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—Miguel de Unamuno


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Better, Stronger. Faster.

Okay, so I'm trying to grow a beard. I don't plan on cutting it off until I complete my very important, but secret task that some of you (not all... Sorry, in due time) know that I'm prepping for. I noticed something:

I have gray hairs on the undercarriage.

A lot of gray friggin hairs.

Now last summer, I cut all of my facial hair off and looked that kid with the new clothes scared to ask where the bookstore is, sweating somewhere in the middle of campus.

Wow. I see my age. Interesting how time has passed and how I've been treated. I still feel young enough to dunk on Shaq or tackle Bettis on the 1 even though I've been through a myriad of surgeries and multiple bouts of physical therapy. I suffered a deep cut on my knuckle last Tuesday helping a friend put together a cabinet system. I needed 3 stitches after seeking medical help due to continuous bleeding. I didn't get the stitches (machismo/army/stubbornness). After hours of direct pressure and getting blood on my bedroom wall (it bled while I slept) the deep cut (from a very sharp pocket knife right into the knuckle... Shit!) healed and no longer bothers the middle digit on my left hand. I still heal quickly 10 years after discovering my diabetes. Slow healing/bad circulation my ass! I'm impressed with my healing abilities.

But now that I see my graybeard, I worry that I'll slow down, eventually coming to a grinding halt. I know that it's probably hereditary or just a part of my aging process, but damn, it's a ton of hair and it makes me look like someone's pappy. I ain't ready for that, so I trimmed away the gray. I now look like a man in his mid life with the beard already, but not like Grady cause I'm all grayed out down there. Maybe I should have kept it and went for the senior special at Denny's... Shit, I don't eat meat. Never mind, that meat lover's special looks painful nowadays anyway.

Cardio in the morning
Cardio in the evening
Cardio makes the fat fall down.
And off.

I gotta agree with Bizzare's statement from Celebrity Fit Club. I do not like being small. It takes away my imposing presence, or at least it feels that way. Until I joined the Army, I was 5'6" and 168 pounds. No one picked with me, but I felt small compared to the cats on the football team and other oversized kids snacking on the newly found growth hormone'd out mass produced animals.

I grew up and out while in the Army in a good way. When I left, I was 5'10" and 225 with less than 12% bodyfat. Giving up meat last year has shaved 40 pounds off quickly and I finally saw what other people have been telling me since I've made efforts to get back to my old form. It shook me a little, but I understand. I have always seen myself as a larger cat, even though I ain't tall at all. Seeing myself now... Smaller, older, hairline back a little and the undercarriage of my face all gray confirms some thought:

The Creator Has A Master Plan.


He wants my stank ass here. For something, and I gotta make adjustments in seeing myself like this and agreements in being here in this capacity. I am not a kid anymore, even though I still get carded on a great shaving day. I must approach the gray/hairline/weight situation with the same calmness I do when disaster strikes. Just ride it out, baby. I can outrun, outlift and out endure Hassan from 14 years ago. 14 friggin years since I exited the Army, and I can outdo that younger cat! Yoga and stretching make me more flexible, 2 a days make me more fit and age and experience makes me more smarter. The secret project that I prep and train for makes me see... Exposes me to me and I'm glad for it. I wondered what I would get out of preparing, and now I know. I can't wait to tell you guys what I have planned. In due time. First, let me add some smooth and sophistofunk to my repritoie.

I like the older me. I wish I could have known... Nah, takes the element of surprise outta it.


LadyLee said...

"...He wants my stank ass here. For something, and I gotta make adjustments in seeing myself like this and agreements in being here in this capacity."

Damn, that's REAL right there... That spoke volumes to me, my brotha...

And don't worry about the gray hair... you're just getting wiser..

Good post.

Kip said...

To Hassan,

If read that you lost a post at your yahoo 360 blog when you tried to upload pics and the post. Here is what you do you in your Microsoft word, or notepad or what ever you use. Type the post (essay) in it and then when you finish it highlight it and click copy. Then go to your blogger blog or yahoo 360 blog, and then click paste. If you lose it just go back and high light it again and click paste.

You should have a document for your blogger blog with all your essays and a document for your yahoo 360 blog with all you essays (post).
Title, month, year, this should be at the beginning of all your post that you have save in your Microsoft word or notepad or what ever you use. And when it is time to post a new essay (post) just go to my documents and click the blog document that you plan to post on.

Also, when you first create a document with the very first post make sure you go to the top and click save as or save give the document a title example 360 yahoo post or 360 yahoo blog or 360 what ever you want to name it. Example blogger posts or blogger essays, etc. Then if you ever lose a post you can just go recopy it.

You probably have already done this Bruh! I did not mean to bore you but good post you wrote.


Brotha Buck said...

Ha! I know what you mean about the gray. I've taken to cutting the grey out of my beard, so now my beard is about the size of a quarter in the tip of my chin. What well go through to retain a couple years.

Anonymous said...

I have a gray hair maybe 2.

I'm proud of you, for your endeavors......

Anonymous said...

I have a few gray hairs myself at my young age...but thats wisdom baby...lmao

Hasan Mubarak said...

I'm getting a lot of grey on my head even that I'm under 20 years of age. You need not worry about that.

Hasan Mubarak said...
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Anonymous said...

P.S a puss sore off the thighs and rectum of a valtrex user/herpes victim...


Rose said...

I have about ten gray hairs trategically placed around my middle part of head. Didn't even know this until my neice started laughing and singing, "you are geting old". But I proudly say thank God for keeping me here daily. 40 pounds when you stopped eating meat. Maybe I need to drop this fish and chicken thing myself..good for you on your health..

Chubby Chocolate said...

As always, nice post. Wish I had one ounce of the willpower you have. Hopefully as I get older, it will fall in place...

Levois said...

Don't feel too bad about having grey hairs. It just means that you're getting wiser.

Blah Blah Blah said...

You sleep crazy like THAT?!? Blood on the dang wall?

Sophistofunk...I like.