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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Post 351 - A Holding Pattern?

This is the last time I'll post while here in Houston. By the time the weekend gets here I'll be in Chicago. I was supposed to take a position with a Dallas based company but things didn't feel right and after a few phone calls and a talk with a safety manager, things were indeed wrong.

So I'm head back to the Chi.

I really didn't like Houston.

I'm not complaining, and there are so many wonderful things about Houston like my roommates and friends made here. They made me feel comfortable and accommodated me to the point where my gratitude doesn't measure as to who they are and what they did.

For letting me be me all up in yours... I thank you.

I did base my decision to come to Houston using logic and not emotion and that might have rubbed some the wrong way so me leaving serves multiple purposes and everybody ends up happy in the long run.

Being here didn't do it for me, plain and simple. I'm not blaming locale or people for me not feeling life on the outskirts of the bayou, but... I'm a city guy. I'm a sports fan. I'm a bar hopper. I'm a 24 hour diner... Diner. Not that I miss Chicago that much but I miss the big city. Atlanta, DC, NYC or even LA for that matter would probably do it for this 3am pancake eating, sportscenter watching wi-fi jacking insomniac but I'd prefer to go to where my father is and at least open a door to my mother and do all of those things that make me happy.

Like create stuff.

And sit in Al's basement recording the never ending rap album.

And politic with Ryan O about the spirituality of Hip Hop.

And convince my dad to NOT dig a hole in the back yard and roast a suckling pig.

And ride the train. Anywhere.

And hit the lakefront in the evening and just chill.

There's other stuff, but I think after a couple of weeks of doing Chicago stuff I'll be ready to hit the road and use the highways and byways to inspire me to continue to create.

You see, even though I have a love/hate relationship with Chicago there is something there that still sparks my passion. I have connected with my dad and I feel the need to be closer physically to him because I want to show him my finished literary work because he told me a long time ago to write because it helps express what can't be spoken. I want to prove to him that I have the talent he bragged about over many o' beer with his brothers and compadres.

This place is currently the center of the Hip Hop universe, even though most artist out of the Chi are cutthroat and are the snippiest crabs in a barrel. Kanye, Common, Lupe, Brat, Do Or Die, Rhymefest and others all had to go away from the Chi in order to make it, but the hungry emcee, DJ, graf cat and breaker still use the streets to hone their skills.

I'm going back home y'all... I gotta make it happen.

More to come in a moment... After I get settled.

And it don't stop


aquababie said...

basically you have to be where your mind, body and soul feels fed. if that's chicago, that's where you need to be.

DivineLavender said...

Heading back, I see.

I did that and never looked back.

Really, pull it together somewhere somehow...this nomad sort of thing has to be taxing all the way around. We all need space and time to figure out the next move...but you seem to move around a lot. Maybe that is just my observation. I wonder if I am right.

I have been wrong, but that was me filling in the wrong oval on the Scanron wasn't my fault.


Muze said...

glad you're getting back to a place of inspiration.

"he told me a long time ago to write because it helps express what can't be spoken."

...i love this. words of a good father.

and thanks for the linkage! i've never been so 'damm' fly before. lol.

Anonymous said...

did someone say "suckling pig"?

I think there is something in Chicago that keeps calling you calling you calling you ... listen to the voice.

Safe travels, my friend.

Gallis said...

Well being a Torontonian, may I just say that I hope the compensations of returning will make up for a lakeside winter. LOL!

But seriously, I'm close by, hour's flight away. You need backing vocals, get in touch!

I'm glad you're doing this. You need to do this.

ChezNiki said...

Home is Home.

I moved to Boston from the Bronx based on economics and family drama, always thinking I could move back when I got ready. Almost ten years later...

Still homesick everyday. Before my eyes open all the way in the morning, I hear the EMS sirens and I think Im back home... but I wake up and its actually Boston EMS (I live near a hospital). Economics and Family Drama still in full effect, so I stay.

Go now while you can. Best of luck on your move!

princessdominique said...

Do what's best for you. You know I'm here. Smooth travel.

Anonymous said...

I have a love-hate relationship with Baltimore. I grew up here and it bores me but whenever I go somewhere else I always miss it.