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—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, July 11, 2008


The world is still the world, no matter what type of dressing is put over this rotten salad. I never knew that salad dressing could distract one from eating a whole meal. Back in the day we used to push the salad to the side and dig into the main course. Back in the day there was no cable news or internet either.

From the end of slavery to the great depression, African Americans went from illiterate and ignorant to doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers and musicians that still influence us today. That is almost a 70 year cycle in which a civilization of people went from nothing to something. It is the biggest turn around and development of human socialization in the history of the world.

And we're letting Fox News and things of the like pretty much reverse that?


I say what I mean and mean what I say. If I get caught saying something in private I'm unapologetic and need not explain what I meant by it. Jesse got caught and should not have to answer to anyone for his statements. 54 years as an OG in civil rights and if I'm not mistaken we were all on his jock when he was the only 'Black Leader' that spoke against the Bush administration when it came to refinancing bad mortgages. He also challenged congress to pass a bill (that got to the floor and passed) to re-fi and protect folks in foreclosure. Jesse was wrong in what he said, but this has nothing to do with the campaign. Jesse isn't the only leader in the black community and does not speak for every black person. Quit treating him like such, acknowledge what has been built by him and others, hold them responsible for their shit, move on and stay focused on the election this fall and get people registered, informed and motivated to make change.

Sheeee-yit. Focus, people

The economy isn't really that bad, but a looming crisis is not in our minds. Phil Graham did John McCain in with the working poor that thought about voting for him this fall by saying that there is a 'mental recession' as opposed to it being really real. I lived overseas and when fuel and food prices went up the people did not eat or drive. Don't complain about gas and diesel while you stand at the pump. Understand that small business make this country run. Remember Bio-sphere?

Knee deep into the bio-sphere experiment (which is a closed ecological experiment) it had to be shut down because unseen micro organisms died off which meant larger organisms could not grow or thrive. Think of our economy in the light of a closed ecological system. Small unseen micro organisms (small businesses) support larger ones, and if they fail, the larger ones (big oil, tobacco, banks and pharmaceutical companies) adjust by taxing mid sized species (the working American populous). We can't end the experiment, we have to resuscitate the unseen micro orgs by stimulous. That means more deductions and removing easements that prohibit lateral movement for the small business owner. That also means equal tax breaks and lower rates (just like congress gives to big business) should be given to small businesses as well as ease in acquiring land and unused spaces for said business to operate.

The government gives you a $0.58 cents per gallon write off when you purchase fuel to drive to work.

You get to deduct a portion of your rent, mortgage car payment, office supplies, travel and dining if its related to work or business.

I could go on, but if I tell all the secrets I'd be complaining about gas prices too.

As long as you stay unfocused and uninformed, you will complain too. Keep talking about what Jesse said outside of that news cycle and watch John McCain take the white house. Instead of stimulating the entire economy, get back on point about stimulating the smaller businesses.

You have everything to do with that.

Get back on point people.


The Second Sixty-Eight said...

I saw the little clip from Fox about that. SMDH. I honestly don't understand why folk even want to make a big thing of it! So they don't agree! BFD! I always ask folk who wanna tell bad news, "what is the purpose of you saying so?" You should see the looks!

I have been watching the economy steadily contracting (but I live in Southeastern Michigan) for the past 8 years or so. I get to see the cascading effect that one business closing has on many that support it. And those that support THOSE. And so on.

Coupled with the thought that 70% of the American's finances are pushed to the limit right now. (forgot where I got that from...) I would say that the crisis is here. I just ain't happened to some YET!

Darius T. Williams said...

Yes sir - you spoke the truth. Yup - we need to keep the focus. I'm sooo with you on this. Man, I'm so with you.

Anonymous said...

i also think that people need to focus - i'm more worried about keeping mccain out of the white house than whether or not jesse is relevant, or whatever they keep asking on tv ad nauseum...

Anonymous said...

I felt Jesse should have been careful knowing he was on Fox News. We know Fox News is the paragon of "fair and balanced" (insert sarcasm). He should always be aware of his surroundings.

LadyLee said...

Now Hassan, you got to help your Oldgirl out here. You really have to help me here with this whole "focus" thing.

How the heck can we stay focused if ALL that is being done CONSTANTLY is everybody pointing out every little misspoken word, etc. A friend and I were discussing this a few weeks ago. We were like, we can't remember all of this going on in past elections. We'll be glad when it is all finally over. And it is messing my head up to see, Obama, a black man, being constantly ostracized. My goodness!

I thought I MAY be just beginning to hear the issues being discussed. MAYBE. I thought we were moving towards FOCUSING on the issues, then here comes Jesse with his comment. Now here WE go back on this wagon again. FOX was WAITING for this, and they are gonna milk it for all it's worth.

I am with Commenter epsilionicus above. Jesse, you are on FOX News. Come on. They (especially Hannity) are on the "Bring down Obama" train, by ANY means necessary. He, as my renown leader, should know better than that. It was one more doggone thing that removed us from what I thought was some type of focus onto the issues FINALLY. Now here we go again... GEEZ. How long is it gonna take to get back to "focusing" again?

I need Jesse to get behind Obama 100%. If he got a problem with him, go talk to him. Period. He is our leader, and Obama has acknowledged that he paved the way. Go mentor him, do something. I don't know, but I thought it was all ridiculous! FOX NEWS wins again!

Bananas said...

This is what they do's the old "ignore the man behind the curtain" thing.

It's such a damn long time to Nov. I hope folks don't get all caught up in the bullshit and fuck this thing up.

McCain...well, lets just say he doesn't put enough wood on the ball.

You're right, folks have to see through the smoke here.

NeenaLove said...

jesse can say what he wants to say... opinions! like an asshole, we all have one.


the economy... i like your optimism!


Anonymous said...

We definitely lose focus more easily. It was natural to let our attention shift to Jesse and his ideas and opinions, and "snafus", etc.... when we should be putting more attention on the upcoming election itself....getting more people registered to vote, making sure more people vote, demanding that we hear about the issues, and as Terry said unveiling the man behind the curtain.