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Friday, November 27, 2009

Fr, Fr, Fr, Friday...

Since I'm required to blog everydamnday I guess I'll put something here for Friday.

Friggin Friday.

Um... lemme see:

Woke up this morning in Oklahoma and am currently blogging this from Chicago after waking up from a nap which means we did a little traveling. Got in this evening. Quick, fast and in a hurry. Them truck driver skills are pretty damn handy when moving cross country. Not tired by a lick. I want to go bowling but my other half got the ickies...

Whatever man.

And my brother JUST called on the way back from seeing 'Ninja Assassin'.


Heh. Dude just bought a pool table this morning at one of them black Friday sales. His house... Bring the beer and the limes. We brought back a GANG of non-leftovers. I call em' that because my mother AND grandmother in-law actually cooked us fresh jawns to take with us back to the Chi. Lucky us. I still want a snowball from the Oleagian's Snowball spot on Ponce De Leon and Moreland even though they won't be open until April.... And, um... They're in Atlanta. Uh oh, I smell another road trip!

You know, I just thought about it... The wife and I spent the entire damn year on the road and it wasn't by way of a tractor trailer:

Feb: New Orleans
May-June: Atlanta
July: Chicago, Tulsa
July-September: Las Vegas and a stop in Long Beach
Sep: Chicago
Nov: Cherokee Nation, Tulsa

And now the real work begins. Now that the opportunity to control my calender really exists via business ownership, travel will have to be put on the back burner because building a business is more important than anything else. And we're taking possession of a house in the next couple of weeks, so building that and balancing our schedules, networking, making new contacts and most importantly achieving goals (revenue, data, blah blah blah) becomes my/our life's work.

I'll be begging for days like today in the very near future.

But as for right now... ANOTHER NAP!!!

And then another powerpoint presentation to put together as well as creating a few job listings of different variety using the same copy from corporate to post for next week is in order.

Y'all be easy. Use the pepto and extinguish all of the cranberry sauce. Psyllium husk and juice feasting works wonders in getting back to 'normal'. I might sneak out after the wife's Theraflu kicks in and bowl a few frames...



Rose said...

Yes you and the wife have indeed been traveling. Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Man, whatever trials and tribbelations y'all went through whilst travelling, y'all were lucky! To a person who feels stuck in place like a potted plant, I have to say that the opportunity to get out like that was wonderful. Something you likely will never forget!