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—Miguel de Unamuno


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ask Yourself

I really enjoyed my weekend.
My sister and brother in law brought the kids in from Dallas and we all gathered together to celebrate my brother's twin son's birthday by hanging out at an indoor water park. Good times were had and great, laughable stories were made this weekend. I can't wait to hang out again with my sibs this summer when we trek to Disney in Florida.

This past weekend was a pre-vacation for my other half and I. I think I mentioned that we're headed to the Bayou in a bit for a real two weeker of alligator, coffee and beignets as well as a whole bunch of etouffee. Lord, I can't wait for that. Things have been real busy around here and it would be nice to just get to a nice spot and experience a little slow and quiet. Chicago will tax your friggin' brain and overrun you with business if you let it.

I have absolutely nothing to say about Chris Matthews, Dick Cheney or John Mayer. I need folks to ask themselves a few real questions that actually matter like:

  • Why are black and brown folk so damn affected by the so-called recession?
  • Why are black and brown folk seemingly 'just taking' the negative results of current opinion polls as well as managing the negative outcomes of labor employment statistics?
  • Is it just me or does it feel like there is some stagnant waiting period going on right now in minority communities?
  • Why isn't there more reactionary activity taking place in our communities?
  • Where the hell are the proactive lobbies, and why aren't they addressing congress?
  • Why exactly did we wait for so-called black leadership to address the president last week when the pressing socio-economic elephant in the room has always been there?

Instead of placing blame on all things external (like calling John Mayer racist last week), where are the ideas and actions that would bring forth the necessary change to actually move people ahead? I'm seeing a lot of folk sitting on their hands right now and I don't understand why.

There seems to be a lot of folk running and hiding from the issues when it seems to be the time to asses and reassess what seats need to be filled in congress both on the federal and state levels. If folks like Senator Evan Bayh have become totally discouraged in the federal legislative process, then who should become candidate to fill that seat?

From Gary to Indianapolis to Evansville and all parts between, the state of Indiana has tons to lose in funding, jobs and farm support if the wrong person is chosen to rep there.  I mean, from the steel, iron and manufacturing personnel needed for the bridge and road repair that our president's administration got off the ground to the high speed rail project, Indiana has a lot to loose...

And there are 10 other states that can use the right candidate to get the job done with job creation and with repositioning federal dollars to provide for workforce payroll instead of unemployment benefits and the like.

We must eliminate the thought process that we must continue along with the status quo. There are a ton os 'isms' that are still in effect if we continue thinking along these lines. What is happening with the thinking process and how we're coping with them is NOT okay.

What am I talikg about? Ask Keith Olbermann and then ask yourself.

You got an answer?


Big Mark 243 said...

•Is it just me or does it feel like there is some stagnant waiting period going on right now in minority communities?

I don't think that this social stagnation is limited to the minority communities. After watching the segment on '60 Minutes' about the World Economic Forum, I think that everything is a manipulation to create a permanent seperation of classes.

The mistake of being enveloped by facile difference is what blinds not only the Tea Party folks but everyone to what is happening. By letting the focus be about anything but what is the real problem, we will continue to try to treat a symptom and not the disease.

The Brown Blogger said...

*waving my hankey Mardi Gras style to what Mark just said*

Bananas said...

Man...don't you get it? A Black Man is in the White House, we're all saved now and we don't have to do a got damn thing!

"Free at last, free at last, thank God all mighty"...wait...did I just cough? Lord I hope not. My health care is being held in bondage on Capitol Hill.

JStar said...

So true man...I agree with all you said! Glad you enjoy your wknd with the fam and enjoy your upcoming vacation!

Tafari said...

Enjoy your vacay! I'm hating! I so need an escape from MI.