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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Okay, I had a couple of teeth pulled, got a root canal and I just got in from a night out drinking.

I know, I know that sounds a little suspect, but I needed to get out. I didn't drink much, I had a drink or two, that's it. Nothing that would raise eyebrows or anything... Having teeth pulled is a pretty normal thing these days. Phase one of my smile reconstruction has started, and the pain is nothing compared to when I had my knee worked on as well as the rehab process. I have to get all my dental work done before I leave the country.

Say it with me y'all: "Whatever"

Training is going well, me writing new verses is also well. The CD should be very nice. I hope I'm received well. I had to miss a few sessions due to mouth pain, but I wrote new stuff and found new material to embellish upon, so it was a fair exchange I guess. I also start yet another fast come Thursday, this one lasting until my born day. I don't believe in birthdays, but I do fast one day for every year, so this year it's 35... We're doing it different this time, supplementing with protein shakes and MRP's along with juicing. I usually do carrot and beet juice on the regular, and believe me it makes you regular, but this time the balance of my diet will be strictly vegetable juices and scoopable protein-based drinks for a month and five days. When I was 400 pounds and miserable, I pulled an Oprah and did MetRx shakes for 2 months in an attempt to lose weight fast, so this will be a breeze. Plus, I gotta drop another 30 or so pounds for my little secret project anyway, so with cardio twice a day and endurance training 3 times weekly, I should cracked the hell out and be looking all thin and gait real soon. Lawd, what we do to cleanse and stay healthy. Did I mention colonics and rolfing as well?


I miss IM'ing during the day.

I almost missed fried chicken last week, until I re-educated myself on the KFC process.

I realize that I'll miss my Mom when I leave. I have to find a way to have her visit me when I get over there.

It looks like I'll be working with Millennium Promise in one of their villages. Time will tell exactly where I'll be. To get info, an education on what must be done to end poverty or to donate, click this: I hope that I'm not the only one willing to do something for our cousins... I also know that we got problems over here, but... Over there, is no 99 cent menu. Or clean water.

I need to medicate... I'll holla later

Oh, and Yazmar: Today's lunch special: scraped butt crust patte on focaccia bread with booger laced croutons

And Lynn: I see you... Keep moving, don't stop baby. I'm moving with you, we can do it together, if you let me.


Chubby Chocolate said...

Be my e-personal trainer.....PUHHLEEEZ! Compared to you, you make my routine non-existant! DAYUM!

nikki said...


i applaud you on your determination to make things happen, hassan. good luck with the fasting. you've done it before though, so it's all good, right? oh, and don't forget to let a sista know when you gonna find your way in these parts.

Anonymous said...

Fasting woah thats major hun! wish u good on that one..let me know the outcome..

Paula D. said...

Dang, I thought I was on point with trying to get my exercise and weight loss routine jump started......can you post those drink recipes?

BrownSugga said...

fasting?i'm trying to figure out your birthdate, since u won't tell. i hope everything goes well. now i know why u sounded like a crackhead when i called sunday. good 2 c u r doing better.

Anonymous said...

April 17th if I'm not mistaken.....o

Anonymous said...

the 21st!!!

Anonymous said...

If you noticed his blod archive doesn't include April, he doesn't celebrate this day, so don't wish him happy b day or you'll upset him, as you see, he didn't blog in this month, BrownSugga.