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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Love I Lost...

I was going to write a freestyle piece about loves lost and how I am happy that they are happy, but I decided not to. It's nice to see people fall in love and get the goods. Even exes.That ish gets me all misty.

Hey Island Girl, I still love you and I was really going to do the do, but some other cat beat me to it and stole you from me. I'm keeping an eye out to make sure you stay happy. If dude even comes close to effing up...

It's on.

I'm happy that you're happy and I wish you well. You are truly blessed to find him. With your sexy ass.

moving on...

I'm still in Salt Lake City (well, West Valley City to be exact) until next Friday. I'm headed to Chicago, but it's all business. I think from my last post a few got it twisted about me and my rig.

I love my rig
(yep, yep - I love you daddy)
I love my rig
(yep, yep - I love you daddy)

I got injured pushing my 38,000 pound, big boned, redbone assed sexy love machine but that doesn't mean I want to leave her. The fact that I didn't even have to pimp that ass to get 15 stacks a week is reason enough I don't want to leave. The fact that she lets me take pictures of other phillies out on the road as I travel all up and thru the US and Canada without answering to anyone is another. I can't leave her all willy-nilly but my ex is back in the picture...

Hip Hop is calling my stank ass again and I can't ignore the number on my caller ID. She keeps ringing my celly and sending me sexy-ass emails telling me that she knows that she can seduce my trifling arse anytime she wants. She reminds me of them days from wayback when we used to rock together and had all these other folks sweating whenever we spoke to em.

We made em' watch us make love on a pedestal.

It was no problem for her to do her slow wind and make other cats all hard and ish dance to her rhythm. All I did was speak over her drum.

I remember us all locked up in those tiny rooms, just us and Mic. All up in my ear, incense lit and Al twisting her knobs to tweak that ass, causing my voice to ride over her like like lotion to ashy skin.

She sends me picture mail of a larger dude with an afro cuffing Mic and singing odes to my people, her dancing in the background and Al doing the wiggy wiggy on the manhole covers.

I miss that bitch.

She stood me up so many times.

She promised me things that she just couldn't deliver.

I made a mistake in 2000 and left her, vowing not to eff with her stankin ass... But I kept seeing her with other cats. I wasn't jealous but I couldn't watch her get done up like that.

That was MY ish...

I hollered at Al, there is a huge opportunity to reclaim our spot in the name of her, so we're getting back together. There's even word of a commitment ceremony coming soon. I ain't told the rig yet... Better yet (I named her 'K' after another lost love), might as well:

Dear K,

You put it down like a true ride or die bitch. You took me places I've never been. We rode out and mushed little Civics and Accords in traffic, and that felt good. Baby, you got horsepower! I ain't never been with someone so strong, but so gentle. You protected me from the elements and also got me off faster than any of the other ones, even Jetta. Aiight, I won't bring her up again. She doesn't even hold a candle to you.

I need you to understand that HH is my real true love. Remember the convo we had when I said that you might meet her? You did and still held it down like I knew you would. Didn't even trip. Even though we had those little breakdowns in Nashville and Portland, we still made it thru a lot and for that I appreciate you. You helped me get back to HH and now I must go back to the Chi because she's waiting for me to return. I know that you can't get there with me but know that I enjoyed every minute of us riding out together. You gave me a sense of purpose, seasoned me in the art of moving about and made me a better rider. I got stamina and drive, and can keep it going much longer now more than I ever though I would by effing with you. I never knew that I could go all night like that. You taught me that baby. You broke me in K, and for that I'll never forget you.

HH promised me something that I could never have from you: babies! Her groove and my words have already spawned countless bouts of aural pleasure. Now's the time to end our practice rounds and start planning to spawn a family. It was enevitable that this was going to happen , but we did agree on a no strings attatched relationship, so I know you won't take this hard. I already know that you're probably ready to break another amateur rider in and make him a pro like you did me. He's ready, and so are you.

So in moving on I would like to say thank you. You gave me the ability to learn new things and get to new places, helped me make my mind up about HH and you also afforded me the ability to purchase an engagement ring I'll never use. Know that my relationship with HH is overseen by Al and know that we're even adding a girl to the mix, so the love is being shared and there will be balance.

I wish you well in all your future riding, and who knows, after we work on making a few babies there's a chance that we could get back and ride again.

I'd like that.

Peace and Blessings, you're my 'rigga, but you already knew that.


Yep, that's right.

Blackfist is back.


Anonymous said... boy Hasaan is BACK!! Dnag I been missing comin thru here...daily regimen is back
To that ex, well u know what they say...If it comes back ITS YOURS!!

princessdominique said...

You poured it all out on that one. Love comes in so many forms and fashions and we never forget those who make the deepest impressions. Stop by the castle if you get a spare minute.