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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Giving Props Where Props Are Due

I'd like to congratulate the Boston Celtics for winning the NBA Championship last night. I followed a team other than my own for a whole season for the first time in my life and it felt good to see these guys win a ring and cement themselves in history as the biggest of the big three.

I'd also like to congratulate Paul Pierce individually for winning the series MVP. This man spent 10 years on this team and was almost traded to the Lakers last summer when Kobe demanded to be traded to Chicago. Glad neither of them things happened. He also went through losing seasons and when the C's did get to the post season, they got knocked out in the first round. Not to mention getting stabbed 11 times in a Boston club a few years ago by an admitted Celtic fan.

I knew after the acquisition of KG and Jesus Shuttlesworth (who should have won MVP honors, but with The Truth there, I understand) that they would at least get to the Finals. I knew after purchasing this T-Shirt at the Adidas store on the strip in Vegas that they could win it all. That shirt was lucky for me. As I mentioned a few days ago I got married in that very same shirt. We also hit the slots real well at the Stratosphere with the magic from that shirt as well.

I was wearing that shirt when I drove through 60+mph tornado winds from Lexington, KY to Chicago a couple of weekends ago.

I know the Celtics are talented and also have the #1 defense in the league and defense does win you championships, but I gotta give props where props are due...

It was the shirt, y'all.

So much luck, so little fabric. I would cut it up and sell little pieces of cloth for luck's sake to all of you but, it's time to retire the shirt. The moment that buzzer sounded in the New Garden last night in Boston, my lucky #5 Kevin Garnett Boston road green screen-printed jersey T-shirt was put into retirement. I took it off after doing a little Irish jig, folded it and placed it on a shelf never to wear it again.

I also unearthed my 3 Chicago Bulls pullovers and prepped them for next Thursday's NBA Draft where the local team has the first pick. The Eastern Conference is wide open and with an addition like Derrick Rose, I'd be stupid to be wearing green come fall.

Salute, Celtics. Somewhere in heaven Red is lighting up that victory cigar.


The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Yeah. Congrats Celtics. I still hate you! Just a little less since you beat Hobe and the Flakers. But nowhere near enough to erase the stench of the Bird Years...

Darius T. Williams said...

Soooo, you're speaking French here. I don't know the slightest thing about what u r saying. U seem happy that something happened though. So I'm happy that you're happy!!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad the Celtics won it. They were the better team. Plus the big 3 put in so much work.