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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I absolutely hate it when I speak to someone and find out that they haven't after all this time taken life seriously.

For a moment in time, I had a whole lot of people reading this lil' old blog just to see what or where I ended up next. A few folk emailed, IMed and such to tell me that they were vicariously living thru my exploits a couple and a few years back.

I didn't mind. I was focused on my life. I took what I did (and still do) and where/how/whom I positioned myself with very, very seriously. Something a long time ago told me that I was only going to get one chance to do things in this realm and that my time here wasn't going to be as long as others. I've held that thought and it has guided me to do some things that others perceive as cold or hurtful. I only have seen this as taking my life (emphasis on MINE) very seriously.

I have made bad decisions. I've trusted the wrong people sometimes. I've gone to places that weren't as welcoming to me and when I got a chance after realizing the situation, I quickly corrected them to the best of my ability. I want you to know something. When you try to make things out as if the entire universe revolves around you as its center and energy source remember that it isn't all about you.

You still have to live and thrive, and you definitely have to live with the decisions that you make. You will affect your immediate circle and in turn, it will affect you. You get out of life what you put in it, so where you put yourself, when and with who are important because what you do and don't do affects your life. You have to take this thing seriously if you're going to actually cash in your value.

I have some physical issues that will probably take me away from here sooner than the most of you. I am at peace and satisfied with where I am because I understand that I only have control over what I have control over. I'm cool with knowing that I'll probably struggle with a few things while my peers go to work, raise their children and go about life in the manner they see fit. I just wish that certain folk took things a bit more seriously though. Procrastination and hope only gets one so far. Waiting for opportunities only to never partake in them is a very foolish thing to do.

I hope that folks understand that not making time and passing time is wasting time.

So on that note, I'll probably be around here more often. I probably won't get too deep into politics and pop culture and that nonsense like I used to do because in these moments when I'm not managing my healing process or working either for fiduciary responsibilities or artistically, I'll be enjoying life. Whether that be traveling (yes, another road trip in on the schedule) or simply jumping out of airplanes like I used to do when I could fit in the uniform, I'll be knee deep in doing something other than sitting at home, wasting away tweeting of facebooking about the normal he-say/she-say.

Speaking of that, I posted a few normal, every day pics on my FB page just to remind myself that one can go thru a healing crisis and still get out of the infirmary to bring home the bacon, even though pork is a big no-no on the eat to live list. I was surprised in the normal response to my abnormal situation.

Oh yeah. I need to mention that I'm letting go of the nine to five in order to 'live the adventure' full time.

Well, that and heal. Healing is important. If I keep up at this pace, I'll heal up mighty fine.

Don't worry, I'll come around here often to let y'all know where I be.

Seriously. I will.



JStar said...

Do you and live your life to the fullest! We have to look back and reflect on our pasts in order to get where we need and want in life...We have to learn from our past mistakes and grow...If we dont, then we repeat these mistakes over and over...Life is serious...Very serious...We should be thanking God for each day that He allows us to wake...Everyday is a gift from Him! and make sure you post some pics of your adventures :) I am not linked to you on facebook...But feel free to look me up and friend request me...I dont get on too often...

Anonymous said...

Hi! I hear you. And I'm glad you're still there and I'm still here. I've been having some health issues pop up that I thought were long gone. Anyway, long story short. Today the ENT said he thought I have what looks to be throat cancer...from a branchial cleft cyst that was diagnosed a year and a half ago. Not sure cuz it hasn't been biopsied yet, gotta start working on that tomorrow...anyway, keep posting cuz I'm reading. Chiao

Daij said...

loving this blog entry! this hit close to home for me. I appreciate coming across it.


The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Well, you know I will be around. On and off line.

Wait... No 9 to 5?!?!?!? Whatchugondo? Hell it seems that you always got that under control. As evidenced by the numerous recent road trips... And if not, there is always the Best Buy card and all...

Big Mark 243 said...

I am not too sure that being hard on folks who SEEM not to take life seriously is worth the effort. Now that I am back in the Motor and seeing folks who I may have thought 'didn't get it' and seeing that they have obviously got SOMETHING, has caused me to put brakes on assuming folks aren't taking things seriously.

Because I just don't know.

I don't know how much their situ agonizes them and how many ny-quil nights they have had lying in bed without taking a shower... to wake up and dress after not taking a shower, to go on with their day.

Someone like that CAN'T be taking life seriously under the sun, because if they did, they would turn into a puddle of despair. But at some point, maybe at night, maybe a night months, even years, they will realize what not taking life seriously has gotten them.

You can't wish that kind of awarness for them. You just can't.

Here I am getting ready to get ready yet again... I'd like to think that I take life seriously... have to since I have my own issues regarding health. But I definitely will understand if someone said that they thought that I didn't. Maybe to the observer, I don't. But what matters is that I think I take my life seriously.

Some folks simply can't 'be' that thing in their own life... hell, may be that I am not able to 'be' in my own life. Still, folks struggle in their own desperation to achieve something of note with their dash between the dates.

I can't worry about those who seem to me to be frittering away their light. Because to someone else, I am frittering away mine. All I can do and what I believe is all anyone can really do is make the most of theirs... and let me make the most of mine.

Life is truly too short to suffer those who one thinks is foolish and squanders opportunity.

Felicia Monique said...

Diggin' your attitude! Carpe diem!