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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, December 24, 2010

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

I got a phone call from my older brother yesterday. Out. Of. The. Blue. Didn't even know he had my number. Neither did he.

I haven't spoken to this cat since June.

We talk about general stuff for the first five minutes and then he tells me that Mother is going senile. Haven't spoken to her since July. It was her birthday yesterday. He wondered if I called. I didn't.

After further conversation, big brother revealed that folks were hoping that I would revert back to the old me, dissociated from the perverted world that had me claiming myself as a non-christian and come to my senses and celebrate and rejoice in the upcoming birth of our lord and savior.

Barack Obama?

He laughed and then joked that little brother asked him to call. We haven't spoken since the 4th of July.

Notice a pattern here?

And then he joked: "What the fuck is wrong is you? You need a kidney or something?"

I then asked him to go to the VA hospital and identify himself as next of kin and to request the test to see if he could be a donor match.


He then threw another joke at me about coming up with $250,000 to make that happen.

The conversation then went askew towards other things. He wanted to know how I was dealing with life in general. He asked me about my quality of life. I answered honestly, wished him a happy belated 40-something like a birthday (something I never do) and then told him that it hurts every damn day to be me.

We then set up an appointment for him to get over to the VA and get tested.

This mutha fucker has never done anything for me. EVAR. Even though we might not be a match, I was brought to vaklemptness for big brothaman to at least come in and give it a shot.

Humbled, shocked and thrown for a loop. 

He had to swear to not tell anyone else in my family in order to set the appointment next week. We ended the call with me saluting him for just having the nerve and him telling me that he wouldn't try to hit me up for a quarter mil.

He said he could get down for about ten thousand.


Ladynay said...

That's what's up!

Big Mark 243 said...


I am glad for you that your brother was able to show you some love on the real. So much so that I am simply going to be happy that the both of you had the chance to find out how far the bond of family would stretch.

Happy Holidays, brother. Try to stay up. I do think the Bears have a shot if Cutler can keep his cool and not leave the defense on the field too long.

Rose said...

It's a good thing your brother reached out to you. I pray all is well. Happy Holidays to you and yours..

LadyLee said...

Thank God for Big Bruthas...

ali said...

Here's hoping that he's a match.