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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wild And Wintery Wednesday

Wassup Fam!

I hope things are well wherever you are. Things are good here. Busy, but good. The weather is trying to whip our asses here in the midwest, but we're used to it so we shovel, salt and carry on. Schools and business just do not shut down in these here parts. We keep it moving.

Both the wife and I have HUGE projects that we're knee deep in, thus the absence. She has this event thingee with an African-American association over the weekend that can yield bountiful for future business in her realm. Me, I have to scout, recruit, interview and hire folk for my business. I'll also be responsible for training and managing them once they get over the hump and things. This is a huge undertaking, but I'm up for the task. I have done it before but I was an employee on those occasions. This time I'm the boss.

The thought of that for most is a scary thing. Some parts of it scares me, but not to the point where I won't get it done. Making the transition from employee to independent contractor was cool when I was driving a truck, but this is different. So very different. Had to go out the past couple of weeks and get my licensing, bond stuff and insurance together as well as assist my partners with minor cosmetics at our office location. Took my other half over there the other day and she got excited after seeing my new work environment. It's hard to see the vision if you haven't been to that person's ground zero.

I am very tired though. I'm getting probably 2 good hours of sleep and have been sliding around in the snow to get stuff done and it ain't stopping anytime soon. I'm also HTMLing and CSSing the hell out of 5 websites on some SEO stuff. Multiple streams. It will age you though, all the running around and monitor staring on limited sleep, but it pays to do what you wanna as well as knowing that the kids will be taken care of when the time comes.

Other than the work and long hours, we do get out and see folks, partake in things cultural and have regular activities. Let's see. My aunt had the tumor removed from her right lung earlier this week and we are on a wait and see basis to see if any cancerous cells escaped that area. Hopefully not. She also got a bonus surgery because the doctors found heavy plaque buildup around and in the heart, so she ended up getting a single bypass that went very well. We stopped in to see her Monday night and she was on top of things! Mother/Sister/Aunt is 83. Strong like bull. She's getting released before the end of the week.

Yep. Strong.Like.Bull. Beliee' Dat!!!

Hung out with the parents earlier this week as well. Helped my stepdad re-wire the surround sound in the basement. He boycotted his basement for 2 years after learning that his brother was murdered in Ponce, PR. He finally decided that he wanted his mancave back after being bored upstairs with my mother. Since summer ended, he can no longer hang out in the back yard and garage, grilling meat and such. So now with the help of his half sons he has been reunited with his pool table, big screen TV and his deafening surround system. Oh, and little brother installed a beer tap in/on his lounge table. Lord... Seems like my winter hangout will be over in my parent's basement.

Oh, and last night at the bowling alley... My other half bowled her highest score so far. She's a preemie when it comes to Fred Flintstone's favorite game, but she's getting better. She bowled a 110. Two strikes in ten frames and a few spares. I'm proud of her. Now all I gotta do is get the right weighted ball...

Oh and tonight, we'll be in the company of Chicago's newest CelebFoodie owner/curator of the Cupcake Gallery - Darius T. Williams as he's hosting a gang of folk on the cultural tip. We'll be knee deep in a performance to benefit over at the Chicago Academy For The Arts. Wow, a fearless foursome of links right there, click on em! Pics will be taken as well as consuming a few of them delightfully sinful cupcakes the brother be baking. It's gonna be a good day! Bring the insulin!

And some extra batteries!

Okay... Too much typing over here. Time to get a quick 30 minute nap in. We have a bunch of stuff to do today. All up an through a heavy snow system that'll probably drop at least a foot of snow on the Chicago area. Ain't even worried. There are supposedly over 500 snow plow/salt trucks in service fueled and staffed courtesy of the Recovery And Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Y'all be easy.




LoVe.Peace.Curls. said...

all I could see was white outside when I went to there's no snow on the ground. I love it!! It's mad windy though...

Big Mark 243 said...

Wow ... your Aunt is a troop, ain't she?

If the winding way ever takes me up to Chi-town, I hope to check you and the Missus out. Maybe go to the get a cupcake and talk about the 'willie bobo'.


Ladynay said...

I wanna go to the mancave!!!!

I miss Darius' cupcakes, I need to order sommo'!

I remember working at my grandfather's company during the summers. Even though he had that company for years, everytime he would walk in he had this look of accomplishment in his face.

I wish you much success in your transition from employee to HNIC, that your business lasts as long as you want it to, and that look my grandfather had would bless your face as well.

Blah Blah Blah said...

Umm, I'm for hire...and not in the nefarious way. Budda, I'm going to need to make enough to keep my apt in NYC for weekend getaways and live in Chitown. Umm, and I am going to need to telecommute during the winter because the weather in Chicago scares me.

If ma and pa want to rent out the mancave...I am down for that. Sounds like my kind of, pool and a flat long as there is a bathroom nearby I am good.

So it's set. I will be looking for an email for my offer letter.


Bunny Brown said...

This wind ain't playing out there! I'm going on two days in the house it's kinda cozy in here! Congrats on the new business adventure as well.

Rose said...

Glad your aunt is doing well. Congrats on your business...