bow Jackson said- Just do it! (LOL) I think that would be a good idea. For those who can't travel- may a conference call be involved?