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—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday and Photosynthesis

I mean, really...

I'm not even in the mood to blog anymore. Not that I feel like I'm running out of things to say or wax poetically about, I'm just content in the place that I am right now. Blame my wife for that.

After getting to Chicago and settling in at the compound I knew I was home. I knew that my futurebabymomma was going to be all fertilized up with my seed and bare the Ntimbanjayo linage. I had a feeling that family ties would bind just a little tighter, and it has.

  • My mother and mother in-law consistently calls everydamnday
  • Conversation with my sis every 90 days or so but talks to my other half all the time
  • My brothers and I... Are brothers
  • My health is optimal
I can count the years since I've been this content with the way things are in my life. It almost feels unreal. I wish everyone can get to this point in life and actually know that it exists. I feel like... Aw, eff it... TIME FOR A POEM!!!


Each breath that I take is triumph over my adversity

Once long ago I stammered and strained to keep my lungs full
and now a happy pain from over strain puts a wince on my face due to over breathing

isn't THAT something?

Every inhale is a minor accomplishment inside of a major movement.

The prime example of the intricacies that is the makeup of my singular existence and the example of how other organisms evolve from simple nothingness happens every time I strain for air

From molecules of moisture that battle and clash with each ounce of oxygen being drawn deep into cavernous flesh captured to fuel movement, feelings and cognitive thought mindlessly racing thru tubes of darkness enriching my bloodstream invoking silly little ditties that pass as thought invoking thought, never does the subtle act of this fraction of a second

or any other

occur in my mind that this process
was created by the highest order enriching the lowest of the low free and equal to everyone and happening at the exact same moments

as mine...

So I let it go. I exhale.

Releasing particles and gaseous fractions of nothingness that bond with itself under the sun self-recycled, traveling at the speed of sound running smack dab into another organism just to fuel its tiny existence

Being absorbed and released
absorbed and released
absorbed and released
changing in its chemical makeup but enriching all that it touches all the same

And I, just a tiny speck of organic being needing just a tiny bit of blanket of this that surrounds and absorbs all that it touches gets just a little more of it in every count of this unequal rhythm we share but never acknowledge

You just breathed my air
I couldn't help but absorb what you expelled...

and you vice versa

I guess that means we're kindred.

I guess that means we function on the same parameters of all things in this omniverse.


I guess that means I'm free.
Just as you are...
And to think, yesterday I could not breathe

And now, as I always have I depend on your participation in the grand scheme of things

Yours depends on my reciprocation as well.

So is my happy the result of our human acts of photosynthesis... Or am I happy that I just get a little air?
written on the fly in this moment...
2008 Hassan Olumoroti Ntimbanjayo - Sho Nuff, Ya Dig?


LadyLee said...

Now THAT was a poem!!! Loved it. And glad you are in a good place, the place you're suppose to be in. That's the thing we're all searching for, right?

Good. for. you.

Anonymous said...

I get blamed for all kinds of stuff round here! And yes....our mothers do call an awful lot.

I'm just happy that I can contribute even a little bit to the happiness you have now.


Darius T. Williams said...

Decent poem - I'd love to hear you perform it.

Bananas said...

Excellent! - So I see how it works, you have to marry a Muse.

The Brown Blogger said...

Damn Straight!!!

deepnthought said...

SAY THAT......

The Addict said...

Been a minute since I've made an appearance. From your post, it seems as though you're well. That's beautiful.

Your poem is for real, for real. Love it.

Glad to know that you and the wife are in a good space and enjoying what life is offering you. Continue.