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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reminders - Re New

 1-12-10  5:07pm

A while ago I mentioned that I wouldn't get too political here because I knew that for the first time in ages more of us felt engaged. Yes, it has lots to do with the last general presidential election, but our interests have been peaked in past mid-terms as well as some hawt-ass mayoral and gubernatorial races since Clinton's first ride. I had the ability to vote and have participated since George HW Bush held office, and back then seeing as I wore the uniform of a serviceman politics became that much more important to me but... I was born and raised not far from where the 'machine' was created...

All my life, I never had to be reminded that I was black. At times when I started drinking beer, finding places to partake in pool, darts and bowling the fact that I was black would fade and I would have a good damn time. I've had white family members and friends since coming out of the womb, and as much as I tried not to downplay my blackness folk just kept reminding me how difficult it was being black.

I was always told that it was understood


1-13-10 10:47pm

As I was typing this yesterday, I was bombarded with the news of the earthquake in Haiti.

Earlier today in yet another attempt from 'certain folks in the know' to remind me just how black and ugly I am regardless of how much I try to live my life as just an average cat, how unholy and cursed people that look like me seem to be or always seem to be involved with... These certain, not dwindling fast enough motherfucking racist-ass buffoons like Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh open their mouths and speak some of the sickest, insidious shit I've heard in quite a long time.

I ain't even mad though. I just waited and got this:

This I knew as a part of family tales, general historical accounts and my education. I know how beautiful we are and I recognize the contribution of all of my cousins to my legacy. Just because some fear it, turn their heads from it and try to suppress it... It will grow stronger. We will grow stronger.

We will renew
We will rebuild
We will continue to expand

In spite of you and your acolytes.



chele said...


Big Mark 243 said...

As Paul Harvey would have said... 'and now, you have the rest of the story'.

Don't know your spiritual preference. But when this came up, it made me wonder how inhumane must the French have been to drive a people to such desperation?

Got to admire the stregnth and conviction that the brother shows as he tells the stuff that Pat Roberson overlooks.

Tafari said...

Im so happy that he shut Pat Robertsons bitch ass down!

The Brown Blogger said...

Somebody needs to shut his ass up!

Anonymous said...

Pat Robertson is lucky I am not close enough to kick him so hard in the pee-shooter...