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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Not Black Enough

I've never been this busy before.

I'm chugging along the highways and byways of America safely, enjoying the warmer weather. When you operate a rig like I do, you want to consume fuel in smaller amounts meaning more straight aways, less torque when climbing hills, and you don't want to idle your engine if you don't have to. I spend around $1300 a week for diesel and I'm getting about 7 miles to the gallon. That's pretty good, trust me.

A couple of days ago, I had to blow up and redo my current reception ceremony configuration because it started to get away from me. I refuse to sit and watch our ceremony become someone else's creation and not even be included in the organizational process. I don't know what it is about folks wanting to dictate to you what you want, it just ain't happening around here. My other half and I have a vision already agreed upon on what the reception should be and that's what we're having, nuff said.

Senator Barack Obama probably will win the Democratic nomination for president. He's done everything to convince a racially divided America to look beyond race and see him as not just a candidate but a competent one. Sad thing is, he might lose in the general election to whomever the Republican candidate will be because some of his own folk are hating on him.

It ain't white folks that have scrutinized Senator Obama to death, it has been black folk. I think most of you know that the Senator reps my district in DC (yes, I help put him in the senate with my vote and physical support here in the Chi). We attend the same church (well, when there's no cover) and stomp the same ground when it's time to eat, drink and be seen. I don't know him personally, but other than the time I spent in Texas and certain times from 2005 to now when I was on the road, I have first hand knowledge of his work. This cat has his hood pass and has put his ass on the line for the good folk here and got a ton of things done on the city, state and national levels. For us. All I ask it that you look at his service record from the time he was at the law firm to the times we put him in office at the state, then federal level.

Although I haven't made up my mind on who I'll cast my vote for in the general election (hint) I never gave thought to the stuff I'm hearing out of the hood that Barack Obama ain't black enough. It ain't that hard finding folks from Chicago that have benefited from bills, laws and programs established, passed and created by the Obama camp. What angers me is that a lot of folks haven't even tried to do the simplest in research but have an opinion on his qualifications.

I might not even vote for the cat but at least I got his stats. And if I didn't live here I would have at least hollered at family, frat, associates, looked at his MySpage joint, accessed his official Senate page, watched a few You Tube joints. Put his name in or the Washington Post archives or some newspaper(s) to at least see if there were articles and editorial written on him. I would have listened to Warren Ballentine, Al Sharpton, Michael Basden, Steve Harvey, Tom Joyner, Wendy Williams or someone to see if he came on their respective shows and gave info, lip service or whatever, but that's just me. I like to know who candidates are that'll rep for me to the rest of the world. It is my life and I live here, might as well get to know who the keyholders might be.

To write this cat off and say he ain't black enough is straight ignorant. Scuse' my French, but who the eff are YOU to determine who is anyway? Funny, but I even hear cats talking bout him winning the whole thing just to get shot because America has it planned that way. I guess whether you like him or not, voting for him or others Barack Hussein Obama will never be black enough for you. Like you counted all of the white folk in your lineage and found none, or your service record of acts performed for people he ain't blood related to is better than his.

Remember something. We only make up 11 or 12 percent of this populous and no one is running for the presidency of Black America. JFK was younger than Barack with less experience. G.W. Bush had less experience than that. Clinton never dibbled in foreign policy, but Barack is the current mediator to end Kenyan violence (his daddy IS from there). So I guess what I'm asking is who is black enough?

America ain't voting for some Newport smoking dude with a wave cap and a few baby mommas. They ain't voting for Nat X either. Here is a responsible family man, educated and versed in grass roots politics that wants a shot at running this country.

Bunches of white folks have selected him to lead them out of the rut started by other white folks. And there are viable white candidates out there. What make you so damn special that you can't even give this dude consideration because you don't know? It'll be sad to see him get the nomination and lose because black folk hated on him. I wonder when another cat like this will come around. It ain't like we had one like this before. Even Jesse and Rev Al will tell you that.

You don't have to vote for him, but at least find out if ANYONE is worth your vote.

1 866 my vote 1 - some of us don't have much time to register.

Register for the primaries under whatever party you want and then RE-REGISTER as an independent for the general election. Make these cats work harder to get your vote. If you stay with the party for the general election, the candidate will not campaign to you, he or she is already depending on your vote. But if you're independent... Someone has to swing you over, which means more info to help you make an informed decision.

Damn, I'm long winded...


Aly Cat 121 said...

I have a sneaking suspicion it wasn't black folks who started that rumor. But then I'm suspicious of alot of sh*t, that's just how I roll.

aquababie said...

i think now scared black folk might vote for him because the "good white folk" are doing it. i think obama is the truth. i plan on doing what i can to make it happen.

and weddings make folk crazy. my first one could have been nuts. i kept it exactly like i wanted. but i almost kicked a bridesmaid's butt though. it was my ex-husband's cousin. that child was ego-tripping!

The Brown Blogger said...

Aly -

I don't know, from the hate I hear on radio talk shows and read on the internet I'm thinking that we started that one.

Aqua -

I just hope registered voters actually do their homework in this current electorate.

As for the reception, I already got what I wanted, my bride. I'm trying to be honorable by bringing both families together over a good meal and a stiff drink. Anything else other than that gets the plug pulled...

Darius T. Williams said...

baracky has done a lot for us in chicago. I don't know though...I think our hometown boy can continue to sweep the caucas life and do rather well in the general election. people really want a change and theres something about the boy that eminates such a change. now...we also need to start hearing more about his plans with iraq and china...before we know it we will all be frying rice and practicing buddihism if our leadership doesn't step up and become more independent of other countries. so yea, while we want out hometown hood boy to win, we also wanna know where lies our future.

brran1 said...

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that when someone is stepping up to the plate for something MAJOR, there is always the choir of un-knowledgeable folk (regardless of race) ready to tear said person down if they are perceived to have sneezed the wrong way. And its an expected insult to question "if someone is black enough or not" when they start soaring to new heights. When will people just give the BS a rest and start going on cold hard facts? smh

Gallis said...

As a Canadian all I can say is that this is probably one of America's most important elections ever. As for people tearing Obama down, twas ever thus.

I saw Henry Rollin's latest joint on DVD the other night. He talked about being in Israel and got on to talking about Jesus. He compared the guy who stabs him on the cross as "the 65%". In other words, if you're trying to take your life to a higher level, if you're going for 100% like Jesus, there'll always be some mother at 65% stabbing you, trying to bring you down.

I like Obama. Smart, striving to find answers and building bridges. That's all colour blind. How sadly ironic that those who have suffered at the hands of others then perpetrate the same crime. That twas ever thus too.

Bananas said...

From where I sit I think the one thing that this election has done is hacked away at the polarization of America. We have a Woman, a guy who sees UFO's, a Minister, a Mormon, a straight up Businessman, a War Hero, an Ultra-Pro Union Cat, A guy who dresses in Women's clothes, and an African-American.

If one of them was guy, we would have a great cross-section of America.

The positive is folks are starting to look past all of that and are asking the question, "Whose right for the job." That's a real step forward. Of course folks are still going to vote for gender, race, social status, moral fiber, all that shit - but for the most part, looks like folks are finally getting it, and are looking at each Candidate's stance on the issues.

I think you're right Hassan and that Senator Obama is taking it on the chin from the African-American community. I think I can speak for the white folks, (since I play one on T.V.) and say Sen. Obama's race has little to do with how most of "us" see him. He speaks well and he speaks of change. That's a powerful message now days and folks are drawn to it. No matter what race you are.

7 miles to the gallon? Dude, that's impressive. We don't have one Driver that comes close to that.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

1st off...congrats to you and your queen. I wish you two the best & may the Almighty always bless your union...

I gotta speak on the Obama thing. I'm not surprised at the backlash he's receiving (read the Willie Lynch letter again). And for those who wanna get all technical, he's HALF Black. His father wasn't even born here & he was barely born here (Hawaii became a state 2 years before he was born). I wonder how his momma's side feel when they refer to him as African-American...African American...I'm still not used to that term..does that mean all of the other candidates should be called European Americans? Well, except Bill Richardson. He'd be a North American American, right?

Anyway, I'm riding out with Obama. Not because he's half Black or whateva. To me, he's the only front-runner that wasn't manufactured by the same machine that gave us that guy who's in the White House now (like most of the other candidates) I'm really feelin the grass roots approach with his campaign & I also like the fact that he's getting young folks interested in the whole political process. I know it's flawed, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't participate in it. Hell, if you're that compassionate about it, help do something to fix it!! Both of my parents grew up in the South & after listening to their stories, I make it my business to be a part of the process. I cringe when I hear Black folks talk about people like Malcolm being their heroes & then proudly proclaim they don't vote. Please go back & listen to the "Black Nationalist" & "Ballot or the Bullet" speeches.

I'm also drawn to Obama because he seems like the accountable type. This is the fastest way to earn my respect (and vote) if you're a politician or sports figure. (Yo, Barry & Mark! Wanna make sure you get in the Hall? Tell the friggin truth & stop givin half-ass answers!!!)

Didn't mean to take up so much space bruh...if you and the Mrs. decide to pitch a wang dang doodle this year, my voucher for free DJ services for all of my bridesmaids & groomsmen is still valid.

TrinaBeingTrina said...

Dam, you was a little long winded on that one. Hahaha...But anyway you are so right that you can not make a decision without being informed! That is some real talk. So if nothing else people need to do their research.

Anonymous said...

Thats are problem. Too many Black folk are not proactive in the election process.

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Damn bruh! Thank you for saying it for me. That is one less post I have to do from my back log. I swear some days I think you are me.

What kinda thing is it to say he ain't black ENOUGH? Some folk just can't be happy with the fact that he is an intelligent black man with ideas and goals and enough stones to not only run but compete strongly for the POTUS!

When did this reverse paper bag test shit become an issue. I guess my ass ain't black enough either then...

"As for the reception, I already got what I wanted, my bride. I'm trying to be honorable by bringing both families together over a good meal and a stiff drink. Anything else other than that gets the plug pulled..." That is what the hell I am talking about man! That right there!!! Just what I would seek to do myself. Cut the BS and do what matters for real.