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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, February 03, 2006

Funky 24 Plus One More

For those that are not Bajan or Hatian - Here's a repost of my attempt to blog using my island skills:


All requested to read this in English, or whatever that is

Here goes:

Peace and blessings in the name of the Most High!

I always like the ends/beginnings of the month, it makes me aware that there is a shift and a different portion of the season to come.

Time off will be spent fasting, getting rolfed and adjusting to a suburban yogi and his facility.
I only plan on digesting fluid for the entire month of February, there is a lot to purge. Colonics for everyone!!!

I re-recorded the joints I needed to and the vocals came out different. Whatever. Must be the new vibe.

I'm informed Laylah that I'll try to be in New York for her reception Sunday. Problem is, it's Super Bowl Sunday, and kickoff would be an hour after the event starts. I also promised some of my former brothers that I would travel to Detroit and be all up in the middle of the hooplah. Haven't made up my mind.

I gotta make a choice. It's money thing. My decision should be quick after checking my accounts this week.

Making itenary to hit Atlanta, DC, Memphis and Nashville, New York, Dallas, Colorado Springs and Los Angeles (by way of Oxnard, thanks Troy!) in the next 90 days on my "Broke as Fuck - Buy a Book So I Can Take My Black Ass Home" tour.

I'm stressing over the cover art and binding of the short that's being released. I don't know what size it should be. I want it to be compact, but my new handler says otherwise. She wants it to be normal. Normal doesn't sell. Plus, I'll be lugging that shit on the road and I need to be as light as possible and have something that definately catches the eye before you crack it open.

Dude is ready to comment on the blog, but it ain't deep in February yet.

I'll need $4800 for the surgical proceedure. For those that know, pray that the tour is profitable.

I hear you Nikki, I really do. I just needed time to let the words sink in. You believe in me when I didn't believe in myself, and it's still that way. Thank you, and nah... I told you I wasn't mad...

I'm copping a DVD recorder today so I can finally dump all the stuff off of my TiVo. I am currently at 97% capacity. Oldest program recorded, the entire Millions More Movement as brodcast on C-Span. I've been dying to get this to DVD. Also, the entire Chicago White Sox playoff run, including the World Series. I need proof for Cub fans that this event actually took place.

Loving the new gig. I do nothing and get paid a lot to do so. Bought the home kit for my XM reciever, it was the first thing I put on my desk. The Flow (channel 61) changes the whole landscape of my office. Feels good to have one of those back. It's been a while.

So it wasn't my last post... whatever.
This is the day the Lord has made.Tomorrow is another day.

I hope to see you then.

Thank you for requesting, it means you visited. And stay outta my medicine cabinet!!!

This was the joint that Nikki tagged me to do last week. I was on mini-vacation and doing job interviews out of state, so I promised her when I get back I'd hook her and honor her request.

Seeing that this is Black History Month, I thought I would change it up a little and give you "Black: His Story Month"... I'm digging deep in the archives to give you a little more on who I am and where I came from. It starts here and gets deeper. My life. I got some shit for ya...


Thur Feb 2, 2006

1. Are you content with your life?
Not at all. I wouldn't be ranting and raving all up and through here if I was. There is so much ground to cover and I feel like so much time has already passed... I guess that's why I keep getting more time.

2. If not, what would make you content?
I'm on my way there, but I don't have a clue specifically what can get me there. Just knowing that I sit here in my new digs all comfortable and thangs puts me at ease. I don't want much and all that I need is practically right at my fingertips. But I do want more. Real property would be nice, but won't make me 'happy' happy. A relationship? Nah... I think I learned my lesson there. More money? Um, I almost lost my life (and lost the relationship in that process) earlier this month in an attempt to hook up with a friend that was 'flipping' to hustle up a few extra bucks for myself... When the deal went bad, I guess that was the Creator showing me that I was all good with the little money that I had. Whenever I needed more loot in the past, I always got it. So it damn sure ain't money... I don't know... Maybe good living?

3. If so, what makes you content with it?
Just being.

4. What do you like most about yourself?
My ability to lock it in and be steadfast about something. I become this focused and discliplined soldier about whatever I'm passionate about. Through fasting, a new diet and exercise, I lost 60 or so pounds last year. No journals or mapped out plans, I just told myself to let some things and bad habits go. If I want to live well, I have to eliminate the bad shit and I did. Hurt like hell in the beginning, but I'm glad meat, most alcohol (except for last weekend) and junk foods went bye bye. I'll live longer and manage my diabetes better for it. That's what's up.

5. What do you wish you could change about yourself?
My smile. I have some crooked ass chompers, but it's cool, that's being taken care of right now. If I sell a few more CDs and continue on with the new gig (internet startup that markets and sells exactly what I need to get the new teefises), 2006 will be the year I smile for a change.

6. What irritates you most about other people?
Nothing... I usually ignore other people unless I have to pay attention.

7. What state do you live in? If not in the u.s., where in the world you at?
Back in the Chi (Chicago, Illinois) after a few years in the burbs in writing seclusion... But I did finish my short.

8. What do you look for in the mate who would be most compatible for you? (you'll notice I didn't say perfect mate, cuz there is no such thing as perfection, only perfection in imperfections).
The ability to deal with me. That alone is enough.

9. Do you enjoy giving oral sex?

10. If so, why?
I get off by getting you off... Nothing says satisfaction more than that. It also means I'm doing something right.

11. If not, why?
see above answer

12. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
10. A girl named Evette 'kidnapped' me from the neighborhood posse game playing hour and took me into the vestibule of her building. She knew exactly what she was doing. She even whispered "baby" in my ear during the process. She backed me up against the banisters and unbuckled my belt, pulled my pants and underwear down and exposed my member. It was the first time I can remember having a hard on. She pulled her panties all the way down from under her skirt and straddled me as I sat on a railing. She grabbed me and as she inserted, the sensation of dry to wet/tightness/tingle/movement of the hips was too much for me. I came rather quickly, shuddered and fell down. I was embarrassed and a mess and didn't know what to do from there. She tried to help me up but reached for her panties in that movement because we thought we heard someone coming out of an apartment. False alarm, but I fell again. I got up, pulled my shit up and ran out of the hallway and went home. I felt like what I did was so wrong, and I knew that my dad would whoop my ass if he saw the little mess I made on myself. I took the clothes and put them under my bed and changed into a pair of shorts. I noticed something when we moved away from that area maybe a year or two later. She knew exactly how to grab it, knew to buck them hips and knew when my eyes rolled to the back of my head to let me pull out. She even cuffed her hand over the tip of my shaft when 'it' came in an attempt to catch it, but I fell back and hit the floor, causing that not to go so smoothly. Who taught her that? And why have I been chasing that initial feeling since then?

13. Was it a good experience for you?
Yes and no. That was my first time. I just pretty much sat/laid there. She boogled more than she bounced or bucked. It was slow and deliberate, and it felt weird/painfully good. I didn't want her to stop. I still prefer my love to be on top because of that. Control, I love that. I can still remember what it felt like to come for the first time. That shit was tremendous. I must of jerked myself to death from that point to get that feeling back. I also found out that Evette's mother Isabel performed incalls when we were outside playing so she could make that rent. I guess that's how she knew how to do what she did. I was ashamed for years about that being my first time, but now... nah.

14. What motivates you to wake up each morning?
Knowing that I might have the ability to do it again the next day. So I celebrate this day.

15. What do you see yourself doing in five years?
Still living single, no kids, writing and traveling abroad to support that habit.

16. What is your 'big plan' for 2006?
Get the two albums done and release the short and manifesto (although Saul dropped his manifesto today, so that one might wait)

17. What do you love most about being single/involved/married?
I get a chance to be with me, and I loves me some him. I should have hung out with myself sooner. I'm good people, and generous too.

18. How often do you have sex in a week?
Next question...

19. Do you masturbate?
Not any more. I got this R. Kelly method of holding it in and writing the good shit because of it. I'm not trying to mess that up right now.

20. What are your favorite television shows?
just one... Lost

21. Who are your favorite actors/actresses?
Roger Guveneur Smith - Sanaa Latham - Yellow bastids.

22. What are you listening to on your ipod/cd player right now?
Pharaoh Sanders "The Creator Has A Master Plan"

23. Give me three adjectives that best describe you.
discliplined, Creative, Alone.

24. What is your zodiac sign?
I think Taurus, wait... Aries. I was born on the cusp or some shit like that...

25. What do you love most about blogging?
Chopping game with your ass.
The fact that you're reading me right now.
Me having the opportunity to read you too.


Anonymous said...

Taahaaa, this is good. So you and Evette huh?? Wow, I got hornier than I already was... this morning. But it was a conflicted horniness, you guys were like ten..........I thought I was bad.

I liked your answers.

Anonymous said...

like the questions man...what u know about Pharoah

Waddie G. said...

a very thought-provoking post, isn't it?

Ms_SoCal said...

I love it ... your answers were so real. I am finding out more and more about you everyday.

nikki said...

you all late and shit.

Brotha Buck said...

Actually, i'm at a place where I am really content with my life. Scary. Hope I don't mess it up.

The Brown Blogger said...

Insane In the Membarne: You are indeed a freek-a-leek. And she was 12, I think.

Yaz: More than you know...

GQ:I think my life is interesting enough... I'm just getting to the part where I share.

Lynn: I am real, that's why. I'm trying to let the past go so I can reminisce in it and not hurt from it.

Nikki: Better late than never. You knew I was vacating... And you knew I would come thru.

Buck: I hope that I can get to that place of comfort. I'm working on it everyday, brother.

Rose said...

Oral sex is not sex...said my favorite president....but it is....

The Brown Blogger said...

Who, Slick Willy?

BrownSugga said...

I've been waiting to hear from u. I like the answers to your questions. Why was your first time so young? I was 16 and it's funny cuz i'm so freaky and open you would think I started as young as you did. Where that new hot shit u promised?

Hasan Mubarak said...

loosing 60 pounds really was an achievement. It just looks impossible for me...

The Brown Blogger said...

Nah... you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Merci Bo coup.
Did I spell it right?
Yo no se.
Hablo espanol, no hablo frances.
Conozco palabras en frances y ruso.
Cuento en frances y ruso.
Llamame luego, asi?

G. Cornelius said...

Long post...But liked every minute of it...Will be back...I'll keep you posted