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—Miguel de Unamuno


Saturday, November 07, 2009

Nobody Respects The Cheesburger

It stands alone as the one thing unique to folks in this nation as folks should fear and respect but do not.

To me, the cheesburger represents so much more than just a hunk of fried or grilled meat on a bun with a touch of dairy and condiments. It represents all things wrong with our preception of gluttony.

I wish my Dad had a healthy fear and respect for that damn cheesburger.

I spent my entire day at the hospital because we thought my dad either had a heart attack and/or stroke.

He had neither, but he IS diabetic. He might have lost his kidneys.

To make it even worse... He might be infected with H1N1.

Worse case scenario, he might need dialysis.


More on this tomorrow, okay?

Fucking cheesburgers...


Anonymous said...

People dont realize the power food has in their life. They claim they do but actions speak something different

Harold The Encourager said...

I hope your father makes it out alright with his health. I think we all can be more aware of what we're eating. Check out the documentary called "Food Inc" on if you haven't already. It talks about the industry of food processing.

The Brown Blogger said...


been there, done that... No longer preaching about that here on the blog.

I worked on the viral marketing campaign for that flick and a couple of others.

Also, next year I should be in light practice. Currently certifying as a clinical nutritionist on my way to master herbalist and ending up as a holistic health practitioner.

Remember rule number one: Do no harm... Some folk will tune you out, just help those that request help.