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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Monday, July 12, 2010

When Mondays Feel Like Sundays

Normal weekend.

Left work early Friday and got home at 2pm. Called my wife with an evening idea for entertainment. Sat on the edge of my bed and ended up falling asleep as she watched on-demand programming that she just could not miss. Ended up sitting around for seven hours waiting for my other half to make up her mind as to if we were going to the drive-in theater and catch a flick.

We didn't go. I went out and hit a few old haunts and ran into some drinking buddies from the nineties.

Saturday was my first day working a weekend day at the gig. Exciting. Challenging. I'm a marketing guy, I got a chance to see em' knock down what we set up. At $140k a month in marketing and advertising... Good job crew!

I came home and sat around until I fell asleep. She got tired of texting and IMing all of her crew and turned off the TV around 10pm. I cannot sleep nights for a bunch of different reasons. I faked the funk both Saturday and last night and just laid there. Felt like 3pm Friday. And 4pm on Sunday. Except that I sit and watch nothing happen. Her laptop is attached to her thighs. Headphones in, ignoring all things outside of her bandwidth.

I'm tired and hungry. I'm understimulated.

I counted and wrote things down this past week for an exercise. My wife initiated less than 20 conversations with me in the past week. Less than 100 words. The questions were mostly her asking me if I wanted something from the store or letting me know that she got me a muffin or a bowl of fruit for breakfast. I indicated this to her last night and she mentioned that all I ever said to her was stuff about LeBron James, but I wrote things down. I only mentioned LBJ 3 times last week (including me watching his program, where she was busy IMing and tweeting and listening to whatever) out of the 224 times I initiated other convo with her.

224 to 18 excluding conversation in the car. Not that I'm counting though. She said that she doesn't talk to me because she believes that I wouldn't be interested in having a conversation with her.


And I covered everything from the BP spill to the missing kid in the Northwest.

I spend my weekends faking like I'm sleep, just laying there in silence. Very similar to how I spend my daylight hours at home. I'd rather be at work.

I'm heading there now. Have a great Monday.


Big Mark 243 said...

I will spare you the babble. After all, you are grown and well adjusted and you don't need me to say what you already know.

As far as the LBJ thing goes, I thought when it came out about his Mom and his teammate, he was done in Cleveland. On top of that, it is one thing to go away and then come back, from college, from the service, and then settle back home. I think it is totally different for someone who grew up dreaming of being on the big stage and never getting a chance to experience anything outside of his own realm.

He wanted to go. He needed to go. He was ready to go. I am not going to hate on him (but I will Kobe till the cows come home) other than I would any super team. I hope that he is happy and maybe he finds what he is looking for in Miami.

JStar said...

Takin count huh....Mmmnn no one has even been interested enough to wonder about those totals...

the good nurse said...

i am sad...

The Brown Blogger said...

I am sadder...

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

I know how you feel. But am just plain too damn depressed to really do much about it.

Just Me said...

Wow. I'm so sorry. I know that feeling well. I can be lonely by myself. Who wrote the song about being lonelier with someone - Jill Scott?