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—Miguel de Unamuno


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Freedom Does Come With A Price

How far would you go to get free? I've been asking my kinfolk that for a while now. What I learned is that a lot of folks talk freedom, but are afraid to come out of their shackles. Easier said than done pretty much sums it up when speaking with friends and family. The fact of the matter is that a lot of us really don't want to put much effort up when it comes to change. The comfort of knowing that even though one is a slave to whatever it may be, there is a guarantee that the same whatever holding us back will be there tomorrow.

Or will it?

I guess what I'm talking about is one who has an opportunity, you know the ability to make change either in their lives or others and just doesn't. It amazes me that I know (or know of) so many people that are capable of doing some remarkable things either for themselves or others, but because fear of the unknown and the possibility of going outside one's comfort zone they just won't do it.

Make change.

How hard can it be?

I just found a "loophole" if you will to free myself from corporate America for good and provide financial stability for years to come. We all want that kind of freedom, right? Here's the catch:

Even though I make my own hours (I'll be done by 4pm) and manage myself, I'll have to cater to folks I don't even know. I'll have to take a loss and live like a vagabond for at least 2 months (operating expenses and start up costs suck!). I'll have to do a lot of driving (I hate unnecessary driving, especially in Chicago). I have to provide my own insurance. I'll miss out on various events (4th of July, sporting events I planned to attend, concerts and shows) which means sacrificing my summer. I'll get no vacation.

Or I could take this job being offered in Vegas that comes with a housing allowance...

The struggle will always be there. If I take (a sales position) the job in Las Vegas, I'll have to get to know new places and people, but there's a couple of folks here that I still didn't get to know the way I wanted. The stress of relocating and work performance is almost the same as seeing all of my money go towards home expenses and business costs while starting up my new thang, right?

In the past two weeks, I had more people tell me to go for another job in cubicle city rather than start up my own business because it is what they would do. Some of these folks complain about what they have in a job and what they don't have due to that same job.

I already know what I'm going to do...

Which struggle would you pick?

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Anonymous said...

whichever one makes you feel free