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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Monday, October 19, 2009

It's The Audacity, Stupid! (Pt 1)

Let me tell y'all something about hope.

Well first, there was this girl named Hope that I was so in love/lust with back when I was a lil' puppy dog back in Catholic school. She used to wear these white knee to thigh high stockings with her skirt and a very form fitting blouse that had even the administrator's eyes popping. Hope had filled in before most of the girls had, and she had necks snapping. I can still remember Hope's swag as a young woman, turning the heads of the do-wop cats crooning on the corner and the parents shaking their heads, pulling off in their Volvos as they picked up their kids, hoping that their little boys remain unaffected by her attitude and for her to somehow remain unseen by their underclassman-ish men-children who at that time suffered underdeveloped and hormonally unbalanced eyes and minds.

It was too late for me. My thoughts of her made a mess in my house, particularly in my private spaces (mentally) and physical places um... Like the bathroom my brother and I shared. Don't judge me. I was like twelve! Okay, it was somewhere between twelve and fourteen. I tell ya, it was like a frozen neckbone sprayed with nitroglycerin back then and I couldn't heat it up enough to stand up not matter how hard I tried. That Boy Scout manual about rubbing sticks together causing friction to create heat? Didn't friggin' work so that neckbone never melted.

At all. Thanks to her. 

No, seriously. Thank you Hope! Came in handy years later, like after I got inducted and sworn in.

Wherever you are Hope G., I remember you and wish you well. You really gave me hope somewhere back in the recesses of my head that I could get some and remain unexploded because I was full of lust. Or something. I just knew it had to get out and you provided fodder for it to flow freely from me even though at that time I was uncontrolled and needed a muzzle. Thanks for being you and providing that visual, aiight? Wit' your curvy ass. Lord have mercy! Pre-teen spank worthy, y'all.

But anyway...

Hope is something we seem to be loaded with that we're also throwing away like the energy we normally use to keep in shape that we never use and then how we let it go to waste and then it goos up leaving us with a treadmill that we use to display stuff in the third room that was supposed to be the home gym that we never go in anymore and we forgot to put the CFL light bulbs in so when one flips the power switch it looks all dim in there... And what is that smell?

See? That's the fall 2009 version of hope. Conveniently spoiled because it mostly sat on the shelf from last year where it was damn near overused, and rightfully so. Most of us lost the key to the stinky room where hope lies, meaning either the intent was misplaced or the tools to get us to turn hope into something better is. And that was never the intent. And y'all know I agree with Dr. Wayne Dwyer and his theory on the power of intent, right?

Yeah you do.

Now I gotta go. Something has come up and today's post is nowhere near finished. I'll be back later, cause I gotta tell y'all about how I went to church yesterday and actually liked it as well as bring my hope message on home.

Highway driving to the city on a Monday... Sheesh!


Big Mark 243 said...

Never had a 'Hope' to hold onto like that. My idea was always that until I actually met 'her'. Her was in order 1) My Delta Girl while I was at A&T(she went to UNC-G). She was all that and a bag o'chips as the kids used to say.

2) Tee Jay was a sister who certainly knew her way around without being an 'round the way girl'. She is a beautiful woman and she allowed me to use her 'ghetto pass' as a travel document while we dated.

3) Nebraska. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever been with and who has returned the love. Why am I now here and not there? I could tell you but like Kelis and her milkshake, I'd have to charge!

I know that I have went all here and there on you, but if I didn't do that, then what good would I be?? Hope is always fresh and shiny in my world. Hope makes the light at the end of the tunnel the end of darkness and not the onrush of a locamotive.

Hell, hope has me where I am right now ... cause I am hopin' and wishin' as well as 'shakin' it over here'!!

Be cool, bro!!

Rose said...

Stopping through to say hello!

Gallis said...

Hey dude. I'm getting caught up on my blog reading. Your poem left me gobsmacked.

Hope is good. Hope is all a lotta things happened when they started.

Church? Inquiring minds want to know....

Blah Blah Blah said...

...I'll reserve comment untl I finish but...
"uncontrolled and needed a muzzle"?

*my word verification: undress Seriously!*

Anonymous said...

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