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—Miguel de Unamuno


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day One In Denver: Even After Witnessing Last Night...

I was going to add my commentary to post 450 which I worked on a yesterday but I decided not to post that. No one said Senator Obama was going to win (or lose for that matter... the title for the last post was a talking point), and after talking to all of the folks I've talked to I guess he's just supposed to do that by osmosis cause' not many are qualified to vote. Even after the production last night, I talked to a bunch of people that fell in love with Michelle Obama but are either hesitant to register to vote or think that folks walking around wearing Obama t-shirts and hats already are and that's all he needs.

He ain't no saviour.
It ain't getting done just with these delegates in Denver.

There is no plan by us the people to do anything other than what we're doing right now no matter what happens in the November election. Things like your taxes, oil prices and racial status has no intention of changing after November 4th because there is no plan.

Racism ain't going anywhere.
Electing a black president won't cure the ills of America.
You gotta do that.

Every major bill presented on the floor of the congress and the senate with the exception of the housing bill president Bush just signed was filibustered into limbo making the democratic controlled congress a do-nothing unit. Since the mid-term elections they passed nothing significant and will go down in history as the most inneffective group of politians in world history.

What say you about that?

Oil speculation raised gas prices
forclosures increased tenfold
healthcare became more distant for those with insurance
the immigrant population increased by 24 million
almost 40% of all large business got tax breaks
more than 95% of working individuals paid the taxes for these businesses
Hillary raised over $130 million, McCain $185 mil and Obama over $250 mil

for an election

That's not change we can believe in.

How dare I say that Obama will lose in the title of this post, right?. I am a delegate from Illinois and even have a link over ---> there that no one has bothered to click on to go to his campaign site to learn, download the white papers and see the program proposals themselves. I am also a part of the Camp Obama plan, going out after the convention to battleground states in an attempt to register folks to vote in November.

Remember, I travel daily through 7 states.
I also live in the hood.

One thing I've noticed:

America (especially black folk) are blowing more hot air about this election than Barack and John combined. Half of us aren't even registered and all we do is talk about when Barack wins.

How does that happen?

No one did anything when congress stomped out HCon Res 4 and 10... I could go on.

No one is a part of the political process. Most folk cant even tell me about a house resolution, bill, new law or discussion anyone from their city, state or federal legislature are even working on. We the people don't know shit.

It took last night for surrogates to even come out endorse Barack. He's still running against Hillary. It took his wife for most to even want to come and attend day one of the convention. Most 'working class' folk still aren't convinced. Lord help you if you're independent because the McCain tax plan looks better than Obama's, but I guess most will never read em' and compare.

(Hint: lowering taxes are always the strong point of the republican platform - conservatives make more money and would like to keep more and still have deductions... Oh wait, that's the loose definition of conservatism)

I'm impressed with the campaigns of both John McCain and Barack Obama. It's my own fellow citizens that disappoint me. If you want change, you must first start with yourself. It won't matter who'll win in November because most aren't even prepared to discuss either point.

There is no plan. Not even for ourselves. Change starts from within.

I do not see that.

In us.


Relevantlystaying said...

AGREED!! I can testify personally to that one. I was at the public library registering people to vote a few weeks back and this MAN came in with an Obama T-shirt Fly as he wanted to be. I smiled because we had a commonality right? WRONG! After talking to him I found out he wasnt even registered to vote. He was wearing that shirt like it was a Bob Marley of Rolling Stones shirt. He was a FAN of Obama. Not committed to the cause but a FAN Thats scary.....

Relevantlystaying said...

typo I mean Bob Marley OR Rolling Stones...

The Brown Blogger said...

I know, I know.

I knew I wasn't the only one.

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm with you man, trust me - I am.

Oh wait: you live in Chicago? I live in south shore.

The Brown Blogger said...

Um... yeah.

You just figured that out?

Aw, man!