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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Monday, February 20, 2006

Back in stride... I think.

Gimme a minute so I can get my bearings...

I know it's been scarce, me and the whole blogging thing. I've been more concerned with business and planning that I really haven't had time to myself. I see from some comments my little excursion out with the fellas some have misunderstood as a date. Those photos were from last Wednesday night when I was releasing some steam with friends. I have no photos (that I can share) from last Tuesday night, so there.

I need a little time so I can get back into the groove...

I've been in the lab, finishing some things, trying to take my mind off of the whole arson incident and the chaos that ensued afterwards.

Things are as normal as they can be for now the exception of me not writing. My situation does not give me time to compose new stuff. I do have enough material to swim in and I am mostly concerned with that right now, I'm supposed to lay the rest of the composed stuff down and edit that to a CD project in the next coming weeks before I travel. I need shit to sell while on the road.

I'm hooking back up with Al, and sitting down with the band to put touches on the so-called album. I'm hoping to complete the project by March.

I will be in New York shooting some things early March. Hopefully, I run into Laylah at her exhibit, cause I'll be all up and thru there...
Going to Austin covering the music and interactive portion of the SXSW festival for a new pub mid to late March. This is my first time freelancing, so wish me, my camera, my batteries, my new lenses and my miniDV joint some luck. I need material and I have no clue. No material, no reimbursement or comps, so hope my lazy ass don't hang out too long in the bar and shit...
In Atlanta finalizing the Police Exam interview shit near the end of March...
I should be squeezing a couple of readings at some poetry spots out there. Depends on my host and how they do their thang...
Nashville and Memphis in early April, gully shit at various spots. My cousin Shan got me a few spots at actual clubs where live instrumentation is played on the daily, and there's stuff like poets and upcoming artists cutting their teeth.

I hope I can get my little short story printed in time to travel. I need some lit material with me as well as I spit to total strangers. Got the ISBN number and a barcode, also got a concept from my manager on how/what the book should look/feel like. Just might not have the time to get things pressed in time to go with me. Oh, it's some love stuff. Meeting, getting to know, bonding, and then deciding to lose it. Based on events I know about first hand. I hope I get love for that and my verses like I get here, and I hope I leave an impression so I can come back in the future. We'll see. It's starting to get really real.

I'm scared.
A little.
I'm out there all alone again.
Rejection is a motherfucker.



Anonymous said...

Rejection is good.
Rejection makes you stronger.
Rejection helps you improve.

Well, that what rejection does for me anyway..........

You'll be fine.

Ms_SoCal said...

Insanelysane said it best ... I go with that. Get out there and hush up about it!

Gallis said...

Rejection does suck. But hey, if it were easy, everyone would do it.

nikki said...

rejection sucks but success is biiss.

if you find out where you're reading, let me know. you know i gotta check you out while you do ya thing.