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Sunday, February 05, 2006

I must be bored... It's past 3am

And so my Super Bowl Sunday begins like this...

I'm actually 'stopping off' at my own house, spending my entire day on the south side with family and friends. I got clothes and a few other duties to fufill before hitting the road on what is beginning to be a cumbersome journey to watch a damn football game. My lil brother used today as a travel day with his wife and the kids and can no longer guarantee that he's hanging with the brothers today. The presence of alcohol and loose party goers partnered with getting to work on time Monday morning obviously fueled convo between him and my sis in law. Good looking out Z. But I did want to hang with my brother. But I understand. We spent too much time apart last year during 'the spat of silence'...

My brother in law wants to hang badly, but my sister is taking this time to pick up some agency work (for what, I don't know... They're PAID!!! she: pediatric nurse - he: broker), so he might be hanging out with his son Sunday evening. Can't knock that... I pray for the day my son and I can hang and watch football. Wait... I can't even keep a woman's interest for longer than... Next topic.

My best friend wants to hang, chill, go out to various bars and spend tons of cash and really enjoy the Super Bowl. He doesn't have to work Monday. We faxed him the memo, he still wants to travel and kick it. Nobody else at this point is feeling it.

The bruzz wanted to take the big trip to the 'D' and hit the scene, you know - post Super Bowl parties and such... Snowstorm stopped that. Oh and I have another gas guzzling rental that we're not using, and no one wanted to partner on the drive. Okay, we couldn't get our shit
together either. Note that we're all over 30 and that scene can be dangerous to most of us. Some of us are no longer in the loop (family/business/church, stuff like that). Luckily there a couple of chapters in and around the 'D' (had to tread water a few months ago, history in that area) that had our back and was willing to host. Not happening now.

I just wanna see the game. I passed up New York and this wonderful gathering to stay here and be with family, friends and extend brothers.


I have no idea what's going to happen today. All I know is I pick up 2 people at 7:30 this morning and we have no real destination. Ayesha and em' are hooking a party this evening. I wanna hang there. Never been to a SB party hosted by a bunch of girls. Yeah, I said it. Girls. What they know about it? I'm dying to see. That shit might be off the hook.

My mother told me that she was thinking about having lap-band surgery. I tried to talk that thought outta her head. I might have to be over there daily with my Army grays and just work her out personally. I want my moms here for years to come healthy and strong. We discussed my grandmother's passing at age 59 and she knows that I have thoughts of dying before 60 due to my diabetes and other ailments. She dropped an H bomb on me about her having thoughts as well of possibly not making it past 60... Guess that thought process got passed on in the genes. She's 53 (if you've done the math - I have an older sister and an older brother, and I'm 35... /insert silence here/ she was a fast tailed lil thang, I know but she's still my momma - and a great one at that, she got us all educated, fearing the lord, tax paying and crime free - so respect her gangster) and she feels like she's being stressed to get it together before she reaches 59. I agree, but not for that reason. I am the only child to not have children, and I want her in their lives just like my nieces and nephews. I don't know how I could live with my children not knowing their grandma if we can prevent any health related lapse by nipping her smoking and lack of exercise in the bud now. She just had a thorough checkup and came in at 100%. I want her to stop smoking and get the excess weight off so I can have her to myself for years and then some...

I can't find my black wristband from the Millions More Movement. I bought so many and gave a few of them to my peoples. I got reds and greens...

According to the car's gauge, I used up a half tank of gas in 4:54:37. I learn something new everyday. 177 miles driven today in just running errands, dropping T at the crib and D off at work and coming home to pick up stuff. 177 miles and an half tank of petro... How does that happen? And I gotta go to Indiana tomorrow to see T's grandma before we hit the road.

I should be sleep.

I might oversleep.

All of this for a football game. And I'm TiVo'ing and trying my hand at recording direct to the DVD recorder. TiVo is on backup... I'll find a way to jack it up though and have nothing to see when I get back here.

My cats are needy. I'm never here. It seems that I'm only here to feed them and change the litterbox. As I sit here, they're all at my feet begging for attention. I'm not used to that at all. Most times (well, when I used to live here and not visit) I'd never see em'. Whatever. I'll show em some love and make sure they're drinking water.

I'm rambling...



Anonymous said...

I know how that is wanting ya moms to be around for years to come..I feel the same way about my mother...I find myself scheduling appt. and buying vitamins in hopes of prolonged life! Nothing would make me happier than for my mother to live forever, but since she can't--we can't..then we have to be cautious with eating habits and health concerns....your mom will be fine too hasaan..

As for the game--well Im dissapointed at the half time show...They making sure no hiphop artists are on there nor R&B...I don't knnow about you but the highlight of any superbowl is the half time show and of course the classic commercials...

The Brown Blogger said...

Never been a fan of the commercials... Football has been my life (played in high school and in the military - plus the NFL has its presence in my family and personal life /another story/).

For me, it's just like HHH:

It's all about the game.

(posted from the road on my Palm Treo 650)

NeenaLove said...

there were two players from my high school alma mater that played on opposing teams today. i'm so proud about that fact. i blogged about it then deleted it. LOL...

hmmm.... i love when you flow like this. sometimes i feel like i have attention deficit disorder because if the first couple of paragraphs doesn't hook me... i'm done. LOL... but that never happens when i read your posts.

drive safe!!!

The Brown Blogger said...

Wow... thanks.

Didi Roby said...

I might be ramble soon enough...I actually watched the whole thing...I didn't understand a lick!...but it was fun:)

nikki said...

did you at least enjoy the game? please say you did, otherwise all of this would have been for naught.