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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Former Puppet Michael Steele

I like Michael Steele. He says funny things.

He puts his foot in his mouth towing the party line, only because he loves the principles. He lives by them. He is a genuine conservative. Its just during the past two years as party chairman, no one in has ever taken him seriously.

Shame. He said some things for the sake of the party that had him ridiculed, ostracized and outcast. Looks like he'll get the last laugh though.

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This guy is funny!


Big Mark 243 said...

I watched that interview and thought the same thing. Whether or not I agree with him has nothing to do with having a beer with the brother and watching the Super Bowl with him... even if he does root for Green Bay (personally, I wish that BOTH teams could win the game... no dramatic subtext from me on this one..!)

Anonymous said...

The crazy thing is that Steele did a decent job for the Republicans. He is definitely part of the reason why they had so much success. This just goes to show that its not about the job you do.