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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, January 27, 2006

Hello and Goodbye

The picture says a lot on how I feel and what I've learned during my self imposed sabbatical.

I'll be ready to share next week. I will be a little more forthcoming on how I got to this place and how it affected the new way I see myself, how a few friends have seen/now see me and how recent events had a lot to do with things I had no idea could ever interconnect with other things.

I still need prayer and love, but I'm not as fragile as I was.

My goals and plans for my life have changed since I got back. Somewhat.

I traveled a little and saw some things from the outside in. Wow, I was buggin'. Love makes you do that though. Just temporarily crazes you. I'll expound on that soon.

I am not angry or anything, nor am I depressed. I am still a bit disappointed I guess. I never got to testify, but the trial is over and the judge has made a decision. I just know that sometimes people cannot see what you see. I don't know if I'm willing to reveal what I see to some anymore. Sometimes I just want all of us to see the same picture, even if it seems like an impossible feat.

I lost a close associate and good friend since the year started. I gained 2 new people that have kept me occupied in thought and prayer since I lost that good old friend. God moves you when you least expect it. I needed thought and prayer, so thank you.

I no longer have a best friend. Moms was right, you only get one or two true friends in your lifetime.

I spent a little time in Florida spitting in a vocal booth. I already have to scrap that material and re-record.

Shit happens, but for good reason. I wish I could explain that to those I care for. I must once again renig on some shit... I believe that God puts you in places and sometimes it displaces the ones you directly affect (and vice versa). I found myself and my purpose by being in certain places with certain people at certain times. I was shown things that will never leave my mind's eye and affects the way I do things now. I love the fact that I got a chance to view the world under the Light. I can see clearly now, the rain is indeed gone.

In an attempt to purge, I wrote a short. I also wrote 9 new joints. 6 are done, and I will release the music with the short. It's kinda hot. Whatever. In travelling, I've worked to book myself to perform the new material in a few joints near some of y'all. I'll need more plane tickets to do that, so I took a job locally with an internet startup. I'm scared. Whatever to that too. What happened to me recently turned out to be a launch pad in me splitting and that other half becoming my outspoken and emotionally charged doppleganger. He's got good material.

Beware of him, he's coming Monday to take over my blog.

This should be my last post. I'm stepping down to let him take over. I'll check in periodically to make sure he ain't abusing his priviledges. If we're close, I've already said my goodbyes via phone, in person and email. There are so many I wish I could personally thank for your words and encouragement. Thank you all. There are so many I'll never get a chance to either see or hear, thank you to you too.

It has indeed been a privilige to have crossed paths...
Maybe in a next lifetime... All in due time.



Anonymous said...

I see you....don't try to play me Hassan.

Chubby Chocolate said...

You're cute. :-)

BrownSugga said...

what's this goodbye shit? I'm gled the rain is gone and you can see more clearer. One day the rain will be gone for me also. Thanks for the talk last night.

princessdominique said...

You've been nominated, email me for details Hassan.

Anonymous said...

Hay the dreds

The Brown Blogger said...

Insane in the membrane: Whateva, man... You know that I'd never play you baby.I have too much love for you.

Chubbs: Um... Thank you? I'm fatter... I mean flattered.

Bubblin' Brown: When it stops raining, you gotta go outside and play... I'm handint the riegns over to someone else while I'm away.

Princess: I'm on it. Speak with you soon.

Yaz: Thanks, you have been blogrolled. Next time you visit I'll break out the tea and crumpets.

T said...

you need to find solace(soulace).

Anonymous said...

Help a sista out and let me know how you got ya video on there...Whenever I put a video on there all info goes to the bottom of blog said...

just curious.. homie- are you a gemini???!!!??

The Brown Blogger said...

Nope... April 20.