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Friday, September 05, 2008

Repubican Wrap Up

I am thoroughly impressed with the Republican ticket.

I am considering voting for John McCain. Not based on last night, but based on Phil Graham's program. Look that up.

I think the Palin choice for Republican VP last week was friggin' genius.

I am still an Obama supporter but I'm not stupid.

Unfortunately, I don't know anyone in my immediate circle (or even outside it), not even my wife gave five minutes to the Republican convention, but all I heard last week about speeches, history and such... My people, this thing is becoming such a one sided love affair that no one will vote.

But we got love for Obama. Whatever people. Folks died so we can speak at the ballot. A hero ain't nothing but a sammitch and t-shirt ain't gonna set you free.

What I saw was a lot of anger and truth the first so-called day of the convention. The second and third day of the convention I saw the anger swell and culminate with Palin's speech. The Republicans have awakened a sleeping giant. Small town America, Bubba and Six-Sack Joe and em' now have someone in the presidential race to identify with.

Identity Politics

Palin delivered the speech with perfect pitch. She nailed it and hit it out of the park, but between Guliani and Palin, there was a lot of bark. It is now up to Six-Pack and em' to provide the bite, and there isn't a problem with voter registration or voting down on the farm, Mayberry or Mount Pilot.

Conservatives have been watching Palin for years, but most liberals acted like they didn't know. I've heard a lot about the vetting process and how McCain selected her at the last minute, but dammit she was on his short list all the way from last year and the pubs and media I read kept her in the spotlight ever since the 27 million pork barrel project was delivered to her home city years ago.

Forbes, US News and World Report, Time, WSJ and The Standard for those that need research fodder.

McCain mentioned to the Republicans last night that they have failed and got complacent. For all of those liberal minded progressives that call themselves in the know, let me remind you that you're supposed to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The fact that most so-called progressives only complained about the cover of the New Yorker and never opened the pages, even admitting that the publication is 'something we don't even read' goes to show who is actually out of touch.

Conservatives and their spin doctors like Karl Rove have always been watching us. The selection of a young, talented, well-spoken conservative that they can give on the job training in the finer points of Cheney/Rove politics was damn near perfect to further the devaluation of the US dollar giving way to the Amero, strengthening the American Union and helping Republican side business like Haliburton profit from the Iraqi surplus that US soldiers died for. It also continues an unnecessary culture war (race and class divide) and continues to scare us using 9/11 so we will never find out who robbed the US Treasury under WTC buildings number 2 and 7. Bin Laden is the boogeyman that keeps us up at night and Ahmadinejad and/or Putin will be the reason for the 3am phone call that will cause the US to finally put an end to Islam (not radical Islam like they say) and European intellect like folks on the farm want us to do anyway because it will end global competition. and proliferate American dominance, giving way to the rest of the world once again becoming dependent on all things American.

Note that I said American and not the US, even though the Repubs were strong on nationalism this week.

Now cats like Putin and Ahmadinejad need to be dealt with in order to achieve world peace, but do you think McCain or Obama is the man for the job? Or if McCain wins and a person of Palin's caliber gets 4 years on the job training so she can run in the next general election or (God forbid) McCain dies in office and she takes over, she all of a sudden becomes the next best person to do that kind of dirty work?


Plus, I like McCain's Tax structure. Not enough to vote for him, but enough to consider and listen. I hope you're studying as well.

I love how teenage pregnancy is identified (just like welfare and crack use) with black folk. A journalist wrote a piece the week before last in a major paper about teen pregnancy and out of the thousands of responses, folks commented that young, black girls should stay out of the crackhouse, find their baby's daddy and get off welfare.

The journalist never mentioned race in his piece, but the commentors did.

Funny how the Alaskan governor's unwed teen daughter has a 'blessing' and not a problem like them young black girls...


You didn't even notice the misspelling in the blog title... Or the picture did ya?


Anonymous said...

I like Sarah Palin. I don't agree with her on anything, and I have no plans to vote for her, but I like her nonetheless. I don't like that McCain picked her, and it's not just because she's a threat to the concept of Obama steamrolling McCain in Nov ('cause I NEVER thought this was going to be easy for O anyway.) I'm still worried about McCain's judgment.

Hope you got over that cold. And that you're paying attention to that disc.

Darius T. Williams said...

I thought it was interesting that the daughter had a 'blessing' too. Had that been obama's little girl - then you know, the world would look at the scenariou much differently.

Bananas said...

Man, I got to be honest, that shit was scary. Hell for a minute there, they had me dialed in to the rhetoric. I mean com’on Dawg, ya had to feel a little bit for Johnny Boy, when he broke out that part where he learned what America was all about from a prison cell in Hanoi. Powerful shit Dude, even if he can’t carry a speech he hit home with that.

Plus, admitting that he had not been perfect as a public servant didn’t hurt him either.

Now as for Sarah, sorry – that’s just one sarcastic bitch. She reminds me of the Mom at the PTA that has no life so she’s gonna fuck with mine. No thank you, she’s one heartbeat from the driver’s seat at it’s a faint heart at that.

But you are so right, Joe Average was diggin’ this shit and the Obama Champaign can’t take it lightly. They need to do some damage control or come November – we’re all fucked.

Relevantlystaying said...

I respectfully DISAGREE... To me much of what was said was RHETORIC.
I will agree that Obama got sucker punched, but at the end of the day its all politics and they ALL tell half truths. Whats on paper might not EVER comes to fruition. So Im voting for who I support whole heartedly.
I think Obama is CAPABLE but I dont think he is "the Messiah" People do need to realize he isnt error proof.(Was about to write an essay but I'll save that for my own blog lol!)

*interesting blog made me think....