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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Status Report

So we made it here... Deep in the heart of Cherokee Nation.

I ended up driving the whole way and it really didn't bother me. I thought of my wife and the difficulties she has with driving at night. Didn't want to go through any unnecessary drama with all of the big rigs and travelers out there not really minding the road, so I just took us all the way in.

No problem.

As we dove down the state of Illinois into Missouri, finally getting to Oklahoma a lot of things crossed my mind in the midst of loud music and a partially open window. The whistling of the wind forcing its way through the barely opened window complemented the noise perfectly as I somehow made a ten hour drive feel like running errands around town.

Been vegging all day, taking notes and studying numbers related to the business venture. I am beyond excited at this point and have been taking my mind off of all things business by sampling brunch and dinner items made by my mother in-law. Haven't been out, haven't done anything more than go over numbers, create a couple of slide shows and debate with myself about how I'll be managing my time come this weekend. I need to have a careful balance of things so I can spend time with my sister who's leaving Monday and get some stuff done businesswise as well as hang out with my other half.

I was moved and humbled when I read The Second Sixty-Eight's blog post earlier this evening. I'm still trying to find the words...

It's not a crazy or unnecessary anger/lashing out at the world or a cry for help when 'the shit' hits you. I too think too damn much about how I will leave my wife and family when I die. I work overtime literally and figuratively to make sure she is taken care of so there is no additional burden. The specter of death, especially when it happens in bunches will make you think of yourself, but I am now just coming to an understanding on how to deal with 'the shit' and how to make it work in my favor.

The fear or respect of dying should motivate you in all that you do. The realization that you are still here is enough for me to realize that I should enjoy every moment like I do now. There will be time for work, sacrifice, nonsense and crying but know that you are still here. The creator has a masterplan.

I don't get all in a huff over being thankful for things on one day out of the year. I do see that I have been placed in places, met people and have broken bread and have done things and experienced so much in these damn near thirty nine years that I have to stop, pause and take a breath and just give a spiritual head nod, a dap and a pound... And it doesn't take a day in November for me to realize and recognize.

All things in due time my friend.

Savor them good thangs from the past, don't second guess yourself about what wasn't done and look forward to what tomorrow brings by doing the damn thing today. I'm learning to do all of these things and it has increased the good, enhanced the quality of the great and gives me the opportunity to live the excellent, even when 'the shit' comes and visits in an attempt to share its misery.

Some of y'all got time off... Enjoy that. I'll be watching football.

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