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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Monday, June 12, 2006

Decisions, decisions

I am enjoyably sore after this past weekend. I danced like I was a young man, ran into old friends and watched a painfully interesting wrestling pay per view with my mellow my man and my dad. I have to get some rest this week, I have vocals to lay down, an new snippet to post on the blog and the Puerto Rican Pride Day to prep for. Families flock to the fields known as Humboldt Park on the city's northwest side as the parade itself stretches thru miles of neighborhoods before culminating in the park which is pretty damn big. For some strange reason it's always a draining experience doing all of the walking around, dancing, fellowshipping (what I call it) and shopping and such that weekend.

What have you just learned about me?

Ara todo el clase de las mezclas culturales en reuniones de mi familia. ¡Gumbo es bueno!

Appreciation of Puerto Rican and African culture and its contribution to the culture and society is important to my family. I plan to promote the study, improvement, and advancement of both my duel culture and arts by encouraging, promoting and participating in various events thru my music compositions and poetry, attending live events such as plays, exhibits and poetry slams and to support my communities financially.


Stoked we are to get our weekend on and it's only Monday as I type this. Saturday we celebrate half of my heritage and history in the park and Sunday, the men in our family are honored for fatherhood and leadership. And at the end of the month we celebrate the other half at the African-Caribbean Festival of life.

I'll miss summers in Chicago.

So by that little quip you'll notice that I'm really feeling what Buck is saying. I do have a problem. I work. I am a conditioned wage slave. I am not afraid to quit my job to follow my dream but that dream has to pay dividends, right? Giving up so much just to have a deal ain't the way for me, trust me.

I ain't even trying to stay away from blogging.

So my apartment is kind of empty. I damn near had my lights cut off but things went better than expected. Sometimes you have to fall back and let friends do their thing. I'm looking for a home for my children. If you're reading this then you know that I plan to travel without my kitties. I really don't want to part with them but I might have to. I hung out with my Dad this Sunday, we watched the ECW wrestling pay per view. He loves wrestling and this was a perfect way to spend a Sunday... Having a drink and watching grown men body slam each other thru tables... Priceless, and a week before Father's Day to boot!

I did more packing and throwing stuff between dancing my ass off and watching grown men in tights this weekend. If you read this far then you know something about me taking or not taking the current offers on the table. One of those job opps is a contract offer and the other will require a lot of training. I'll probably hang here until selections and decisions are made. I'm closing out my home internet account and going with my cell phone company's wireless card so I can travel and surf. I'm not going to miss my desktop and it'll be cool to have the net in the car with me (movie schedules and driving directions - already jacked a GPS program for cheap). I'm also looking to hook up this lil box I saw at Best Buy that transmits your cable/satellite signal over the internet to wherever you are. My brother will let me hook it up to his joint at the crib and I'll have access to all of my cable channels as I surf and shuttle from place to place.

That whole label thing is an easy way out for me somewhat. Howso? Well, if I sign, I lose mostly all of my publishing and am put on a spending budget. Creative direction goes into the hands of an A&R cat that does not know either Al or myself. I'll be limited to whatever the label wants me to do and I don't think that this is worth giving up the opportunity to be where I want to in the future with the words and concepts I came up with all hours of the day and night.


I won't have to work. I can cop that 48" plasma joint, but I'll also be living out of a van, eating fast food daily, living lonely on the road and I'll miss my messy ass cats. I'll probably have to beg to get shelf space in stores and to get thelabel to have a budget for my advertising and promotion. I'm too old to beg, it inteferes with the creative process. I also know that subject matter I spit won't get pressed and released to a wide audience like that booty booty booty booty booty everywhere shit that be all on the radio. You know what? I think I might just keep recording and mixing away from labels and staying on my hustle with the music. If I can prove to 'them' that I can create, market and distribute my own product I get to keep more of my craetive license when it's time to sign a deal. Stay independent and keep grinding. That's what I plan on doing for now.

That's what's up.

One thing. If I take either job, I have to stay here in Chicago. I don't know if I can for sanity's sake stay here. I hear the call and comfort my spirit's leading me to, and it there's a lot of red clay there.

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