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—Miguel de Unamuno


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pluralization Versus Possession

I'd have a better day if I knew that folks actually understood the meaning and difference between pluralization and punctuation when composing a simple phrase.

The lack of understanding and its blatant misuse by grown-ass folk drives me mad.

I almost want to declare my candidacy in the midterm elections on a platform using aggressive legislature to curtail excessive usage of apostrophes on the ass end of words because folks have no clue that it gives the noun possession rather than giving it the pluralization it desperately and properly needs.


See, this is why I feel like running around the place with a Hot Wheels race track strip randomly giving out lashes to sign makers, memo creators, random emailers and the such.

I think I might dress up as 'LetterMan' (Electric Company, not Worldwide Pants) for Halloween, but I know that folks will never take me seriously. Especially after a few drinks.


That didn't even make sense to me!

See! Whatever.


Keith said...

Lolololololol..That's why my wife edits a lot of my posts before they are avoid ,just that kind of thing.

Blah Blah Blah said...

...BB in tights...and a mask...for halloween...hold lemme get a visual...
and drunk...