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—Miguel de Unamuno


Sunday, June 11, 2006

A band of brothers, a DJ and a whole lot of sweat

Long ago in a decade far, far away there were a band of brothers. Brothers who found various ways to get out of classes, chase women, create unique step routines, party havoc and had no social value whatsoever. It's been 20 years since these brothers came together fraternally. Some of these men are married, most have children. All now participate in growing, building and solidifying their community individually until a phone call reunited them in the assemblence of a non-profit organization. Now more than a decade and a half removed from academics and recreation these men are determined to make a mark by mentoring young black men such as themselves to keep the cycle of the strong black brother going. Even named the organization after the frat.

But first monies must be raised, and that means...

Sweating one's perm out dammitwe got you at the door...

and we got you for beverages too...
Brother Wayne got you on them dranksBrother Wendell and his QueenBrother Heems posingI haven't seen Corey's ass since 1990Brother Richard back there concocting somethingOh snap! Soul Selector DJ Mornin Man and Sister Tammi (it was her berfday) Mornin Man's grooves took us back to the 80'swe obviously enjoyed itBrother Squeak... what can I sayUm...I don't know this woman's name, but she danced my knees into creakdom, and I enjoyed every minute of her punishmentweird party shot... whateverwhy did we stick poor Mornin Man back in that dungeon?did I mention that it was Tammi's berfday?brothers united.. againBrother Psycho was on it
you never forget about the bottom line.

All in all we had a good time. Monies were raised and this will become a regular event in the efforts to bring in much needed contributions. The brothers of the Phi-Dise Non Profit Organization Incorporated are determined to pass on the knowledge, wisdom and understanding learned and applied in their lives to the new generations of black men who need guidance and struggle in the now that is society. With the exception of a couple of that have passed on to glory, the husbands, fathers, leaders and businessmen that make up Phi-Dise are all accounted for and ready to merge with our younger brothers to make a stronger contribution to our families and community.

Each one, teach one, right?

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